Universities for MS in MIS

Hello Everyone,

These are the Universities in USA for MS in MIS. Here is the list.

Sr.No University
1 Carnegie Mellon University
2 Indiana University
3 University of Arizona
4 Texas A & M University
5 University of Illinois – Chicago
6 New York University
7 Oklahoma State University
8 Bentley University
9 University of California – Berkeley
10 University of Cincinnati
11 Purdue University
12 Worcester Polytechnic Institute
13 The George Washington University
14 The University of Texas at Dallas
15 Syracuse University
16 Georgia State University
17 University at Buffalo – SUNY
18 University of Maryland
19 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
20 University of Washington
21 Claremont Graduate University
22 University of Florida
23 University of South Florida
24 University of Michigan
25 Stevens Institute of Technology
26 University of Nebraska
27 Rochester Institute of Technology
28 Florida International University
29 The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
30 The University of Texas at Arlington
31 George Mason University
32 University of Maryland, Baltimore County
33 Northeastern University
34 Temple University
35 Santa Clara University
36 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
37 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
38 Brigham Young University
39 University of Alabama, Huntsville
40 Iowa State University
41 University of Illinois – Springfield
42 Utah State University
43 Illinois State University
44 University of Delaware
45 University of Denver
46 Cornell University
47 University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign

There are Area of Specialization in Management in Information Systems too. The Area of Specalizations are as Follows: -

  • Security Systems.
  • ERP.
  • data Mining.
  • Digital Business Systems.

106 thoughts on “Universities for MS in MIS

      • Hi,
        Thanks for the list.
        Can you please provide the order of the above mentiones universities based on rankings.
        Looking forward to hear your reply to this.

        Siddharth Goyal

          • HI can you pls upload the list of univ. rank wise.. and also suggest me where should i apply. I am really confused about it. till now i have shortlisted the following but cannot decide where should i apply..

            1. Northeastern University (final)
            2. Iowa State University (final)
            3. University of Maryland College Park (final)
            4. Yet to decide from these : Rutgers || Rochester Institute of Technology || Santa Clara University || Syacruse University || University of Arizona || San Diego State University || illionois institute of tech.

            Please suggest other universities also which i should consider. I want to apply only to 6-7 universities.
            My gre score is : 307 (149 verbal/158 quant)
            yet to give toefl.
            BE in Computer Science aggregate : 72.24

            Please reply asap. Thank you in advance. It will take off a huge burden off my shoulders.. :|


  1. hi my gre score is 298 n my aggregate is 58% as of now (3rd yr, 2nd sem) i even hav a current backlog in lab so it shud b cleared by this feb, i wud like to persue ms in mis.. please suggest colleges for 2014 fall.

          • hi my gre score is 298,toefl is 89 (20 above in all the sections) n my aggregate is 58% as of now (3rd yr, 2nd sem) i even hav a current backlog in lab so it shud b cleared by this feb, i wud like to persue ms in mis.. please suggest colleges for 2014 fall.
            can u suggest the safe ones out of the below list:
            sanjose SJSU
            sandiego SDSU
            CSU Long Beach
            CSU Northridge
            Maryland Baltimore
            Univ of North Carolina Charlotte
            Illinois springfield

            can i make this my final list?

  2. Hi!
    Please guide me in university selection for MS in MIS for fall 2014. Profile is as under:
    Acads: BE E&TC, Pune University agregate 54% (All 8 sem). Final year 57% Higher 2nd class.
    GRE: Verbal : 147 Quant: 153 Total: 300. AWA: 4. Toefl: 105. Work Exp: Analyst ~30 months by July 2014.

  3. Gr8 work on MIS universities.. I have 3 yrs of experience in IT.I am planning to take MS in MIS for Fall 2014. I have given my GRE with score 299(Quants -156 Verb-143). My Btech CGPA is 76.3%. Please suggest me some gud universities for MIS with STEM accredation.Do i have any chance to grab admission in Top 25 in MIS course..?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Krishna,

      My profile is some what similar to you but i have an work experience of 4.5 years , Could you please let me know the list of universities that you have applied for Fall 2015.


