Tips To Increase Your Visa Success

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Hello Everyone,

In the last Post, I discussed about the Visa Success Rate and Factors Influencing the Visa Success. In this post I will focus completely on how to increase your Visa Success. Visa Success Rate Of US Universities.You will find lots of website that will provide you various tips on increasing the Visa Success. Here are some of the Important tips that you must keep in mind in order to increase your Visa Success.

As said in the last post, there are lots of factors on which the Visa Success depends on and it’s also important how you handle these factors.

Tips To Increase Your Visa Success: –

1) Proper Document Management: –

There will be lots of Documents that you will be carrying to the Visa Interview. So you have to be very systematic in terms of arranging this Documents. Carry a folder with a Index Page/Cover Letter which states the list of documents that are present. When asked for any document, just be relaxed and provide the required document. Don’t fumble when giving your Documents. Proper Document Management increases your Visa Chances as it shows how systematic you are.

2) University Reputation: –

In the last post I said that Universities Reputation plays a major role in Visa Success. Universities with good Ranking will have a greater Visa Success Rate and a Low Ranked University will have a lower Visa Success Rate. But what will you if you are going to a Low Ranked University? You have to defend by stating precise points on why you selected this University. Prepare a good Answer for this as you will be asked this question. The Answer should be precise and should provide all the reasons for going to this University. If you can do this, then your Visa Success will certainly increase no matter which University you go to.

3) Contacting Professors: –

During the Visa Interview, you should try to mention about the Professors you contacted in that University. Contacting Professors will surely convey a message to the Visa Officer about the seriousness of a Student in terms of studying in that University. Please go through this link to find out more on Contacting the Professors. Contacting Professors Of The Universities To Which You Are Applying.

4) Proper Financial And Other Documents: –

As I said in the previous post, if you do not show proper Financial And Other Documents then you won’t get a Visa. So make sure you carry all these Documents. Make sure you are showing the required funds that is necessary to attend this University. Just show these Documents only if asked or else you can keep this documents with yourself.

5) Academics and GRE & TOEFL Score: –

In the previous post I said that Student can be rejected if his/her Academics or/and GRE & TOEFL Score are low. So what should a Student do if he/she is in this situation. You have to state a precise answer which focuses on why you got a Low Score and what have you learnt from it and how prepared you are in tackling the Higher Studies. It all depends on the way and manner in which you answer this question. Spend time in preparing such important questions as you will be asked in Visa Interview.

6) Change of Program In MS: –

In the last post I said that changing your Field/Program can affect your Visa Success. It important how you answer to this question if asked. The Answer must contain the reasons for changing the field, how prepared you are to tackle this change and what preliminary steps you have taken towards the change in Field/Program (i.e. have you started attending some courses or preparing for some certifications etc.)

7) Having Multiple Offers: –

If you have multiple admits from Universities, then it certainly increases your Visa Success. But what to do if you have applied only to One University? Will it affect your Visa Chances? I have written in detail about this, please check the following  link regarding this. Will There Be A Problem At Visa Interview When Applied To Only On University?.

To Conclude: –

So, these are the tips to increase your Visa Success. Visa Success depends on how well you represent yourself. If you are prepared for the questions that will be asked, then you can easily get a Visa. Spend time in preparing good answers to the common questions that will be asked. Check out all the Information About The F-1 Visa and Visa Interview in this Link: – The Visa Bible.

Confidence is Everything. Be Confident and Get Your Visa.

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