Low GPA Depression

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This topic has been taken today after I received a mail from one of the Students, who has an ambition to study to study MS in USA. It was a huge mail, but I am specifying the important point that he wrote which was “I am really depressed because I don’t have a good GPA, how will I get into a Good University. My dreams are Shattered I suppose.” The Student is yet to start with GRE preparations. Continue reading

High GRE and Low GPA

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday’s post was about how to tackle the situation if you had Low GRE and a High GPA. Today I am going to discuss the reverse of it. How to tackle the problem if you had Low GPA and High GRE. When you actually search this on Google, you won’t find any website that discuss this topic. You will find many forums that discuss about this topic but no particular website. So let’s discuss this topic in detail and try to find a solution for this.

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