TOEFL iBT to PBT Score Conversion

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Hello Everyone,

All of you might have seen in some University Websites, the minimum TOEFL Scores are just given in PBT and not in iBT. So many Students do not know what is the minimum TOEFL iBT Score that the University is expecting. So this table below will allow you to convert your TOEFL iBT Scores to TOEFL PBT Scores, so that you can easily find out the Minimum TOEFL Scores that University expects Students to have.

111-120 640-677
96-110 590-639
79-95 550-589
65-78 513-549
53-64 477-512
41-52 437-476
30-40 397-436
19-29 347-396
6-18 311-346
0-5 310

I Hope this Conversion Table was useful to all of you.

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