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Guys please guide my friend on this note. He scheduled his appointment on 22nd June but a mail from ustravel-NOREPLY seems to say that the appointment is rescheduled automatically to 24th June because of some public issue. Did anyone face the same change. We are confused because the appointment date in the Website still remains the same as 22nd June. Can you please provide your suggestion about it. Thanks in advance.

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Firstly do not get confused if you receive a mail from the US Consulate regarding change in F-1 Visa Interview Timings. It happens sometimes that US Consulate won’t be able to take your F-1 Visa Interview in the date you have scheduled. This make be because of many reasons. If something like this happens, the US Consulate will email you stating that there has been a change and will inform you with the update time of your F-1 Visa Interview.

But the Website will still show the date you have registered for your F-1 Visa Interview. Many times it happens that the Website doesn’t get updated with the sudden changes in your Visa Interview timings. But eventually it will get updated. You need to follow the timing that has been specified to you in the email by the US Consulate.

There is no need to reschedule your interview as the US Consulate has specified that they have changed your Visa Interview Date. Just remember to read the email properly, if it says that you have to reschedule then go ahead and do it or else it won’t be required.

I hope your query has been cleared.

US Consulate Email: Change In Visa Interview Timing. What to do?

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