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F-1 Visa Interview Experience

  • Attempt: – 1st.
  • University: – New Mexico State University.
  • Time: – 11 am.
  • Consulate: – Hyderabad.
  • Counter: – 15.
  • Name: – Bhanu.

My visa experience today !!!

Two rejects in front of me, and i got shivered but i thought to give up my best.

Me – Good mrng sir !!
Vo- Gud mrg asked me to pass the documents and asked about the university
Me- New Mexico State University
Vo- Why this university
Me- this university provides the courses where i want to specialize in VLSI( VO interrupted)
Vo- Why every one want to go for VLSI( serious looking)
Me- sir many core companies are offering jobs in vlsi( again interrupted)
Vo- explain about VLSI
ME- explained with confidence
Vo- watz ur percentage
Me- it is 69.46% with one backlog and i scored 85% in my last sem
V0- pass ur scorecards( me passed and vo watching it carefully everything)
V0- typing something returned the score cards to me
Vo- how about funding
Me- i have a 20 lakhs bank loan sanctioned from Bank of India and my father have 12 lacs of savings
Vo- typing something( me feared dunno wat would happen!!)

Finally the golden words Your visa has been approved and congrats

Me- thank you so much !! No documents were asked !!

Luck + Confidence = VISA

Rejected Two Students Before Me, But My F-1 Visa Approved

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