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Hello Everyone,

USF Gainsville

Check out the Visa Interview Experiences of students who will be attending University of Florida Gainsville in this Fall 2015. The Visa Experiences have been shared by the Students on facebook groups which have been collected and shown in US Graduates Blog. The experiences shared entirely belong to the students. This is just for the info. Hope the experiences would be useful for you.

Please do share your experiences too in the comment box.

Interview 1:

Visa experience

University of florida, gainsville
Slot 9am
Hyderabad consulate
VO knows hindi and telugu, graceful and direct questions , counter 12

Gre score? 312
Cgpa ug? 9
Father designation? HOD
Savings? 19 lakhs and loan

Hope my experience helps someone

Visa approved

Interview 2:

VISA EXPERIENCE (Mumbai Consulate) 9 am slot
VO: What r u goin to do in US?
Me: MS in Computer Engineering.
VO: Why ufl?
Me: told
Vo:Who is sponsoring?
Me: Parents
Vo: What r they doing?
Me: told
Vo: Why not Aeronautics?(bcoz of my fathers job in dat area)
Me: more interested in CpE.
Vo: Ur Visa is approved.
University of Florida Gainsville F-1 Visa Interview Experiences 2015

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