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X -63%, XII-68%, B.E (ECE)-74%, MS (Soft Engg)-9.12 CGPA, Work Experience- 4 Years in IT. I am planning for Phd from CS in USA. Can anyone suggest me the finance option that needed before joining there, As i am self funded.. Is the scholarship is enough to survive ? I am thinking to work part time as well while pursuing it there. What about work permit after completing Doctorate?

Answer from Admin:

Getting Into A Good University for PhD

Firstly, your profile is good. To pursue PhD in CS from a good University you must have lots of publications done and pursued significant research work in India. Plus apart from getting good GRE and TOEFL Scores, you are required to prepare a good SOP and get good LOR’s from your professors.

Financing For your Masters/PhD

As you said you are self funded, you could invest your money towards your studies. Getting a scholarship in USA is extremely difficult as you need to a excellent student with extremely good grades and have topped the University. Getting a scholarship is extremely difficult. Since you are going for your PhD, there will be lots of research assistant part time jobs that you could apply in your University. You will be paid for the number of hours you work. Apart from that, based on the University you are going into, there will also be lots of other part time jobs that you could do to manage your expenses.

Work Permit

You will allowed to work in the United States for few years under Optional Practical Training after which you would have to file for an H1B Visa to continue your stay in the United States. H1B is filed by your employer and not by you.

I hope this answered your queries.

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  1. Plz suggest some universities for phd in computer science who accept average percentage students. ..nd how can I find supervisor for research there any universities who accept without gre. Or ielts. Nd what is better ielts nd tofel.

  2. Hello, I’m looking forward to study Masters in Food science and technology in USA with my GRE score of 290 and IELTS score of 7.5. Do, I stand a good chance for admission and how are the job opportunities in this field after masters in USA. And could you please advice me some universities that fit my profile

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