221g for Damaged Passport: F-1 Visa Interview

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F-1 Visa

I just read a post on one of the facebook groups and though of sharing with you all. Here’s the student’s post ” VO said I am approving your visa but you have to submit a new passport because your passport is peeling off and handed me 221g white form . In that form VO has written my barcode number and has put a check over a check box filed stating that “submit a new passport with this letter at one of the visa application centers. No Visa fee will be charged”.  Continue reading

Different Colors of 221g Form: What do they Indicate?

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Since I have been posting about 221g in my previous posts, one of the students asked the following question “Can anyone explain me difference of 221g blue, green, yellow, pink, white documents?” Generally 221g form that Visa Officer hands out to the student comes in different colors and each color has a hidden meaning to it. If you are not aware of what 221g is, I would suggest you to read y previous posts where I have explained in detail about the 221g. Below I have explained the different colors of 221g form and their meanings in detail. Continue reading

How to Check 221g Case Status Online

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This post will focus towards how to check your 221g case status online. After you have submitted all the required documents for the 221g, the US Embassy does give you the option to check your 221g case online. Below, I will explain the steps you need to take to lookup your status of 221g case online and the different status that you could see online with respect to your case. Please read below to get the entire information about this post and I hope it would be useful. Continue reading

What’s 221g: F-1 Visa Interview

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Generally when you give your F-1 Visa Interview, there will be one of three possibilities that can happen to you. First is one of the happiest moment for any student, the Visa gets approved. Another possibility is that the Visa would get rejected. There is one more possibility in this process, which is that a student will be given 221g. If yo are not aware of what 221g is and what does it exactly mean then I will explain it in detail in this post. Continue reading