University Rankings for MS in Petroleum Engineering in US

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Hello Everyone,

These are the Rankings of the Universities in USA for MS in Petroleum Engineering. The Rankings have been taken from US University Rankings 2012 and also from other websites. Here is the list.

Sr.No. University Name
1 University of Texas Austin
2 Stanford University
3 Texas A&M University
4 University of Tulsa
5 Colorado School of Mines
6 Pennsylvania State University University Park
7 University of Oklahoma
8 Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
9 University of Southern California
10 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
11 Texas Tech University
12 University of Kansas
13 West Virginia University

49 thoughts on “University Rankings for MS in Petroleum Engineering in US

    • Hello Shravan, you need to be an Under Graduate in any Field to pursue MS in Petroleum… If you are from CS background, you need to take extra courses along with the normal course work in the first semester in the University. To get details regarding what all extra courses you need to take, you need to contact the specified Universities.

  1. Hi,
    I’ve graduated from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun in Applied Petroleum Engineering and the grading system over there was GPA out of 4.0. I scored a 2.71 which is equivalent to 74% But for most of the MS programs in US, 3.0 is the minimum requirement.

    My GRE Score is:
    TOEFL: 101 (24,20,27,30)

    I am apprehensive about the fact that I don’t meet the minimum GPA requirement for most of the MS Universities for Petroleum Engineering. What should I do?
    Should I mail the professors/graduate school admission dept asking about my chances cause of low GPA??

    • Hello, Firstly with respect to your GRE and TOEFL Scores, they are really good. No need to worry abt that.

      Regarding your Under Graduation Score, US Universities will not simply reject you because your GPA is low. A Low GPA can be because of your University toughness. US Universities are aware of this. Plus they don’t decide only based on your GPA, they follow a holistic approach. They check GPA+GRE+TOEFL+SOP+LOR and then come to a conclusion. What I suggest to you is start applying to the Universities and get a good SOP and LOR. You can easily get into a Good University.

  2. I would like to pursue my masters In the US after 2 yrs. Currently i finished my Undergraduate course in Mechatronics engineering. I have begun my preparation and i was amused to find out only masters in material science,industrial/manufacturing,aerospace,mechanical were offered. Dont we have courses for automotive engineering and automation engineering?. If so please guide me in tracing the universities.
    Which of the above courses are the best in pursuing the masters.Kindly reply to my mailbox

    Best wishes

  3. Hi,
    I have graduated this year in 2013 from mumbai university with 58%. Can u plzz suggest minimum gre score required for admss in ms in petroleum engg. What will be gre score for Texas tech and Texas A&M??
    Plzz reply… Waiting for your reply.

  4. Hi,
    Can you please inform about the maximum and minimum cost to do MS in Petroleum Engineering in USA as per the above mentioned Top 10 Universities excluding scholarships?

  5. Hi,
    Can you tell me which Universities among the list provided I can apply for MS in Petroleum Engineering.My GRE score is 292,but have a good GPA of 84%,TOEFL going to take.I planned to apply for atleast 4 universities in US and need to know my chances of getting into the university suggested.

  6. Hey,
    I have applied to around 6-7 programs for Fall’14. Can you give your personal opinion on my chances to get an admit to those universities? I’ll post my details if you could help me out.

  7. Hey
    Please find below the details of my acads:

    Graduation (Btech petroleum) 6.43/10
    Work ex – 1.5 years (oil and gas)
    Gre score-302
    Toefl- will give next month

    What is the cut off for university of houston
    University of alaska

    And which universities do u suggest


  8. Hi, good post and answers.
    I’m trying to get into any PE Master, i got 160 verbal and 156 quant on the GRE. 2.80 GPA (from Venezuela) and 109 on the TOEFL, 2 years of oil related working experience.
    (Planning on repeating the GRE for better quant)
    Do I stand a chance?? I got really pessimistic reading acceptance stories.

    • I have a bsc in Agric science and i want to pursue my msc in petroleum engineering. I have a GPA of around 3.2 and gre quant 154, verbal 148. I need your advice.

  9. Hello
    I did my btech in mechanical from NIT with 8.7/10 this converts to 3.59/4.0 ( though I m apprehensive about it, can you please tell which is the most credible site to check it) my gre is quant -167 verbal – 157. What are my chances in top colleges( TU Austin, T A&M, colarado school)? Is being a mechanical engineer advantageous or dis-advantageous for masters in petroleum as well as for internships and jobs.
    My sincerest gratitude in advance.

  10. Hi srinivas,

    I am interested in doing MS through correspondence courses currently offered by lot of university.
    I got 65 % marks in B-tech and currently having 2 years of experience in one of the major Oil and
    Gas Service Company. I want to pursue MS in Petroleum Engineering from Herriot Watt University
    can you please tell me the pre-requisite for doing that course ?
    Also let me know whether with this GPA , I will be able to join the course or not ?

  11. I have completed my B.Tech petroleum engineering from University college of Engineering-JNTUK Kakinada.
    And my profile includes
    GRE- (V-145, Q-161, AWA-3.5)
    IELTS- (L-7.5, R-6.5, W-6, S-6.5 and overall-6.5)
    My avg percentage in B.Tech-76.68.
    1 internship(45 days at ONGC)
    1 national level paper,
    1 international level paper.
    Can you plz suggest me universities that accept this profile.

