Visa Interview Of My Friend

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Hello Everyone, This is a Visa Interview Experience that my Friend had.

Acads – 55%, GRE – 307, TOEFL – 100, Destination: – Mumbai

His Visa Interview was in the Morning. He Reached the Consulate by 8:45 am. There was seperate lines for seperate slots of timing. For example a seperate line for 9 am, a seperate line for 9:30 am etc. He waited in his line for half an hour. He was admitted by 9:20 am. Then he went throught the Security Check, which is common nowadays everywhere. So expect it there too.

After the Security Check he was directed to a counter with a Pink token and the list of docuFriendnts that he had to submit. After that his Fingerprint scanning took place. Then he waited till his token number was to be called. The problem over there that he faced was there was a lot of chaos in the Consulate. Numbers being called, lots of other people apart from students etc.

Normally when you go to the Consulate there are few VO’s who refuse the visa for the people continuously while there will be those who accept most of the applications. He was just praying that he went to the VO who is accepting the Applications. So after seeing all this his turn caFriend by 10:30 am. These are the questions that the VO asked. He was not able to recollect everything, but most of the questions asked are Friendntioned here.

Friend – A very Good Morning Sir.
VO – Yes, Yes….

VO – So, why are you going to US?
Friend – To pursue my Masters in Computer Science from Sunny Buffalo.

VO – What Other Universities you applied for?
Friend – NYU Polytechnic, University of Florida (and soFriend other universities he said).

VO – Why This University?
Friend – Because it has a good reputation for MS in Computer Science also the professors over there are the best.(NaFriendd few professors)

VO – Where else did you get the Admit?
Friend – NYU Poletechnic (and soFriend other universities)

VO – So…. Ok sponsors for your education?
Friend – My parents are sponsoring. Since both my parents are working, their annual incoFriend is XXX Lakhs.

VO – Where do your parents work?
Friend – told the details.

VO – Which position do they hold in the company?
Friend – Told the details.

VO – details regarding your parents job?
Friend – Told the details.

Friend – Told the Details.

VO – Your Visa has been Approved.
Friend – Thank You Sir.

He wasn’t asked anything about the Backlogs, The low GPA that he was having etc. But you should be prepared with an Answer if you have a low GPA. His Interview was of just 3 minutes. Came back happy and Smiling.

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