University Rankings For MS in Industrial Engineering

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These are the Rankings of the Universities in USA for MS in Industrial Engineering. The Rankings have been taken from US University Rankings 2012 and also from other Websites.  Here is the list.

Rank Universities
1 Georgia Institute Of Technology
2 University Of California-Berkeley
3 Purdue University
4 University Of Michigan Ann Arbor
5 Texas A&m University College Station
6 Northwestern University
7 Stanford University
8 Virginia Polytech Institute
9 Pennsylvania State University
10  University Of Wisconsin-Madison
11  North Carolina State University
12  Ohio State University
13  Univ Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
14  Rensselaer Polytechnic
15  Lehigh University
16  Oklahoma State University
17  Arizona State University
18  State Univ Of New York-Buffalo
19  University Of Florida
20  Auburn University
21  Iowa State University
22  University Of Southern California Los Angeles
23  University Of Pittsburgh
24  University Of Iowa
25  Univ Of Massachusetts At Amherst
26  University Of Oklahoma
27  Univ Of Arkansas-Fayetteville
28  University Of Nebraska-Lincoln
29  Kansas State University
30  Northeastern University
31  Wayne State University
32  Clemson University
33  University Of Missouri-Columbia
34  University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
35  University Of Alabama-Huntsville
36  Oregon State University

5 thoughts on “University Rankings For MS in Industrial Engineering

  1. I’ve done by UG in Electrical engineering and currently working as a Quality Control Engineer at Samsung Electronics . Am I eligible to pursue MS in Industrial Engineering? I have not taken probability and statistics course in university. Some universities consider this as a prerequisite.

  2. Can you please let me now if I can apply to good colleges with this profile from the above list.I am trying to do masters in industrial and engineering.
    My profile:
    BE Industrial and engineering : 8.9GPA(83 %)
    TOEFL: 91
    GRE: 303
    Two years of work experience in mechanical ( same field )
    Please help as soon as possible.

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  4. GRE:317 ; Quants-162 ;Verbal-155; AWA-3.0
    CGPA-6.9/10 in Mechanical Engineering
    2 Research Publication in India Europe Climate Governance Network
    Work Exp:26 months including 6 months in Indian Oil Tanking.
    Can you suggest some universities for MS in IE for my profile?
    Any chance for funding for MS in any Unis. ?
    Thank You.

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