Life of A MS Student In The United States

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It just feels like yesterday when I began my dream of coming to the United States for my Masters. It’s been 3 years now, I have completed my Masters and working in a company. The journey of me being a student in the United States has certainly been great and filled with ups and downs. You being a prospective student coming to the United States this year or may be in upcoming years, I would like to share the life of an MS Student in USA. This post would clear a lots of doubts that’s lingering in your mind.  So let’s start with it. It’s going to be a long post but very informative. Continue reading

MS In USA Queries: Paying Fees, Insurance and changing Major

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Hey Shrinivas. I have been reading your posts on facebook. They are really helpful. I will be coming to USA this fall. I had few queries. Hope you can solve them!

1) Which is the best way to pay fees? Wire transfers cost around 1500-1800 INR for each transaction. So, can we deposit money in our US bank account with a travel card and pay the fees?  Continue reading

MS in USA: General Student Queries

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Hi Shri, I am Deepak, I am having lot of Quires about Study of MS for my career. I had complected my in 2010, and also in 2014, had after completing i had searched for job on IT field at that time i am get a lot of interest that study of MS(CS) in US. So, now I am preparing for GRE/IELTS, for Jan/feb 2016 and also preparing for NETWORKING (CCNA) certification.  Continue reading

Why pursuing MS after 4 years? : Visa Interview Question

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Its been a long while since I wrote a post. I have been very busy with my studies and didn’t get time to interact with you all. I am graduating this July and hence I will be devoting more time towards helping you all with whatever queries you have in your mind. It’s become a normal thing nowadays to pursue MS after few years of experience.

Generally nowadays colleges have started to looking towards students who have some professional experience. I got a question from one of the followers of this blog with respect to this topic. So I decided to discuss this in detail. Continue reading

Should I Pursue MS or Not: – Commonly Asked Question

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interviewI would like to thank you posting very informative topics which has cleared many of my doubts. You are doing a great job and hope that you continue to provide the same information which is being benefited by all. I have couple of questions which I think you could answer and provide better clarity. I’m working as a Test Analyst in a software company for close to 3 years now. Continue reading

Going To Low Ranked Universities For MS

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I got a Question from Ramnath, who is a Regular Follower of this Blog, Stating “Is it worth going to low ranked Universities for MS?” So I thought of creating a topic altogether and shedding some light on this question which many students have in their mind. I will be discussing about some more questions related to this topic. So let’s discuss it. Continue reading