F-1 Visa Stamped for 5 years But I-20 Is Of 2 Years?

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I saw one of the questions asked by the students in the facebook group and I thought of sharing this question and replying to it. The student asked the following question in the group “Guys..I have got visa which is valid for 5 years…but my course mentioned on i20 is of 2 years…so does it mean that I can work for 3 years after studies ??Continue reading

Managing Documents During F-1 Visa Interview

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Students are gearing up towards giving the F-1 Visa Interview and I thought of sharing one of the post that a student provided. Managing your documents is one of the important thing during the F-1 Visa Interview and the Visa Officer may ask for any document during the Interview. If you are well organized then you can provide the required documents within no time. This post will focus towards managing your documents while you are in an F-1 Visa Interview. Continue reading

F-1 Visa Interview Common FAQs Answered by Visa Officer

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I found this wonderful article and I thought of sharing it with you all. This post contains some common questions that students have in their mind with respect to the F-1 Visa Interview. This post will contains answers from a Visa Consulate to those common questions. I hope this post certainly help the students who are going to give the F-1 Visa Interview in the near future. Continue reading

F-1 Visa Admits Percentage

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I just read a post on NDTV and I wanted to share the information with you all. It focuses on the percentage of F-1 Visa admits for students this year. As you all know that the number of students who apply for the F-1 Visa has been constantly increasing since 2007. With the number of students applying for F-1 Visa on the increase,  not all will get the F-1 Visa. Continue reading

Important F-1 Visa Questions

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F-1 Visa

Its that time for the year where students have got admits and are busy focusing towards the next step in the process, which is the F-1 Visa Interview. This is the last step before you achieve your dream of coming to the United States for studying. I have lots of posts on the Visa process and how you should apply for F-1 Visa and things to bring for the Visa Interview. Please search the website for these posts as it would be very useful for you. Continue reading

Rejected Two Students Before Me, But My F-1 Visa Approved

F-1 Visa Interview Experience

  • Attempt: – 1st.
  • University: – New Mexico State University.
  • Time: – 11 am.
  • Consulate: – Hyderabad.
  • Counter: – 15.
  • Name: – Bhanu.

My visa experience today !!! Continue reading

F-1 Visa Approved After Four Attempts

F-1 Visa Interview Experience

  • Attempt: – 4th.
  • University: – Western Michigan University.
  • Time: – 11 am.
  • Consulate: – Hyderabad.
  • Name: – Jay.

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