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Below is the TOEFL experience shared by Chinmay. He has given a detailed way of tackling the TOEFL Exam. I would like to thank Chinmay for allowing his experience to be shared in this Blog. If you too have certain points to add apart from what has been shared by Chinmay, please use the comment box that is present below. Your views will also help other students who will be giving their TOEFL Exams in the future months.

Gave TOEFL today…Here is my give-away to this group…

1. Don’t go into panic mode ! It’s just TOEFL…not GRE, CAT, GMAT, etc..

2. Do take 1-2 minutes to settle your nerves after starting Reading Section..you’ll be able to grasp better and subsequently, perform better.

3. Dont do any kind of study on Test day..it’s of no use…Relax yourself ! (I watched Sachin Tendulkar’s amazing cricket videos )

4. For people who are under the impression that Reading section has lots of time…you are in fool’s paradise..It takes up more time to solve questions due to the pressure.

5. Practice as much as possible ! Solve Practice tests only..It’s enough..No need of any other books, E-books, etc. Links I’ll post at the end of this…

6. Just bring your passport, and TOEFL Registration Confirmation to the Center and nothing else is required ! Bring ur passport, else you are screwed !! Administrators are extremely vigilant about it..

7. Wear Jerkins/Sweat-shirts on test-day. Test centers have AC on 18 degrees…

8. For writing section, just start typing. Coz 20 minutes may seem adequate, but again, it’s just about enough to proof-read your essay once…As and when you think about points to include in the essay, adjust them into the already written essay..

9. Listen and Concentrate your hardest during the Speaking Section ! ( Lot of chaos coz due to some strange reason, many students think that if you dont yell into the microphone, your response wont be recorded… Guys, they have voice check and microphone check before starting the speaking section !! No need to yell your head off !!)

10. Try not to hesitate during speaking..It’s hard..but try..If u are unsure or become blank during speaking, take a pause of 1-2 seconds…then resume..but don’t hesitate or stop in between sentences..

11.¬†Use “http://www.eng1on1.com/” for TOEFL speaking practice..Loads of Practice material online…Excellent website..

12. www.testden.com Excellent for Writing Section tips..

13. From the software list:

Barron’s TOEFL iBT (7 Full Tests)—> Similar/1 level lower difficulty than actual
Kaplan TOEFL (2 Full Tests) —>1 Level higher difficulty than actual
ETS Official TOEFL Software (2 Full Tests)—> Exact Same difficulty
Complete Guide to TOEFL-Bruce Rogers (4 Full Tests)—-> Easy than actual
Longman iBT (2 Full Tests + Loads of Skill Development)—> similar to actual

Will post my scores once they are available ! Good Luck guys and girls !!

This Is How You Do It: – Tackling TOEFL Exam

3 thoughts on “This Is How You Do It: – Tackling TOEFL Exam

  • December 6, 2013 at 11:10 am

    I have TOEFL exam on 18th of January 2014. I am preparing from Barron’s TOEFL ibt and, I must say book is pretty helpful. I am having trouble in speaking section can you help me out.
    Thank you

  • February 26, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    Hi Sir,

    My GRE score is 296 (q 155 , V 141), i have 72% in my graduation.
    I have 3.5 years experience in VLSI
    i want to do my Ms in EE (VLSI specialization),
    i have reached to my nearest consultancey, they have pointed me below univesities for my scores.

    1.California state university , Long Beach
    2.Old Dominion university, at Virginia
    3.state university of newyork, new paltz
    4.University of Dayton , Ohio

    please point me if these are good for my level, or please point me if there are any other colleges which are good that these for my scores.


  • October 21, 2014 at 5:33 am

    my GRE score v 137 q 155(292)
    my aggregate 55% upto 3rd year mumbai university
    wat r the chances that i will get admit from good university and visa approval…specially visa…as my aggregate as well as gre score are not so good..plzz help..toefl yet to give expecting 85+


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