F-1 Visa Time Slots From June 2015 – August 2015

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Since any students will be busy with preparing for F-1 Visa Interviews, I would like to share the available time slots from June 2015 to August 2015. This pics were taken by one of the students and was shared in the facebook group. I thought of sharing with you all. All the Visa of slots of different cities of India have been given by the Student. I hope it would be helpful for all of you. All the best with your interviews. I hope this information would be useful to all of you. Continue reading

F-1 Visa Interview Common FAQs Answered by Visa Officer

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I found this wonderful article and I thought of sharing it with you all. This post contains some common questions that students have in their mind with respect to the F-1 Visa Interview. This post will contains answers from a Visa Consulate to those common questions. I hope this post certainly help the students who are going to give the F-1 Visa Interview in the near future. Continue reading

Important F-1 Visa Questions

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F-1 Visa

Its that time for the year where students have got admits and are busy focusing towards the next step in the process, which is the F-1 Visa Interview. This is the last step before you achieve your dream of coming to the United States for studying. I have lots of posts on the Visa process and how you should apply for F-1 Visa and things to bring for the Visa Interview. Please search the website for these posts as it would be very useful for you. Continue reading

Why pursuing MS after 4 years? : Visa Interview Question

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Its been a long while since I wrote a post. I have been very busy with my studies and didn’t get time to interact with you all. I am graduating this July and hence I will be devoting more time towards helping you all with whatever queries you have in your mind. It’s become a normal thing nowadays to pursue MS after few years of experience.

Generally nowadays colleges have started to looking towards students who have some professional experience. I got a question from one of the followers of this blog with respect to this topic. So I decided to discuss this in detail. Continue reading

Rejected Two Students Before Me, But My F-1 Visa Approved

F-1 Visa Interview Experience

  • Attempt: – 1st.
  • University: – New Mexico State University.
  • Time: – 11 am.
  • Consulate: – Hyderabad.
  • Counter: – 15.
  • Name: – Bhanu.

My visa experience today !!! Continue reading

F-1 Visa Approved After Four Attempts

F-1 Visa Interview Experience

  • Attempt: – 4th.
  • University: – Western Michigan University.
  • Time: – 11 am.
  • Consulate: – Hyderabad.
  • Name: – Jay.

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