What Should I Do If My Visa Get’s Rejected.

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Here are the things you need to do if your Visa get’s Rejected.

1. If the application has been rejected for reasons that are rectifiable (such as incomplete documentation  or  discrepancy in  passport  entries  or the validity of the passport not extending long enough), these can be rectified and a fresh application made.

2. If the application has been rejected for the reason that you have not shown sufficient financial means, providing additional proof of finance can also rectify this mistake.

3. If the application has been rejected for any other reason, you can appeal to a higher functionary in the Consular Office. The procedure of such appeal will be available in the Consular Office itself. The appeal will usually be heard on the same day or the next and a decision given thereafter.

4. Even if your first appeal is rejected, you can make a written second appeal with the required  documents,  without  your  having  to  appear  in  person  before  the  appellate authority. We know of a number of cases in which students who have been denied visa twice earlier were granted the Visa in  pursuance of the written appeal. Therefore, you should try this possibility also if it becomes necessary.

5. Do not be nervous when you go for the Visa interview. Remember that there is a shortage  of  technical  manpower  of  superior  standards  in  USA  and  in  spite  of  the seemingly difficult Visa formalities, the US government in fact wants persons with talent of high caliber to go for higher studies in USA and then take up jobs there so as to make positive contributions to its economy. So, if you have such credentials, you stand a very good chance of securing the Visa.

6. Even if one your close relatives in USA or any other foreign country is willing to extend financial support for your studies in USA, it is preferable for him/her to send you funds required for the first year to India once you get a favorable decision on admission and before you go for the Visa interview. This will enable you to tell the Consular officer that you have the sufficient financial resources in India itself to meet your expenses.

7. Showing a distant relative such as uncle/aunt/cousin etc. as a sponsor can also lead to problems at the visa interview, because US authorities would not normally believe that anyone other than one’  s own parents or a brother would spend lakhs of rupees on your education. Therefore, even if your uncle is willing to help you financially, it is advisable that he transfers the money in your name a couple of months before you go for the Visa interview, and you show it as your own.

8. Some universities insist that at the time you submit your application for admission, you should also produce a certificate from your bank that you or your sponsor have sufficient funds to meet your expenses for the full course of study. Other universities may ask for such a certificate only after they take a decision to grant you admission but before issuing the I-20 form to you. The form of the certificate is usually prescribed by the university itself and will be bound in the application form. Otherwise, you can get the  certificate from your bank manager in the following form on the letterhead of the bank, with the seal of the bank.

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