How To Retrieve I-94 Online

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Since students are gearing up towards coming to the United States, I thought of sharing some important information that you should be knowing. Whenever you enter the United States, an I-94 form gets generated for you. I-94 Form is a way that US Officials keep track of your Arrival and Departure from the USA. All the countries have this Form, in USA it is named as I-94.  Continue reading

I-94 Record Not Found: What Steps You Need To Take

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Based on my personal experience, I felt that I must share this post with you all. This post will focus on what you need to do when you get a message ‘I-94 Record Not Found’ even after you have entered all the details properly. To know what I-94 Form is, I would suggest you to go through this link first: Complete Overview On I-94 FormContinue reading