MS In USA Queries: Paying Fees, Insurance and changing Major

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Hey Shrinivas. I have been reading your posts on facebook. They are really helpful. I will be coming to USA this fall. I had few queries. Hope you can solve them!

1) Which is the best way to pay fees? Wire transfers cost around 1500-1800 INR for each transaction. So, can we deposit money in our US bank account with a travel card and pay the fees?  Continue reading

FAQs on Health Insurance: NUSHP Northeastern University Boston

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Health Insurance

Since I am from Northeastern University, I do know entire details about the University Health Insurance. I personally am under the University health insurance for two years now. I got a lot of queries related to the NUSHP University Health Insurance that Northeastern University offers you. I thought of creating a post related to the common FAQs that a student has with respect to the Health Insurance. I have covered almost all the questions. Continue reading

Immunizations And Health Insurance Before Coming to USA: NEU Boston

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Immunization, sound a little weird in INDIA as we are all immune to all diseases and do not bother much. Scenario in the US is not so and life is valued to a great extent. Please understand the fact that Health Insurance is a mandate in the state of Massachusetts and you will be penalized for not having one. Although many do not take it and have a tough time shelling a few thousand dollars later. Continue reading