Silicon Valley University (SVU) F-1 Visa Interview Experiences 2015

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Check out the Visa Interview Experiences of students who will be attending Silicon Valley University in this Fall 2015. The Visa Experiences have been shared by the Students on facebook groups which have been collected and shown in US Graduates Blog. The experiences shared entirely belong to the students. This is just for the info. Hope the experiences would be useful for you all.

Please do share your experiences too in the comment box.

Interview 1:

After reading all the experiences over the past 1-2 months…now its my turn to share the experience.
Profile:2012/3yrs exp/5.5 Ielts/No GRE
I went there at 11 and was asked to form a line at 11:30 for 12pm slots,there was a confusion whether to bring photos or not as it was posted in US travel docs website to get the photos as there was some problem with VAC.
Managed to get in by 12:30 after a long queue,after all the formalities were done I was given counter no 9 by the greeters over there.
Was standing in the line,saw approved for a girl and 2 rejects for boys in front of me.later there were tourist visa family applicant which was approved too.
VO-Hi Gud afternoon with a smile
Me-Gud afternoon sir with a smile
VO-How r u
Me-fine sir thank u how r u
VO-fine and gestured to give passport and i20
Me-passed them over
VO-r u going to California
Me-yes sir
Me-to pursue my master in CS at SVU
VO-when did u graduate
Me-btech in IT
VO-who is funding u
Me-my father
VO-whats his occupation
VO-how many acres
VO- sorry I can’t approve ur visa
I still can’t understand what went wrong with my interview on what basis does he rejected my visa,when I said 12 pass out he didn’t even ask what were u doing from then,didn’t even ask about savings and all.profile 75% in btech with no backlogs .
Can u please suggest what might have gone wrong and how do i take new appointment,which is better HYD or other.I also have i20 from NPU which I am waiting for courier should I change anything for next interview.
Hoping I get good replys friends
Thank u

Interview 2:

Thanks for sharing your valuable visa experiences..helped me a lot..
Now its my turn.

Visa Approved..!
Appointment june 2,9.00 AM
counter 16.
University: silicon valley

VO: HIE GOOD MORNING, pass out year?
VO:What were you doing since then?
me:learned a course name d java for 6 months
vo:.tell me about your final year project..
Vo: What is your favourite course in ug?
Me:operating systems
vo: which university?
me:silicon valley unversity
Vo: who is sponsoring u??
Me: my father
VO: Whats your father
ME: he is into travel business
VO: What about your Finances?
Me: I got a Loan of xx lakhs and have a personal savings of xx lakhs.
Always keep smiling. Be polite & answer to the point I saw a guys visabeing rejected as he was giving very long answers.

Interview 3:

Finally the golden words……’Ur Visa is Approved’.
Academics:2012 Btech(IT) pass out 75% with 3 backlogs,5.5 ielts,no gre,3 yrs work exp
Was rejected earlier on June 11th on the same univ in Hyd.
Went inside the consulate at 11:20 and came out by 12:40….my VI went like this

VO-pass me your passport and i20
Me-passed and Good Afternoon mam
V-which univ
M-Silicon valley university
V-when did u passout from where
M-2012 from JNTU
V-what r u doing since then
M-working as a s/w engg in a …comp
V-why this univ
M-the feedback I received from a friend is positive and …..
V-who is your friend
M-said abt the friend who studies there
After this she might have searched the database for him
V-who is funding u
M-my parents and said abt their annual income,savings and loan
V-did anyone assist you in filling Ds-160
M- no mam
May b she didn’t find my frnd name again she asked abt his name and I said my frnd name with initial..
She is typing fr 2-3mins nd m eagerly waiting for d golden words..
Finally she said that ur visa has been approved.. Best of luck…
M- thankq maam ..u made my day…
And I left d counter With out looking back….


2 thoughts on “Silicon Valley University (SVU) F-1 Visa Interview Experiences 2015

  1. my visa got regected for 2 times from devry university now i have applied to svu fresh and am going to receive my i20 next week.going to book the slot on svu next,is there any problem with my changing of university and what preparation should i make for interview can you please suggest me.thankyou.

  2. Plz send u r visa experience to this mail I have visa interview..on 10th Dec u r mail help me a lot friebds..nd my scores is lelts..5.5 nd no gre with 2years working..exp…I m a student…

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