Will My F-1 Visa Chances Get Affected Because I Have Relatives In USA?

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Relatives In USA

I saw this question in one of the Facebook Groups “I have my brother at Chicago. So I’m applying 6 universities in and around Chicago. Will it affect my Visa chances if the interviewer may ask the reason and I say I have brother at that place? I don’t want to apply in any other place. I don’t wanna apply in any other place, Please suggest.

Another Student too asked me a similar question and he stated “Is it compulsory to share the information regarding the relatives in USA. If there are relatives and I share this information, will it affect my Visa Chances?

Answer From Admin: –

Firstly, answering to the first question that has been asked by the Student.  When Visa Officer asks you the reason for selecting the University, you can say about what you liked about the University and why you have chosen this University apart from just stating that you have chosen because you have your Brother over there. If Visa Officer asks about whether you have any relatives, in that case only you can share that you have a Brother over there. Also you need to provide complete information regarding your Brother as to what he is doing, whether you are going to live in his place etc.

So do not just say that you selected the University because your Brother lives in that City or State. State other reasons for selecting the University. I suppose I have cleared your doubt.

Secondly, answering to the second question that has been asked by another Student.  Be truthful always. Always share the information regarding the relatives if they are in USA. Also be consistent while providing the Information. Firstly you will be asked in the DS-160 form regarding whether you have relatives in USA. If in the form you say ‘No’ and in the Interview you say ‘Yes’, then you are contradicting yourself and your Visa might be rejected because of this.

To Conclude: – 

Providing information regarding your Relatives in USA won’t affect your F-1 Visa Interview. So be consistent and truthful while providing the Information.

I suppose this post was useful.

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