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Students applying for technical courses in MS might not be aware of the Interview stage in Graduate Admissions. But Students who apply for Masters in Information Systems (MIS), Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) might be aware of this stage. Universities might include the Interview stage in all the other Branches as well.

So students who are planning to apply for 2014 and further might encounter an additional stage in graduate Admissions, which is the Interview stage. This post will focus on the reason US Universities should include Interview Stage for all the fields during Graduate Admission and the ways in which Universities Interview International Students.

Why Universities should consider Interviews to be important in Graduate Admissions?

Universities are starting to consider Interview Stage, to be important in Graduate Admissions. The reason is because it allows the Admission Review Committee, which evaluates your profile, to get a better understanding about applicant with the help of an Interview. Even though you have stated your Goals and Ambitions in your Statement Of Purpose (SOP), an Interview can certainly play a major role in your Admission Decision. If Interview Stage is to be included as one of the Stages in your Graduate Admissions, then I consider it as a golden opportunity to make a good impression on the Admission Review Committee members.

How the Interview takes place for International Students?

Since International students cannot be interviewed directly, Universities uses different ways to communicate with the International Students.

Phone Interview: – Most of the Universities use the Phone Interview to interact with the International Prospective Students. You will generally be receiving a mail on when the Admission Review Committee will be contacting you and you will be interviewed via phone.

Skype Video Interview: – Some of the Universities have used Skype to interview the International Students. Again you will be receiving a mail on when the Admission Review Committee will be contacting you and you will be interviewed via Skype Video.

Web Chat Discussion: – Some of the Universities have used Web chat discussion. They are not generally Interviews, but it’s like chatting with the Review Committee. You will be informed in advance regarding the date and time of Web Chat Interview by the University.

Video Recordings: – Some Universities don’t go for Interviews but they rather inform students to Record answers to the Question. The Recording will be a Video Recording and you must submit the video along with your Online Application. One such University that uses this method is Syracuse University.

Will Interview Stage be included for all the Branches by the Universities in US?

Well not in the near future. Interview Stage is a part of Graduate Admissions when you apply for MBA, MEM or MIS, but it’s generally not a part in when you apply for technical fields. Universities may include interview stage for all the fields in the near future. Top Universities like Harvard, Stanford etc. conduct these Interviews for all the Branches.

I hope this post was useful. The next post contains the Graduate Admission Interview Questions By US Universities.

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