Purchasing Beds In USA: A Complete Overview

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After coming to the USA and staying in a temporary accommodation for few weeks, it was really a great excitement to move into my own house along with my roommates. The first thing I noticed was to buy a Bed immediately as most of the houses in the USA are unfurnished.

So I will be providing in detail regarding the types of Beds in USA and what all you need to purchase along with your Bed. Plus I will also let you know which store is the best to buy Bed and all the accessories related to your Bed.

What All Things To Buy When You Decide To Purchase A Bed?

  • Bed Mattress.
  • Bed Bug Cover (If your city is known to have Bed Bugs, like here in Boston).
  • Bed Frame.
  • Wooden Slabs.
  • Pillow & Pillow Covers.
  • Comforters.

What Are The Types Of Bed Mattress Available In USA?

Normally there the two types of Bed Mattresses available in the USA:

  • Foam and Latex Mattresses.
  • Spring Mattresses.

Depending on which type of mattress you like, you can go for either Spring or Foam Mattress. The start price for both the mattresses is $79. For Spring you will get more thickness than Foam. But it depends on Individuals comfort.

Do I require A Bed Bug Cover?

It depends on which city you live in. If you are coming to Boston then it’s the must. There are lots of troubles with these Bed Bugs. It can destroy your whole mattress itself. So it’s important to buy a bed bug cover here. Check out the city in which you are going and then you can decide accordingly. The price of this Bed Bug Cover is anywhere between $20 to $30.

 What Are Wooden Slabs?

Generally in USA you have to buy a thing in parts. It never comes as assembled like in India. So if you are going for Bed, you have to purchase everything separately. Wooden Slabs are used to give a support to the Mattress when you put it in the Bed Frame. The Bed Frame while only contain the four legs and you require something in between to hold the mattress on the Bed Frame. The price of Wooden Slabs is $30 max.

Bed Frame And Wooden Slabs: –

Bed Frame and Wooden Slabs

Where To Purchase The Bed?

The best place to purchase Bed and other things for the Bed is Ikea USA.. It’s a very popular store in USA and the prices are cheap as compared other stores. For pillows and comforters you can go forWalmart USA..

I suppose this post was useful.

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  1. I would suggest you buy second hand instead od buying first hand , and yes mattress itself is sufficient..I got a mattress for 20$,

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