Try Try Till You Succeed: – F-1 Visa Approved In 5th Attempt

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Hello Everyone,

This is the Visa Interview Experience of Shanthan ReddyHe was Rejected Four Times in the Visa Interview but Succeeded in the 5th Attempt. This is his entire Visa Interview Experience. Thanks To Shanthan for sharing his Experience with US Graduates Blog. 


Guys this is some thing interesting..i.e my 5th Visa interview…
1st interview: Gannon university for fall intake on June 2nd hyderabad.


2nd interview: Gannon University for fall intake June 28th chennai.


3rd Interview: Univesity of south florida for spring intake on Nov 14th( day after diwali) chennai.

though i would be succeded this time becoz of university and i improved my GRE. but it was same result.


Got habituated to visa consulates………….

Never GIVE up was fav quote so obviously tried again….

4th Interview: Univesity of south florida for spring intake on Nov 28, Hyderbad.

Lol same result….


here come’s the climax !!..

5th Interview: chennai on dec 11th.

tdan tdan tdaaannnnnnnn……………….

i enterd visa consulate with all the changes like leaving behind my old file , watch, clean shave which supported me well in my previous rejects..

counter no 22: It was the same vo officer who rejected me in chennai before.

me: gud mrng sir.. may I….

vo: is this your second interview ?

me: (5th ra arey ) no sir its my 5th one.

vo: No, this was ur second interview with me right?

me : yes sir.

vo: i can’t take the interview go to 21st counter.

so i went to officer making instructions to the students and ask him to change the counter. he said me stand in 17th counter ( chinese type lady). so went and stood there. . the officer came and said me to go for 20th counter.(shock, he was the officer who reject two of my frns in less than 30 sec). Then i stood in the line and visa aproved before and postive waves flowing inside me. and it was my turn now..

Counter no 20: old VO..

vo: gud mrng sir

me: gud mrng….sir. i want to tell you some thing.

vo: what?

me: sir, this was fifth interview. the previous didn’t even last for 30 sec. Though u reject me , listen to me completely.

Vo: hold on hold on.. pass me ur documents.

( passed the docs and visa officer goin through previous interview reviews i think)

VO: sry i can’t issue visa. u have attended five times and with different universities.

( Rejected_ high frequency word i heard during my process)

me: ok sir. i have my reasons to change the universality every time.

vo: no u have applied to gannon before. sry i can’t issue visa.

me: honesltly saying, i was gone to consultancy before when i applied to Gannon university. but now i processed on my own.

vo: backlogs?

me: sir, i have 5 backlogs. i have them becozz i was an active participant at various college technical fairs and attended many workshops. so i couldn’t concentrate completely. showed him my certificates but denied.

vo: how u have selected universities.

me: sir, my UG project was based on network security. though the project was successful it had some drawbacks. to over come the drawbacks i need a specialization and i want to do extension of the project.

vo: then y have u attended before on usf?

me: USF was my dream university. but i was given a pathway admission and i was rejected twice on that.. there was no other option with me other than to go with my second best university offering same course.

vo: how u know the universities offering same course?

me: sir i have already said u, i have a project. based on that i have selected univ offering same course and i have gone through websites to know more about the courses.

VO: your GRE is very low, and your acads are not so impressive and you have more than couple of backlogs. i can’t issue visa and we are provided with some rules.

me: sir u r saying i have less scores and acads. but how come i could get admits from 3 univ out 4 and i’m sure about the other admit too. and every score has its own importance and i have applied to the universities based on that. and It is very essential to me to do MS to complete my project.

VO: tell me about your project.

me: told

vo: wat are you doing after btech?

me: i was doing project at RCI.

vo: tell me about that?

me: told

vo: how u r going to fund ur education and asked few ques regarding funds and parents employment.

me: told.

Vo: give me your marks memo’s?

( gave him and he was luking at marks in each subject thoroughly and here i got time to relax, he was typing something in the system for few mins. My previous experiences taught me that i was going to reject this time to as it was same situation every time, typing some thing and saying i can’t issue visa by giving 214b. but i was satisfied at least he had listned to me) well prepared for rejection.

visa officer took some paper( though it was 214 b) and written something on that and gave his hind out side small area of the window saying congrats and u r visa is approved..( i was not prepared for this) and he said there is further verification at counter 31. all the best..

me : thank you very much sir

counter 31:

Visa officer has taken my passport and ds 160 and asked me to give my resume.

me: sorry i didn’t carry it.

vo: no problem mail it me and gave the email address. and said it may take some time.

he asked me each and every possible question but i don’t remember all the ques.

I didn’t maintain any smile or luking into his face… 😛 😛

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  1. hai i am sai i have done my masters here and i am looking forward to do masters again in usa but twice i was rejected due to pursuing masters can any one suggest me how to convince visa officer for the third time

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