When Will Universities In USA Give Decisions On Applications For MS?

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Question From Ashok: –

Hi, I am going to apply for MS in CS in Spring 2014. I just wanted to know “When Will Universities In USA Give Decisions On Applications For MS?” Is there a specific time period that all Universities follow, in terms of giving decisions for the Applications or it varies from one University to another. It would be very grateful if you could solve my doubt regarding this. Awaiting your reply on my query. Thanks. 

Answer From Admin: –

Hi Ashok, the time taken by the Universities to give the decisions on the Applications for MS will vary from one University to another. Generally Application Evaluations in Universities in US fall into these two categories: – Rolling Admissions or Specific Deadlines. Depending on which category the University to which you have applied falls, the time taken by the University to give the decisions on Applications will vary.

Universities Which Follow Rolling Admissions: –   

Rolling Admissions simply means that your Application is evaluated as soon as the University receives it. Universities following Rolling Admissions also have a deadline, but they start evaluating the Applications as soon as they receive it. Time taken by Universities which follow Rolling Admissions to give the Decisions on Applications can take a maximum of a month. Generally students can receive the Decisions by 2 weeks after they have submitted their entire application and the Application Package has been received by the University. I have written in detail regarding Rolling Admission before. Please check this link to get more information on Rolling Admissions In US Universities.

Universities Which Follow Specific Deadlines: –

Universities which follow specific Deadlines tend to Evaluate the Applications after the Deadline. So the time taken by such Universities tends to be more. It can take anywhere between 2 to 3 months to receive the Decisions of the Applications from the University. So Rolling Admissions are faster.

Check the website of the University to which you will be applying, they will clearly mention whether they have a Rolling Admission or they stick to a specific Deadline.

I hope this post was useful.

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