  4. Hey .. My GRE score is 307(Q-156,V-151) and TOEFL score is 107.
    BTech aggr is 66% .. have 3 years of work experience in TCS
    How strong do u think are my chances to make it to these universities for MIS :
    Indiana Univ,Bloomington
    Texas A&M
    Univ of Cincinnati
    Oklahoma State Univ
    Univ of Texas Dallas
    Univ of Illinois Chicago
    SUNY Buffalo
    Other than these, do u suggest me to apply to any other universities ?
    Thanks in advance! :-)

  5. My GRE Score is 312, GPA – 7.51 out of 10. A 3 month internship and 5 months work experience in the same company till november 2013. What will be the safe and moderate universities for me? Do reply please. Thankks in advance.

  6. Engineering in IT aggre 58%
    GRE 309 (150 verbal and 159 quants)
    Toefl marks yet to come.
    Can u pls suggest the universities for mis

  7. hey i got 57% with 310 gre score and 2 years exp with pretty good extra activities can u suggest some good school and safe mod and ambi too……
    thanks in advance

  8. Hi My gre Score 322 (Q167 V155) IELTS 7.5 but from Civil bckground and 1 year exp in a construction industry can you suggest some universities for Masters in MIS… I got Few extra curricular activities and 1 academic project and 1 industrial training

  9. Hi, my GRE score is 319 and undergrad aggregate is 63.5% (B.E in Electronics and telecommunications). Please suggest some safe, ambi colleges for MS in MIS for Fall’14

  10. my gre score- 323, toefl- 105
    B.E in electronics and telecom- mumbai univ- 72.5%.
    I am in 7th semester now

    I want to do mis. should I take work experience first, or do it directly after B.E.?

  11. Hi my GRE score is 301(144-v,157-q).My undergrad gpa is 7.6(81%).Did final year internship from Accenture and now working in Accenture itself since Aug.2013 passout.Planning for MS in MIS.
    Indiana University at Bloomington (IUB) – Kelley School of Business
    University of Maryland – College Park (UMCP)
    Boston University
    University of Arizona
    State University of New York (SUNY) – Buffalo
    University of Florida (UFL)
    Northeastern University (NEU)
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Illinois – Chicago (UIC)
    University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)
    University of Rochester – Simon Graduate School Of Business
    MS Information Systems Management

    which among these can i get??

  12. Hi,
    Thanks for helping us in evaluating our profiles.
    Please evaluate mine too.
    GRE: 316 (149 V+ 167 Q) (Worried abt low verbal score :( )
    Toefl : Yet to recieve
    Work Ex: 3.6 years
    Grad % : 76.13 %
    I am interestd to go for analytics / IT consulting/ Mid management level roles after my MS.. so please suggest univ for me..
    Thank you. :)

  13. My GRE score is 293. TOEFL: yet to give
    Aggregate: 66% (B.E in Computers). HSC: 83%, SSC:86%
    Work Exp: 2.5yrs in reputed IT company. I want to apply for MS in MIS, Fall 2014.
    Decent SOP and LOR’s
    Can you suggest some good and Safe universities?
    I have selected few universities as below:
    1.Georgia State Univ.
    4.Oklahona State Univ.

    Pls. help.

  14. Hello,
    My gre score is 294 (140 V + 154 Q). TOEFL is 85. Acads : 7.8/10. 30 + extra curricular certificates. I am planning to apply for MS in MIS. Kindly help me by suggesting a few safe universities. Thanks in advance.

  15. Hi , First of all Great work with ur blogging. I have a query pls give reply

    my profile
    gre 297(v-144.q-153,awa-3)
    cgpa-7.31 from VIT univ,vellore
    10th-82.5 12th-81.2
    decent lors and sop and IAM joining accenture now as S/w engineer
    im gonna apply for Ms in MIS for spring 2015 ….i’get some 10 months experience in accenture

    pls pls suggest me univs which are good and also with very low tuition fee pls i cant afford more tuition fee pls reply me

  16. Hi,

    Can u pls suggest a good university for the below profile for ms in mis:
    Work Exp:3 yrs in an MNC

  17. Hello Shrinivas

    I have GRE score 303, TOEFL 96 and B.Tech I.T. 79%. I’m applying for Fall 2014 for MS in MIS could you please tell me some good univ. option for my profile. Also, I wanted to know as I am applying to Santa Clara univ. I have had some mixed reviews for the univs. Many say it is not a reputable univ. and not worth attending. Could you plz shed some light, if u have much need info. about this univ.?

