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Hello Everyone,

I received a query from one of the Student stating “Can you tell me what would be the process to change the university after 1st semester if required? Do we need to apply for spring for other University?” So I will be explaining in detail regarding the Entire University Transfer Process in USA. Firstly, I would like you to know that, it is possible for an International Student to transfer to another University before/after going to the USA. Let’s discuss this topic in detail. I will start this topic with the reasons for which International Students initiate the transfer process to another University.

Reasons for Transfer: –

Firstly, before knowing about the process of transfer, we must first know why Students go for a Transfer to another University. There may be many reasons associated with it. Let’s see few of them.

  • Funding and Scholarship Opportunities are very less and student is in need for funding. So a Student may wish to transfer to another University which provides Funding.
  • Climatic and other Miscellaneous Conditions not suitable for the Student. In these cases too, Students apply for Transfer.
  • One of the most common cases is when a Student is not able to cope up with a tough curriculum and is hoping to switch to another University where the curriculum is better and a little easier.

  These are just few cases in which International Students apply for the Transfer.

Are You Eligible For A Transfer?

If you have even a small thought that you will be transferring to another University after going to the USA, then you must first know whether you are eligible for a Transfer. Some Universities do not allow International Students to transfer to another University once they have joined the University or completed a semester in that University. You can find the information regarding whether the University allows you to transfer by checking the University Website. All University Websites have these details. Mostly it will be in the International Students FAQ’s Section.

When to Transfer?

After a Student is admitted to a University, An International Student attempts for a Transfer to another University in any of the three phases.

Phase 1: – Attend A Different University After Visa Stamping. (Before Going To USA)

Phase 2: – Attempting Transfer Once you Reach US, Before the Start of the 1st Semester.

Phase 3: – Attempting Transfer after the 1st Semester.

In all the phases, there is a common process that you need to follow.

Transfer Process

Here is the Transfer Process that you need to follow, if you are planning to switch the Universities.

  • After you have been admitted into the new University, the New University will provide you the SEVIS Transfer form, which has to be filled by the International Students Advisor/Office of your Old University. Some Universities directly provide the SEVIS Transfer form to the Old Universities.
  • The Old University will fill up this form and send it back to your New University.
  • The Old University will then release your SEVIS Records to the new University.
  • The New University will then issue the I-20 after verifying all the documents.

In Phase 1 Transfer, you must attend the Visa Interview again for this new University, after receiving your new I-20. Check out what is a SEVIS Record by Clicking this link.

So this is the entire transfer process.

Common FAQ’s Related to Transfer Process

How much time does it take to finish the Entire Transfer Process?

The Entire Process should normally take anywhere in between 7 to 14 days. But it depends on how fast your old University helps you in completing the formalities.

When is the ideal time for initiating the Transfer Process?

It depends on the Student. You can initiate Transfer in any of the three phases that I have mentioned before.

When to report to the New University?

You must report to the new University within 15 days of the start of the new SEVIS Record. This is for Phase 2 and Phase 3 only.

My View on Transfer Process: –

My Suggestion to the Students is pretty clear, not to go into this transfer process at all. Decide in your country itself regarding which University you will be choosing for your MS Program. The process can get complicated if your Old University doesn’t cooperate with you in the transfer process.

If you are planning for the transfer, keep in mind two important things: –

  • The SEVIS Records must be properly updated; otherwise you will end up in a mess.
  • Check the new University Curriculum; does it require you to take any extra courses which might increase the length of your program.

All The Best.

image credit: – www.collegesportsscholarships.com 

University Transfer Process In USA

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  • May 21, 2016 at 11:29 am

    hello Raghav,
    The article u wrote on the transfer from one university to other is very helpful. I am a little confused about selecting the right university. So, I wanted to ask a few questions. I am interested in doing biomedical egg. but family suggested me to go for electrical Engg. bcoz of the better job opportunities. I got admits from 4 Univ. Missouri s&t, IllinoisTech, Univ. of south Florida and Wayne state univ. Here I’m confused between Missouri and Wayne. As Missouri is top ranked college but doesn’t have a biomedical stream in it, while at Wayne the electrical branch has some biomedical courses but jobs and the ranking of the college are less. so is it advisable that i go to Wayne for the first sem and if I find the job opportunities to be real bad then can i transfer to Missouri?


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