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Filling Customs Form

Today I will be helping you out with filling up the US Customs Declaration Form 6059B. An hour before you plane lands in the USA, the Air Hostess will distribute the US Customs Declaration Form, which you need to fill it and submit it at the immigration country at the Port Of Entry. This form is filled by all the people that are travelling to USA. So below is a sample US Customs Declaration Form.

I will help you out as to how you have to fill it. The appearance, color, or content of this document is subject to change by the issuing authorities.

Sample US Customs Declaration Form: –

Click on zoom if you want to view the PDF more clearly.

Download (PDF, 1.28MB)

Filling The Customs Form: –

1) Family Name, First Name (Given Name) And Middle Name: – Your Surname will be the Family Name. If you do not have any Middle Name then leave it blank. Fill Your Name details exactly as mentioned in the passport.

2) Birth Date: – Enter your Birth Date. Make sure you check whether the month comes first or the date. In this form date has been mentioned first. But check it and then fill it accordingly.

3) Number of Family Members Travelling:- Will be 0 for students. If your parents are coming then they have to fill the appropriate number.

4) US Street Address: – If you do not decided on permanent accommodation yet then you can give the University address or temporary accommodation address that you will be staying. You can give the University Address too.

  • 5 to 7 & are self explanatory

8) Countries visited on this trip prior to US arrival: – Answer will be none.

  • 9 is self explanatory
  • From 10 to 14 “X” the appropriate boxes.

10) The primary purpose of this trip is Business: – Answer will be No.

  • Leave the 15th point blank.

To Conclude: – 

Make sure you fill the form properly. Take out your passport and verify the details before you fill it. Do not get panicked and just relax and fill it as it is a formality that you must follow when you land in any country. If you have any doubts then please don’t shy away from asking the air hostess.

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  1. Kindly tell me can i enter univ address on this form as the place if staying and does it effect when i change my residence

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