    I will really appreciate your reply. Waiting eagerly.

    Thank you so much in advance

  18. Hello,

    Thanks for the list. Helped me a lot.

    Is this the updated list ? When did you last update it ? Should i go by this list or should i search for even more on the net ? Thanks again

  19. Hi
    Pls suggest me univ for MIS
    my profile is GRE -301| toefl – 92| agg- B.E – 64.5% | 2.5yr of work exp in IBM
    Are there chances to get into Univ of Arizona, Univ of Maryland, Univ florida, NEU and UTD

  20. Hi,
    Please assess my profile and kindly tell me about my chances of getting into the following universities:
    GRE: 310
    TOEFL: 103
    AWA: 3.5
    UG: 67%
    WORK EXP: 2.6 YRS
    APPLIED FOR FALL 2014: MIS course for the below universities:
    University of Houston Main Campus
    University of Akron
    Oklahoma State University
    SUNY Buffalo
    University of North Carolina Charlotte
    Thanks in advance,

  21. Hi
    My profile

    GRE – 302(Q-159,V-143) TOFEL – 89(R-19,L-24,S-23,W-23) BE – 69.5%(EEE)

    Have 2.5 yrs of WE 1 year as Data Analyst and 1.5 of Software Exp. in Tech Manhindra.

    Please suggest me some Safe,Mod and Amb universities.

    Request you to help ASAP.

    Thank You.


  22. Hi,

    GRE = 300
    TOEFL = 98
    B.E aggregate = 52 %
    Work experience = 3+ in sales and mangerial roles

    Could you please suggest universities for MBA in USA?


  23. Hi,

    GRE = 1150
    IELTS = 8.0
    B.E aggregate = 70.49%
    Work experience = 3 years (SOftware Engineer)

    Could you please suggest US universities for MBA & MIS ?


  24. Hi Shrinivas,

    My name is Nishanth. I Have 59% agg in Engg. and i have 2 years of work experience (17 months in Microland and rest in HP. Planning to work in HP till i apply for MS). I am planning to take up master s in MIS in fall 2015. I haven’t written GRE yet. I am planning to write it in 4 months time. What would you think is a safe score given my profile and if I get somewhere around 305 (My Aim as of now) what colleges do you think i can Apply.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Nishanth Baskaran

  25. Hi my gre score is 305
    IELTS 7.0
    B.Tech ECE 75%

    Please suggest some safe universities for masters in MIS?

  26. Hello Sir

    My gre score is 299( q=153, v=146) and toefl 101. My engineering aggre is 59% from VTU. could u pls evaluate the following list based on safe, moderate and ambitious:

    1) George Mason university
    2) Northeastern University
    3) Oklahoma state university, stillwater
    4) eller school of business, arizona
    5) Syracuse university
    6) Mays business school, Texas A&M
    7)Northern University illinois
    8) Florida international university
    9) University of illinois, chicago

  27. Hi,
    I got an admit from iowa state and an admit from uhcl for mis up until now and yet to receive decisions from uic,illinois state university,oklahoma state university and unversity of houston,main campus.

  28. Hi my GRE score is 301(Quants – 151, Verbal – 150, AWA – 4.0) and TOEFL – 95 and my aggregate is 84%…could you please suggest me universities for MS in MIS for fall 2015

  29. Hi, I’m trying for MS MIS, fall 2014 intake.
    GRE – 153Quant, 150Verbal score. AWA – 3.5, TOEFL 107. UG aggregate: 81%, 4 years work Experience in IT.
    Got admit from —–> NorthEastern University, UTArlington.
    Waiting to hear from —–> Syracuse University, UTDallas
    Put me on waitling list —–> University of Arizona

    What are my best options? Including those am waiting to hear from? Could you please tell me the order of it?

