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Hi, Srinivas my story is bad luck and worse decisions all the way from my graduation and up till now. I completed my degree in 2011(one year back log.) Due to this backlog I had abandoned all hopes of higher studies and i started preparing for govt. jobs and did some side jobs to sustain myself and due to some reason or the other i could not crack the govt job exams. Due to this not only i lost 5 years worth of time but also could not build a profile. Since GRE was not on my agenda all i did was jobs to sustain myself.

Now i am in an extremely precarious situation since i have exhausted all my govt exam attempts i am left without a job and out of options.

Recently I gave a GRE mock test and scored 310 without much effort and i am sure about a good score in TOEFL as well. I plan to do MS in Computer Science and wish to apply for fall this year but due to this 5 year gap I am highly skeptical whether or not i will get into a good university and even if I did how will it affect my job prospects later on. I am in a highly critical situation with no job experience and in a deep state of despondency. Whether or not i should pursue MS from USA(whether or not is it worth the effort or not)? will i be able to get a job after all this and repay my loan(I dont want to be stuck in a similar situation 2 years hence with a huge loan to repay with no means to do it). Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Firstly, I would strongly suggest not to get tensed over the decisions you have took in your life. It’s totally fine, sometimes things work out and sometimes it won’t. So there is no point in thinking about the time you lost. Let’s look at the situation you are currently in. If you are really passionate to pursue MS, then go ahead by giving the examinations.

Secondly, the 5 year gap certainly will be a negative point towards your profile during admissions. They would certainly be thinking as to what you did during those 5 years and how you utilized your time. Hence, you would need mention this in SOP as a small paragraph onto how you utilized the time and what all you learnt during that period. It’s critical to mention it as 5 years is a long duration. You must have a good answer to this question and it should focus on how these years were useful for your self development.

Thirdly, The same question will poup during your Visa Interview as well. You have to give the same explanation as you did before in your SOP.

Finally, I would like to say that concentrate in getting a GRE score of 320 and above and TOEFL score of 110 above, which would show how good you are as a student. Prepare a very good SOP and get good LOR’s from professors to help raise your profile in front of the University.

I hope things would span out well for you.

Will A Gap After UnderGrad Cause a Problem for MS

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