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Hello Everyone,


Its been a long while since I wrote a post. I have been very busy with my studies and didn’t get time to interact with you all. I am graduating this July and hence I will be devoting more time towards helping you all with whatever queries you have in your mind. It’s become a normal thing nowadays to pursue MS after few years of experience.

Generally nowadays colleges have started to looking towards students who have some professional experience. I got a question from one of the followers of this blog with respect to this topic. So I decided to discuss this in detail.

Question from User:

I completed my b.pharmacy in 2011. now am planning to do my MS in chemistry. if VO asks why after 4 yrs u are planning to higher studies?? what should i ans?? plz give me reply??

Answer from Admin:

Students who have few years of professional experience, be prepared to face this question. So what do you all think the ideal reply to this question would be? Firstly, please remember that be truthful with your replies and don’t try to hide anything. An ideal reply to this answer would be “The main purpose for pursuing my higher studies is to pursue my goals towards gaining in depth knowledge in my field. I always had the passion towards performing research in my field and I guess the MS program certainly gives me the opportunity to conduct my research in xyz field. I personally believe the practical experience that I currently have plus the academic knowledge that I would be gaining in the USA would certainly help me towards building my career in the field.

Lets break the answer down:

  • Stated your goal
  • Stated your passion
  • Gave VO an idea of how the practical and academic experience would help you.

That’s all is needed to answer this question.


If you want to share what you would reply to this question, please use the comment box below.

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