  30. Hi My Gre score is 310 and toefl 98. My CGPA 6.51/10.
    Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology.
    I am working as a software engineer in one of the most reputed companies since 1.5 years.(Will be completing 2years in September). I wanna apply for Spring 2015 for MIS.

    Can u please suggest few good universties That i hope for.

    Thank you

  31. Hi Shrinivas,

    Great job on the list! it is helpful indeed :)
    plz suggest good universities for my profile
    GRE-312, TOEFL -112, UG-77%, 2.5 yrs work exp

  32. Hi please evaluate my profile
    Decent extracurriculars
    Presently employed in IBM, 1 year work exp
    want to apply for MIS in Spring 15.Please suggest colleges which would be ambitious, moderate and safe for me.

  33. Hi,

    Is there any good Universities[in ranking] in and around Kansas City or Missourie, offering courses in MIS.
    I am to give my GRE in August. We are settled there in Kansas. It would be helpful to know if there is any option closer to home. Thanks in advance.

  34. Hi, I have an aggregate of 83% in B.E 3 years work experience, and a GMAT score of 656. Which college could I apply for , also what would be the estimated cost of the whole program (in a high ranked college to a low ranked college), and the application date.

    Also, please let me know the university list according to the ranking.

  35. Hi,
    Can u plz evaluate my profile, :) Thanks a lot for the list. Request for suggestions in selections of univ.
    My profile:

    IELTS: 7
    BE-CS:70% (0bl)
    2 yrs experience at infosys as a Systems Engineer (by 2015 may)
    Apllying for 2015 fall.

  36. I got admits from SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY and OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY.Can you please plz plz help me decide which one is better??????

  37. gre:295 q:150, v:145…..10th:83%,pu:66%,BE:61%(CSE) looking for MIS….toefl:85…please suggest me some sure shot universities for MIS.

  38. Hi,

    I wish to pursue MIS and my gre score is 306.Am i eligible for any good university and can you please provide list of university offering MIS .

    Thanks in advance

  39. Dear All,

    I have a score of 308(149 V, 159 Q) , Also my friend has 302(143 V, 159 Q), please suggest universities of MIS for me and also separately suggest the universities we can get in common.

  40. My GRE score is 307 and TOEFL score is 97 . GPA is 8.05. work experience -12 months and pursuing.
    i am interested in SUNNY Buffalo . can u suggest decent ones?

  41. Greetings Shrinivas !

    I have a gre score of 310, toefl- 99 and gpa- 6.3/10

    Which schools do you suggest for Spring ’15 ?

  42. Hi, my gre score is 308, ielts is 8, aggregate is 85%, presently i am working is a s/w company for the past 6 months. I would like to apply for MS in MIS for Spring-15. Which colleges would you suggest??

  43. Hi
    My GRE score is 306
    TOFEL – 104
    3 yrs work exp.

    please suggest universities for my profile.
    need info. about scholarship.


  44. Hello!
    My Gre Score is 312
    Toefl 108
    And Aggregate is 63%, Mumbai University
    Could you please suggest some universities for MIS preferably with a STEM extension. I’m looking forward to going in Fall 2015

  45. Hi,

    GRE – 316 (verbal -151, maths – 165)
    TOEFL – 109
    Undergrad – Electronics Engineering (72%)
    1 year work experience in Business Intellience, SQL, ETL from a top reputed Consulting Company.

    Applying for MIS in –
    .University of Texas – Austin 
    University of California – Berkeley
    Carnegie Mellon University – Pennsylvania (CMU)
    Cornell University
    Purdue University
    Texas A & M University – College Station (TAMU)
    University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (UMich)
    University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)
    New York Univeristy (NYU)
    Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech)
    George Washington University 
    University of Minnestota – Twin Cities
    University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)
    University of Southern California-Viterbi (USC)

    Also suggest any other top univ i’m missing out on ?

