TSA Locks For Your Baggages While Traveling To USA

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TSA Locks

As many students might be geared for traveling to the US this Fall, I thought of providing you the information about the Locks for your Baggages. As everyone knows that we generally lock the Baggages that we check-in (Baggages that we don’t carry with us into the flight), but when you are travelling to the US it’s important to know that you have to lock your Baggages using only the TSA Locks. Let’s discuss in detail below about the TSA Locks by going through some common FAQ related to these TSA Locks.

What is a TSA Lock?

TSA stands for Transport Security Administration. Generally Security Personals can physically inspect your bag if needed. Generally if your bag arrives late on the conveyor belt in the US, then you might find a letter in the bag stating your bag was opened for security check. But how can they open your bag? Using the key of the TSA Lock. If your bag is locked using the TSA Lock, then the security personals can open your bags using the master key of the TSA Locks. So TSA Locks helps the security personal to check your Baggages at any point of time.

What will happen if I Lock my Baggages using my personal lock?

If your Baggages are locked using the personal lock and if the security personal has decided to check your Baggages, then they will have to break your locks. If you have locked your Baggages with the locks placed at the zip of your bag, then they might break the zip of the bag to check. This will certainly ruin your bag as you won’t be able to lock your bag in the future.

If your Baggages have a combination lock, then also they might have to break the entire combination lock to check your Baggages. So it’s really important to lock your Baggages using the TSA Locks only, so that your Baggages remain intact and safe.

Is there a Probability of theft if I use a TSA Lock?

No, there is no probability of theft of your items if you use a TSA Lock. Since only the security personals will be checking your bag if necessary, there is no need to worry about the theft of your items.

Can I just leave my Baggages unlocked rather than using TSA Locks?

Yes you can leave your Baggages unlocked, but I would prefer that you use the TSA Locks so that your Baggages remain secure. Leaving your Baggages unlocked would be an unsafe call that you would take.

Where Can I get these TSA Locks?

You can purchase these TSA Locks from the VIP and Samsonite showrooms. Plus you can also purchase these locks online. I would suggest you to go to the VIP or Samsonite showrooms and purchase these locks.

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