When can I Enter the United States: MS In USA

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It’s that time of the year when students are packing their bags to start a new chapter in their lives. It’s highly important that students should know all the official information about when can they arrive in the United States. I also read one of the questions posted by a student in facebook and he asked “Guys I will reach US newark liberty airport on 26 July and my university orientation day is on 20 aug. Will it create any problem if go there early ?”¬†

Also many students asked the same question to me via mail. So I decided to write a post focusing on this topic so that students are aware of the official policies.

When can I enter the United States of America?

According to the government policies, you can only enter the United States 30 days before your official start date of your University. You may not enter before it. So please making the flight bookings accordingly or else you might have to reschedule your flights.

When is the Ideal Time to reach USA?

You don’t want to come very early even though you are very excited. The reason is because you will certainly get bored after a while. If you haven’t searched for your accommodation then you can reach by 15th August 2015. This gives you around 16 days to search for your accommodation. If your accommodation is ready then come around 20th August 2015. This would give you enough time to get your life settled in the United States.

What will happen if I try to enter more than 30 days before the University Start Date?

Its pretty simple, you won’t be allowed to enter and you would have to return back to India. So don’t try to do it. This question may sound silly but many students have asked me that’s why I am rephrasing it again.

Hope this post was useful.

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