WES Evaluation: WES ICAP or WES BASIC? Course-By-Course or Document-By-Document?

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If your University in which you have applied requires you to do a WES Evaluation for your Undergraduate Degree then please go through this post. Firstly, World Education Services (WES) is a nonprofit organization that provides credential evaluations for international students and immigrants planning to study or work in the U.S. and Canada. 

Universities in USA sometimes require you to do a WES Evaluation of your Undergraduate Degree. WES converts your percentage or CGPA into GPA since Universities in USA use the GPA for grading.

Question from User:

Hi guys, Need some info regarding WES Evaluation. Should we go for WES ICAP or WES BASIC for San Jose State University. Please help. What’s the diff between doc by doc and course by course. Which one should one apply?


Answer from Admin: 

Generally the University specifies the type of WES Evaluation to be done. ICAP or Basic, Doc-by-Doc or Course-By-Course. The University will mail you with the details about the WES Evaluation. If you do not receive a email from the University, you must check their official website as it would be written in detail about the WES Evaluation to be done or you can call them directly and ask.

For San Jose State University, you must do a ICAP Evaluation. Please check their website to get more details. One of the facebook user shared the email that he received from SJSU.


Difference Between Course-By-Course or Document-By-Document Evaluation?

Course-By-Course Report (Sample)

Suitable for education, licensing and certification

  • Identifies and describes each diploma or certificate
  • Indicates the periods of education
  • Provides a U.S. equivalency for each document
  • Lists all courses (subjects) with U.S. semester credits
  • Gives a grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale

Document-By-Document report(Sample)

Suitable for employment, immigration or secondary school credentials

  • Identifies and describes each diploma or certificate
  • Indicates the periods of education
  • Provides a U.S. equivalency for each document


Its always good to go with WES ICAP Course-By-Course evaluation if not mentioned by the University. But the fact is all Universities would mention the type of WES Evaluation to take. 99% Universities go for WES ICAP Course-By-Course.

11 thoughts on “WES Evaluation: WES ICAP or WES BASIC? Course-By-Course or Document-By-Document?

  1. I have a wes course evaluation for Canada . now i want to study and the university is stating course by course evaluation for USA as they mentioned Canada can’t be taken. But when I am trying to do for USA ita taking me to existing application that is Canada , can I do that course by course from that application only.

  2. I need to take wes evaluation to apply for MS in Data Science at Columbia university, but I could not find the type of wes evaluation needed for the same. Can you please let me know the same ?

  3. HI,

    What is the difference between WES icap and basic course by course evaluations? I heard that If you do wes icap course-by-course evaluation you need not to pay that 30$ amount every time you send it to an institute like in basic one. Is that true? considering I have 3 colleges that require this evaluation which one would be economical icap or basic ( All 3 colleges accept course by course ).

    Thank you

  4. Hello,
    I am doing WES procedure for CA immigration on my own. Can anyone please help me on how to select WES icap (Document by Document) while applying on WES Canada website? It directly asks me to pay CAD $322.05, but I don’t understand whether it is icap or basic?
    Please let me know your feedback asap. Its urgent for me.

  5. Hello Sir,

    SJSU has mentioned that it requires a WES Basic Document by Document Evaluation. On the other hand, Florida Institute of Technology asks for a course by course evaluation(Not mentioned whether WES Basic or WES ICAP). Since I’m applying for both, I’m confused as to select which evaluation method.
    Can I simultaenously apply for both evaluations or is there any specific procedure?
    Please reply at the earliest.

  6. Hello,

    If I select the basic package(Course by course) and send it to the 2 or 3 universities I have decided as of now it will allow you to send that. But on a later date if I want to send it one more institute will it still allow me with the basic one?

    • I have applied to about 5 schools using the Basic course by course evaluation. The only difference is that each I cap evaluation cost $30 compared to the basic cost of $57 each transcript order. Both can be ordered for as many as you want

  7. Im sponsored spouse in canada and still waiting to get a visa my plan when im arrived in canada is to take csmls but need to assess first .. my institution need to send my files inWES-ICAP. Im confused when the time to send my files in wes is it when im still here in my country or when Im arrived in Canada? And for getting a license Is it right to choose WES ICAP course by course?

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