  46. Hello,
    This is my profile plz guide me

    IT experience —- 4 years as software developer
    10th —– 76%
    B.tech (mechanical)—–58% with 8 backlogs
    GRE—— 300+ (expecting)
    IELTS —– expecting 6.5 to 7

    Some of my friends suggested me to go for MIS
    Plz guide me with ur experience
    Suggest me some good universities which can offer scholar ship.

    Thank’s in advance

  47. Hi,

    GRE – 298 (V – 146 Q- 152)
    Undergrad – Computer Engg (Agg- 56%)
    1 Yr of Experience in IT.
    Planning to apply for Fall 2015. (Work Exp would be 2 Yr by then)
    So is the GRE Score sufficient enough to apply for the Universities or need to retake.
    Can you please list a few Universities for MS in MIS?


  48. Hii Shrinivas Raghav

    1. new york university
    2. ohio university

    Are the above colleges are good for mis? pls suggest me the good universities!

  49. riends Please evaluate my profile for MS in MIS for SPRING 2015.

    *GRE – 296 verbal: 148 quant: 148 AWA:2.5
    *Toefl- taking on aug 23
    *10th- 77%
    *12th- 90.1%
    *ug- 67% ( 4 baklogs)
    * Work experience : 1.5 years in IT

    i have shortlisted these universities.guys pls suggest me moderate and safe universities for my profile.

    1) Texas arlington,university
    2) Illinois Springfield ,
    3)northern illinois university,
    4)new jersey institute of technology,
    5)University of North Texas
    6),illinois institute of tecnology,
    7)illinois state university,
    8)University of Houston at clearlake,
    9)llinois state university,
    10) florida international university,
    11)newyork institute of technology,
    12)san-diego state university,
    13)Stevens Institute of Technology,
    14)Temple university
    15)university of denver
    Guys its urgent. do the needful.

  50. Hi Shrinivas,
    I have GMAT – 620 and GPA – 3.4/4. Decent SOP.
    I am looking for MIS program.
    Looking at colleges like:
    Northeastern University
    NYU – SCPS
    NYU – Polytech – MOT
    Syracuse University

    Would like to know among the above which are safe, moderate and dream. Also, please suggest other colleges.

  51. Suggest me some good universities for MS in MIS with the below requirements :

    GRE(Q-160,V-149) – 309
    Analytical Writing – 3.5
    TOEFL – 86
    Acads – 80
    12th – 92% and 10 – 92%

    Expecting a reply :)

    • Iowa State University
      University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
      University of Florida
      University of Washington
      Oklahoma State University
      and also few i mentioned for the other person below this post. all the best

  52. Hi

    Can you please guide me with short-listing universities. My GRE score is 307 (Quant : 159, Verbal : 148). I want to apply for MS in MIS for fall 2015. I have done my BE in computer science. my aggregate is 72%.

    Waiting for you reply.
    Thank you

    • u got good profile.

      Oklahoma State University
      University of Cincinnati
      University of South Florida
      George Mason University
      Iowa State University
      Univ of Illiniois Chicago

  53. HI,

    I have MBA and 5 years of banking exp as a manager, I would like to do MS in MIS I am attempting for IELTS but no GRE. Is there any universities offering MIS without GRE.

    Please guide me.


  54. hi ,
    Hi Please help me choose my university for Fall 2015. MIS
    My gre is 299. Verbal-150,Quant-149. toefl 97
    I want to choose 6 from these 10 universities .Which are the best and have good chances of getting in

    University of Texas Dallas
    University of South Florida
    Suny Buffalo
    North-eastern university
    Wright state university
    CSU Long beach
    CSU east bay
    San fransico State Univeristy
    Arizona State University

    • Hi Monisha,

      My profile is some what similar to you nut i have an work experience of 4.5 years , Could you please let me know the list of universities that you have applied for Fall 2015.


  55. hi friends
    my profile is
    B Tech (E & C)= 65%
    works ex= 15 months (telecom)
    M. Tech(Electronics)=6.75
    work ex= 6 months (start up in 3-D printing)
    GRE= 312(Verval=154, quants=158)
    looking to apply for fall of 2015 for MIS
    Plz suggest some universities for my profile.
    Thanks in Advance.