  12. I am from chemical background , i can do ms in petroleum and what will descent score in gre to get good college in ms

  13. I want to choose petroleum engineering as my career option so my question is Dat if I do b.Tech in petroleum engineering from any of university in India Dan can I get admission to USA university for MS in petroleum engineering?

  14. Hi Shrinivas,
    I am a B.Tech Mechanical Engg graduate. working in services dept in a reputed indian firm for past 1 yr. I would like to pursue a career in oil & natural gas field. But my degree marks are only 60% with a history of 4 backlogs. Dp I have chances of getting an MS admission in US? I would also like to know about the job prospects in this field….
    Thanks in advance

  15. Hi, I’m in my final year of chemical engineering. I’ve a CPI of 8.9/10. Can you give me a rough idea on how much should I score to get in the best universities for petroleum engineering.

  16. hi ,
    i am in 3rd year of chemical engineering in india ,but i want to do my masters in petroleum in usa , so which university should i choose

  17. I have a BEng in Petroleum Engineering(First Class Hons).
    GRE score V-145, Q-157, AW-3.5
    IELTS 7.0 (L-7.5, S-7.0, R-6.5, W-6.5)
    cgpa = 3.7/4.0
    What are my chances of getting into University of Alaska fairbanks, Missouri University of Science and Tech and University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

  18. Hey. I got an Year down in 3 Rd year. I am preparing for GRE right now. And I really want to crack it do my higher studies. But will this year down become a problem in getting me into GOOD COLLEGES in abroad? By the way I am pursuing Petroleum Engineering.

  19. Hello Shrinivas Raghav

    I recently completed my Undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering and Gas Technology from LSBU. I’m currently in the process of applying to Texas A&M University College Station, I would like to know my chances of getting in. :

    CGPA = 4.0/4.0
    IELTS = 7.0 BandScore
    SOP= A very good one
    LOR = 3 excellent LORs both Strongly recommending me
    GRE = to be taken very soon
    I would like if can get in and how much of GRE I need .

  20. My gre score 304(v149 , q155)
    Toefl yet to take,
    Past experience of 4.5 years in petroleum industry,
    Is there any chance of getting TAMU

  21. Sir, I would like u to evaluate my profile and also thank you for spreading awareness about the same
    I am from a premiere institute manipal institute of technology
    Cgpa 6.78 ( till seenth semester)
    Placed in reliance refinery and petrochemicals
    Gre 316
    Do u reconend me to work a couple of years before applying to petrochemical masters degree?

  22. This is my profile:
    GRE- 304(Q-161, V-143, AWA-3.5)
    Undergrad- 72.3%.
    1 Internship- 1 month at ONGC.
    Final year chemical engineering.

    Do i have any chances of getting into – University of oklahoma, university of houston, colorado school of mines, USC.??? I have already applied to these universities. Waiting for decisions.
    Please reply URGENT..!

  23. Hi Shrinivas,

    Thanks for this wonderful blog. It it very useful to lot of us.

    I have a very few basic questions, please address them when you have time,

    1. I have a UG in B.Tech – Information Technology – so is it possible to apply for Masters in Petroleum Engineering.
    2. Best state to work for Petroleum Engineers – Oklahoma ? Texas ? California ?
    3. Will Petroleum engg job have a good future ?

  24. I have gre score as:
    Quant- 161, verbal-148
    Academics in mechanical engineering -80.1%
    I have one international research paper published with Google scholar accrediting.
    Can I get admission into these top schools for petroleum stream. Please reply asap

  25. Hi Shrinivas,
    I am applying for the fall 2017 intake. I am interested in pursuing further studies in M.S Petroleum Engineering, Could you please evaluate my profile, based on my existing scores. Please note that GRE score is the only low point in my application and I have an appointment for a retake. Considering the short period for preparation I don’t think so I would make a big improvement especially since the deadlines are almost near. So, please evaluate my profile with my existing GRE score with say +6 to +10 points increase and also for the worst.

    Undergrad GPA- 7.55 (class rank 5 out of 38 students; No Backlogs)
    Industrial Experience- 1 month Training at ONGC, Assam & Arakan Basin
    TOEFL- 96 (R-21; L-26; S-24; W-25)
    GRE- 294 (V-148; Q-146; AW-3) [expecting about 300-305 on retake]
    Resume, LORs & SOPs- I have three good recommendations (from Dean, HOD and an Assistant Professor) of which one recommender has a PhD(if that matters). I will also be preparing an SOP and Resume Shortly.

    Shortlisted Schools:
    1. Texas A&M, College Station
    2. University of Oklahoma, Norman
    3. Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
    4. University of Houston
    5. Texas Tech University
    6. University of Louisiana, Lafayette

    Other Schools:
    New Mexico Institute of Science and Tech,
    Missouri University of Science and Tech,
    University of Alaska-Fairbanks,
    University of Tulsa,
    University of Texas at Austin (Ah my dream school! kind of impossible but still some part of me believes I would get in LOL)

    I am aware that GRE is not the only criteria for admission, other parts of app also matter. But everybody is so obsessed with a high GRE score 320+ as a sole factor for admission which makes me feel kind of insecure :(
    Also please recommend some really safe universities where I might land an easy admit with the current profile… 😛

    Really looking forward for your reply,
    Christopher Solomon

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