University Rankings For MS in Marine Sciences

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These are the Rankings of the Universities in USA for MS in Marine Sciences and all other MS programs associated to Marine and Naval. The Rankings have been taken from US University Rankings 2012 and also from other websites. Here is the list.

Sr.No Universities
1 Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
2 University Of California, Santa Barbara
3 University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor
4 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
5 University Of San Diego
6 University Of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
7 Stony Brook University
8 California State University, Monterey Bay
9 University Of Alaska Anchorage
10 Stevens Institue Of Technology
11 University Of Delaware
12 Widener University
13 UMass Lowell
14 University Of Rhode Island
15 University Of Virginia Islands
16 Florida Atlantic University
17 University Of Maryland, Eastern Shore

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