Visa Success Rate Of US Universities

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Hello Everyone,

I got many queries from students to specify the Visa Success Rate of different US Universities. So I decided to write a post on this topic to clear the doubts and myths that students have in their mind with respect to the Visa Success Rate of different US Universities or Universities in any other country.

Many Students might think that there is a specified success rate of different Universities in the US and they spend time to fetch this information. I suggest to all the Students to go through this post, so that you can get a clear idea about the Visa Success Rate.

What Is Visa Success Rate?

For Students who are not aware about what the Visa Success Rate is, Visa Success Rate is the percentage of Students who get an F-1 Visa for that University. Firstly you need to know that there is no specified Visa Success Rate for the US Universities. What you see in various Websites have been calculated based on some assumptions. Also Students need to understand that the Visa Success depends on a lot of factors which I will be mentioning below.

Factors Influencing the Visa Success: –

There are lots of factors on which Visa Success depends on and they are mentioned below: –

1) University Reputation: –

This is one of the most important factors for the Visa Success. If the University to which you are going is one of the most reputed Universities, then you will have no problem at all in the Visa Interview. Hence it can be concluded that the Universities with good Ranking will have a greater Visa Success Rate and a Low Ranked University will have a lower Visa Success Rate. But you will see that some Students get rejected even though they have got admits from Reputed Universities and some Students get accepted even though they have got admits from a Low Ranked Universities. This is because other factors too come to play for your Visa Success. University Reputation is just one of the Factors for Visa Success.

2) Financial and Other Documents: –

If a Student doesn’t have a proper Financial and other Required Documents or the Student is not able to show the required funds then he/she will be rejected immediately no matter which University the student is going to. So Financial and other Documents too play a important role for your Visa Success.

3) Academics Background: –

This doesn’t have a major role to play when you compare it with the University Reputation and Financial and Other Documents, but the Visa Officer may reject you if you have low Academic Score in your Under-Graduation, If you cannot properly justify the reason for this low score then the chances of Visa Rejection will increase. So make sure you prepare the answers for this question if you have a Low Academic Score in your Under-Graduation.

4) GRE and TOEFL Score: –

Your GRE and TOEFL Scores too play a role for your Visa Success. If you have a Low GRE and Low TOEFL Score then you may be rejected based on this factor. SO it’s important to prepare before the Interview on how you are going to defend this question, if asked in the Visa Interview.

5) Change of Program In MS: –

If you are student who is switching his/her entire Field/Program in MS, then you may be rejected by the Visa Officer on this basis. So it’s really important that you prepare a good answer for this. This factor doesn’t play a major role in Visa Success but it does play some role.

To Conclude: –

To Conclude, I would say that there is no officially specified Visa Success Rate for each University in the US. What you see in other websites are based on some assumptions. As said before the Visa Success Rate mostly depends on your University Reputation and Proper Financial and other Documents. Plus it will also depend on your Academic Background and your GRE and TOEFL Score. In the next post, I will be talking about how to Increase the Visa Success.

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4 thoughts on “Visa Success Rate Of US Universities

  1. hi,
    i get admission in national university in CA.
    but my ielts score is very low and
    so what chance for my visa.
    and what type of question ask in visa interview ?

  2. hi i am looking for us universities for ms in computer science with good visa success rate, with less fee compare to other us unis.plz guide me and the unis which offer scholarships.i have 64% in my btech,ielts6.5,and gre 285…

  3. my name deepak my ielts score is low overall 5.5 and i get i20 from national university san diego california, can i get visa ,for master in electrical engg

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