Reasons And Ways To Arrange Airport Pick-Up When You Arrive In US

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Hello Everyone,

When you first arrive in USA as an International Student, you require someone who can guide you with the initial procedures that needs to be done after you arrive in USA. Thus Airport Pick-Up is really necessary for all the students who are travelling to USA or any other country. This post will focus entirely on ways to arrange for Airport Pick-Up and the reasons why you need the Airport Pick-Up.

Reasons for Airport Pick-Up

There are several reasons because of which you should arrange Airport Pick-Up. Here are few reasons.

  • As said above, you are new to the country and you need someone to guide you with initial procedures.
  • Some Universities are far off from Airport and you might have to catch a train or a bus to get to the University. This can be confusing and you might lose a lot of time.
  • Plus you might be carrying heavy baggages. Searching and getting into a proper train/bus might really get difficult.
  • If you intend to catch a taxi from the Airport, it can be way too costly if the University is located far off.
  • Airport Pick-Up is a good starting point for interacting with the seniors and other students who are studying in that University.
  • After all the travel and clearing immigrations, Students are generally very tired and require someone to assist them when they reach USA.

So these are few reasons why you need to arrange Airport Pick-Up. Let’s now see ways to arrange Airport Pick-Up.

Ways to Arrange Airport Pick-Up

So, there are lots of ways one can arrange for an Airport Pick-Up. I have listed down all the possible ways a student can arrange for Airport Pick-Up.

1) Relatives: –

It’s said that only 5 to 10% of the total International Students who arrive in the US have relatives in the same place as that of their University. If you have any relatives to receive you at the airport, then you can call them. But I would suggest, rather than calling your relatives you can go for the other ways. But if you feel comfortable if your relatives receive you, then go ahead and arrange accordingly.

2) International Students Office: –

Universities in the US which accepts International Students will have an office for International Students. They have different names based on which University you go for. Some of the names are International Students Office, Centre for International Student etc. You can get in touch with them to arrange for Airport Pick-Up. You can find their contact numbers in the University Website itself. But there are some Universities which do not help students for Airport Pick-Up. In that case, they will give you the directions and the best way to reach the University. So kindly check with your University to know more about Airport Pick-Up.

3) Students Association: –

This is the most popular way of Arranging Airport Pick-Up. Many Students go for this way. Almost Many Universities have, what is called as Students Association. Depending on which country you belong from, there will be Students Association present in the University. For Example: – Indian Students Association, Asian Students Association, Chinese Students Association etc. You can get in touch with them to arrange for the Airport Pick-Up. How to get in touch with them? Most of them have dedicated websites. If you go to their Websites, you can find the contact details and information with respect to receiving you at the Airport. If they do not have a Website, they certainly will have a Facebook Group Dedicated. You can get in touch with them from there.

4) Senior Students: –

There are certain Universities where they do not have Students Association/Organization. If you are going to that University, then you can either contact International Students Office or get in touch with the seniors over there. Seniors will generally help you with respect to airport pick-up. You need to search a little bit to get hold of the seniors who are studying in the University. Either you might be knowing seniors studying in the University or You can search in Facebook to get to know who all are studying the University and message them to get more information related to Airport Pick-Up.

To Conclude: –

So here are the different ways to arrange for your Airport Pick-Up. I would suggest students to get in touch with respective people for Airport Pick-Up. Some students might think that they can manage on their own, but my sincere suggestion is to take help from one of the above ways.

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