  56. hello, my GRE score is 298, quant : 155 and verbal : 144
    TOEFL score is 94
    I am in final year and my overll cgpa is 2.86 on a scale of 4.
    I want to apply for mis course.
    Can u please suggest me some universities considering my scores.
    Thank you.

  57. Hi,

    Please suggest some universities in US for MS in MIS, in fall 2015
    GRE Score: 301
    TOEFL: 95
    B.tect (IT) aggregate: 77.78%
    Working as a Business Consultant with Tata Consultancy Services

    I am looking for universities in the west cost, please assist.

    Thanks in advance!

  58. hello ,

    my profile is
    gre 300
    toefl 99
    b.tech 7.2 cgpa
    4 internship
    2 projects
    decent extracurricular

    Planning for ms in mis and ms in engineering management
    please suggest ambitious, safe and moderate colleges for both category

    Thanking you in advance !

  59. Hi,
    My gre is 317, ielts is 6.5 band 6.0 above in all section, i have done my btech in computers and my aggregate us 6.4 cgpa but still i am holding on KT of Maths-3 so i am falling a year back due to this backlog, i will be done with this exam by jan 2015 and planning to apply for sept intake 2015.
    can you please suggest me good university where i can apply and get the sure shot admissions.

    thank you

  60. Great job Shrinivas! One of a very few informative posts about MIS.

    Can you please suggest universities for my profile, preferably around New York and California please. Thanks a lot for the help.
    GRE: 315
    TOEFL: awaiting (100+)
    B.Tech: 70.3%
    Work ex: 3 and a half years as a Developer in Bank of America.

  61. Hi Folks,

    please suggest better univs for my profile

    GRE 313 , Q 161 V 152 , TOEFL – 98
    BE ( EEE ) = 8.33/10
    Work Exp – 2 yrs by JUNE 15

    I have shortlisted some univs , please tweak in with better choices if any .. ?

    University of Arizona

    University of Illinois, Chicago

    Oklahoma State University

    Syracuse Univ

    Univ of Washington, Seattle

  62. HI can you pls upload the list of univ. rank wise.. and also suggest me where should i apply. I am really confused about it. till now i have shortlisted the following but cannot decide where should i apply..

    1. Northeastern University (final)
    2. Iowa State University (final)
    3. University of Maryland College Park (final)
    4. Yet to decide from these : Rutgers || Rochester Institute of Technology || Santa Clara University || Syacruse University || University of Arizona || San Diego State University || illionois institute of tech.

    Please suggest other universities also which i should consider. I want to apply only to 6-7 universities.
    My gre score is : 307 (149 verbal/158 quant)
    yet to give toefl.
    BE in Computer Science aggregate : 72.24

    Please reply asap. Thank you in advance. It will take off a huge burden off my shoulders.. :|


  63. Hi,

    I have done btech and mba…..can i do ms in mis??? If yes, how can i apply..? Can i apply with mba ?? Will i get visa?? Reply asap…..iam gttng confused.


  64. Please Urgent…. Profile Evaluation for MIS`

    I scored 299 (Quant: 156, Verbal: 143) AWA: waiting for result.

    IELTS: Yet to take the exam

    Have 3.2 years for exp. in MNC ( as ETL Developer)

    Have 70.5% in UG, 90.4 in 12th, 79.67% in 10th

    Rewards and Recognition:

    Received two “ON THE SPOT AWARDS” from TCS
    Received “SPECIAL INITIATIVE” from TCS

    Extra curricular Activites:

    1. Submitted Paper at NIT Rourkela
    2. Submitted Paper at Osmania University.
    3. Recevied almost 5-6 prizes at different colleges for paper and poster presentation.

    Please suggest me some good universites for MIS in US. I am looking for Fall 2015 admission

    Please respond back asap.

    Thanks in Advance and Happy new year to all !!!

  65. hey;
    what are the colleges that provide admissions in MIS only with IELTS score?
    i have less time and i wanted to apply only through IELTS.

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