University Rankings For MS in Embedded Systems

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Hello Everyone,

These are the Rankings of the Universities in USA for MS in Embedded Systems. The Rankings have been taken from US University Rankings 2012 and also from other websites.  Here is the list.

Rank Universities
1 Georgia Institute of Technology
2 Carnegie Mellon University
3 Arizona State University
4 University of California, Santa Barbara
5 University of Maryland, College Park
6 Virginia Institute of Technology
7 Texas A&M University
8 Penn State University
9 The University of Texas at Austin
10 University of Wisconsin, Madison
11 University of Colorado, Boulder
12 Iowa State University
13 University of Massachusetts Amherst
14 University of California, San Diego
15 Columbia University
16 Utah State University
17 University of North Carolina Charlotte
18 University of Pennsylvania
19 Vanderbilt University
20 University of California, Irvine
21 TU Eindhoven
22 Okland University

48 thoughts on “University Rankings For MS in Embedded Systems

  1. Hello,
    It’s nice to see a specific list on “Embedded Systems”.
    May I ask what sources have you used to compile this list?
    Thank you,

  2. does texas a&m have embedded systems in their course catalog? If yes does it come under computer engineering or computer science, please do reply

  3. several of the universities (like iowa, arizona) do not mention embedded systems in their list of majors. why is that? are you sure embedded systems is one of the majors offered?

  4. Hi,
    I have done my AMIE in CSE in INDIA. I want to do MS in Embedded Systems in USA. Please let me know the universities who will accept my AMIE.

  5. are this universities offer specialization in embedded systems?
    1) wright state uni
    2) uni of north texas
    3) arizona state uni.

    please suggest good uni offering this course as specialization in embedded under EE/ECE for average GRE score

  6. HI,
    please evaluate my profile and suggest some universities..
    GRE (v144 Q152 AWA2.5)
    TOEFL 81
    B.E- 68.5% (E and C)
    Diploma in EC with aggregate of 81%

    2 projects on embedded systems
    I’ve done 1 interinship
    i’m interesten in persuin masters in either VLSI or Embedded Desigh or in communication..
    i’ve short listed some of the universities that suite my profile as in list below..
    1. Cleverland state university
    2. oakland university
    3.Western illionois university
    4.Georgia state universitiey
    5.New Jersy Institute of technology
    6. University of Northe Carolina- greens bro
    7. Suthern Illionis university
    8. Wayne state universities
    9. University of north texas

    please help me to differentiate these as safe, moderate and ambitious.. and suggest any other university that is best for my profile..

  7. embedded systems is mentioned in compter engineering or electronics engineering???plz let me know it as soon as possible.

  8. Do the following universities have MS in embedded systems..?
    1:New jersey institute of technology
    2:san jose state university
    3:CSU..long beach
    5:san francisco state university
    suggest some universities to my profile
    UG::B.E(ECE)64%(12 backlogs)

  9. I would like you guys to update your blog regarding TU Eindhoven’s location, which in Netherlands and not US.

  10. Embedded systems comes under Computer engineering at University of North texas. But in CE d four core courses mentioned are 1) vlsi 2) computer networks 3) REal time operating systems 4) Computer systems…
    So bit confusion between 3 & 4 , under which category will embedded systems come ???

  11. several of the universities do not mention embedded systems in their list of majors. why is that? are you sure embedded systems is one of the majors offered? it has given ms in electrical engineering only and no details about the specializations like power system,embedded system. how can i look through this?

  12. I am being told that there is no such thing as ms in embedded systems. It is just a part of electrical and computer engineering in which the masters is done. Is it true?

  13. Georgia Tech doesn’t offer Embedded Systems. The nearest to it is Computer Systems , but it’s more towards software side.

  14. how to apply for embedded system in the aforementioned universities??
    do we have to apply for MSEE OR MSCE??
    i tried with UNCC charlotte but ended applying only for MSEE.
    so please help me..
    my gre 314
    ielts yet to give
    7.7 cgpa

  15. Hi,

    I am a b-tech (electronics and communication) 2015 passed out student.
    i am taking my GRE this month and i wish to take embedded systems as my master’s specialization. and am aiming to get admission in good universities in US.

    Can you please let me know which universities accepts IELTS
    and the universities that accept TOFEL? so that after my gre i can go for either of them


  16. needed suggestion regarding profile evaluation.
    gre-307(151v,156q) toefl-102
    B.E-electrical & electronics(cgpa-7.6)
    field of interest-ms in embedded system
    2 relevant projects
    no research
    no work exp
    plzz do suggest me some safe univ as per my profile with an optimum chance of funding. .

  17. hi sir, do these universities provide embedded systems?? i got 290 in gre and 6.5 in ielts..
    1. grand valley state university
    2. kent state uni
    3. north west missuori uni
    4. ferris state uni
    5. bradley uni
    6. virginia uni

    and tell me some universities which provide embeddedsystems field to my profile score .. thanks in advance

  18. Hi Sir,
    My GRE score is V – 155 Q – 161 AWA 4.0. E&TC Engineering agg – 63%. 2 projects and 2.5 yrs of relevant experience. Please suggest universities for MS Embedded Systems.
    Thank you so much in advance.

  19. I have been admitted to the professional master’s degree program in Embedded systems engineering at University of Colorado, Boulder.Please review the quality of the program and the university.Its an M.E degree not M.S.And there is no thesis component.Does this make any difference?


    • Hello Raghu…I have got an admit for the same course in Boulder for this fall….do you have any idea how good the course would be?

  20. Hi,
    The following is my profile.
    58% in Undergrad
    315 GRE score.
    3 Yrs exp in Embedded Systems.
    I want to do MS in Embedded systems. I’m passionate about micro-controllers and coding.
    I’ve searched many universities, But except for Oakland University I didn’t find a single university which is offering Specialization in Embedded systems only.
    All the other universities are offering only 2 or 3 subjects related to Embedded System in Computer Engineering Department.

    So can you suggest me some universities(along with the link of Embedded courses) like Oakland where I can get specialization in only Embedded system.

  21. hi… gre core is 306 and toefl score is 96…. am from ece background….and have an experience of one year in tcs..i have initially thought of choosing EE as a major….but now I want to choose embedded systems ,so that both hardware and software are covered.Please suggest the best choice

  22. hi my CGPA is 6.5/10 from Tier 1 college of maharashtra, gre 325(167q), 2 internships, 4-5 projects
    What are my chances of getting into Embedded Systems in ASU, CU Boulder, UM amherst or any of the top 50 colleges?

  23. My GRE Score is 312 (V=151, Q=161)
    TOEFL Score is 103 (R=28, L=27, S=23, W=25)
    I want to pursue MS in Embedded Systems.
    Which universities should I apply to??

  24. My GRE Score is 312 (V=151, Q=161)
    TOEFL Score is 103 (R=28, L=27, S=23, W=25)
    GPA is 8.46/10 in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
    I want to pursue MS in Embedded Systems.
    Which universities should I apply to??

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