The Visa Bible

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Hello Everyone,

This is called as Visa Bible as it contains every Information that you require pertaining to your Visa for your Higher Studies. This Visa Bible has also been published with the help of Stanford University. So Check out the Table Of Contents of the Visa Bible. If you have anything else to add in this please suggest.

Sr.No Topics
1 US Consular Districts.
2 Changes In Visa Processing System.
3 Offsite Facilitation Center.
4 F-1 Visa, SEVIS and BCIS
5 Required Documents For F-1 Visa Interview.
6 Funds For Your F-1 Visa.
7 F-1 Visa FAQ’s.
8 What Visa Officers look For.
9 Facts Of F-1 Visa.
10 Visa Photo Guidelines.
11 Preparing For F-1 Visa Interview.
12 At F-1 Visa Interview.
13 Golden Rules For F-1 Visa Interview.
14 What Should I Do If My Visa Get’s Rejected?
15 Visa Success Rate Of US Universities.
16 Tips Increase the Visa Success.

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