Validity Of Letters Of Recommendation (LOR)

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I got a query from one of the student stating that “I completed my graduation in May 2011. Wanna know whether the recommendations from my professors valid now. If valid, Will be there be any validity kind of stuff carried out by the University for that? Since I have not talked them as of now, was curious to know? ” So in this post I will focus on the Validity for your LOR’s.

Answer From Admin: –

The Letters of Recommendations from your Professors are always valid no matter when you have completed your Engineering or Under-Graduate Degree. For Applying to any University you require your Professors LOR as it will play a major role during your application review by the Admission Review Committee of the University.

In this case as you have completed your Engineering in the year 2011 and if you are working in some organization afterwards then you can take 2 LOR’s from your professors and 1 LOR from your immediate supervisor in the company. This is in case the University requires 3 LOR’s. If the University requires only 2 LOR’s then you can give 1 LOR of your Professor and 1 from your immediate supervisor in the company. Professors LOR carry a lot of importance during your admission review.

Validity Of Letters Of Recommendation (LOR): –

I had discussed about this few months ago. Please go through this link first: How Long Is My LOR Valid. I will be explaining it again below. Here’s how you can Validate your Letters Of Recommendation: –

Since nowadays Online LOR is considered in most of Universities, the Universities require the student to give the Recommenders official College/Company Email Address. That is if you are giving your professors name as a Recommender, you must provide the official college email address of your professor. Same goes for your supervisor of the company, you must provide the official company email address of your supervisor to the University. If you are unaware of what this Online LOR is then please go through this link: Overview On Online LOR.

What to do if my Professor does not have an Official Email Address?

It happens that professors might not have an official college email address. In that case to ensure the validity of the LOR you must do the following things: –

  • Provide the normal email address of the Professor to the University.
  • Print the LOR that your professor will be giving it to the University under your college Letterhead. Take the professors signature and the college stamp in that LOR.
  • Take the scan of that LOR and give it to the Professor.
  • When filling the online LOR the Professor will have the option to either write about you or upload the document. In that, request your professor to upload the scanned copy of the LOR. If professor has an official email address then please request your professor to upload only the normal word document of your LOR.

To Conclude: –

If your professor has the official email address then your professor just needs to upload the word document of your LOR or can write about you in the space provided. If your professor does not have an official email address then you need to take the print out of your LOR under college letterhead, take the signature and stamp and provide the scanned copy of LOR to your professors, so that they can upload it.

This is how you can ensure validity of your LOR. Because if University thinks the LOR is not a valid, then it might reject that LOR altogether. So it’s up to you to ensure validity of the LOR as I mentioned above.

26 thoughts on “Validity Of Letters Of Recommendation (LOR)

  1. I had a query in reference to the same. I have completed my graduation by June 2012 and due to unfortunate reasons college got shut by October’12. So i took the LOR’s by Oct’12 itself and Now I am thinking to apply for Fall 2014. So kindly assist me for this as I have no option than forwarding the LOR’S i have.


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  6. I am planning to take an lor from my employer. But the employer has left the company. The company email id will be different from my company. Will this still be considered valid or I need to provide something more?

  7. on my letter of recommendation the date has been left blank.And it is signed and sealed,what do i do now?get all the lor’s done gain?

  8. Hi you are doing real good work man.

    Just wanted to confirm one thing. If my professor doesn’t have a official mail address.
    And as you said, that one should take it on letter head, get the prof’s signature , and scan it again.

    So what I wanted to ask is do professor needs to specify the name of university in the LOR?
    I mean if he needs to, then I will be needing different LOR’s on different letter heads, which universities
    don’t give easily.

    Please, please reply asap.

  9. Shrinivas, one of my professor left the college when i graduated 6 months ago due to health reasons .. but he’s willing to write an LOR for me . Can his credentials be written Ex-Professor ?? and does his LOR be also on College Letterhead with a SEAL.
    Please clarify

  10. I took 3 lors from three 3 different faculty…2 lecturers provided date and one did not….in my 10 copies and i went second time to get sign on lor provided with date… but stamp on that was slightly different…now my lor has different stamp and envelope has different…should i post the date not provided lor or lor with different stamp on lor letterhead and envelope

  11. Hi,
    i’ve completed my degree in 2014 and started working and decided to take 2 LOR from workplace. And as of the company policy, company cannot give the official letterheads for the personal use. what is the best thing can be done?

  12. Hi,
    My LORs are on letter ahead along with the professor’s signature but there is no stamp on it. As I live in a different country now, I can’t get it stamped. Will my LORs be valid without the stamp also?

  13. Hi my company doesnot provide a letterhead,no MNCs provide.So my manager is giving me on his personal letterhead.On the envelope can I take his sign in place of the stamp,since he does not have a stamp?

  14. Hi,

    I did my project under the guidance of my Head of Department.
    But he is not working in my college now. He is working as HOD in another college now.
    How would i get the LOR from him? Will it be valid?
    Please suggest.


  15. Im currently pursuing btech 4 th yr and ill be don with it in 2017 may …I will be working with deloitte for a year after that … I want to join ms in fall 2018 … So when should i apply … Is LOR from my company a mandate … Can i apply with just lor’s from my undergrad univ ?

  16. Hi Just wanted to ask that one of my college professor who taught me around 4 subjects left and joined some other college. So can i give the email id of professor with that college as domain name as he has joined that college and his email id with my college is discontinued or should i give his gmail id but in that case i will not be able to get the LOR on college letter head.
    Please help

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