Preparing For F-1 Visa Interview

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Below are the Guidelines for Preparing for your F-1 Visa Interview.

1. Go through respective consulate web site to know more about the rules and other happenings, go through FAQ of F1 student visa.

2. Everything a student wants to know about F1 visa is readily available in the consulate web sites. Try to see and understand every link in the site, so that you will get 1st hand information about everything, which will increase your comfortable level and confidence.

3. Try to understand what the Visa Officer (VO) is expecting from you folks, in order to issue F1-Visa for you.

4. US consulate is your first chance of meeting the US officials on your way to USA. Its time for you to look ahead and meet them in a dignified, balanced and professional way and get the visa stamping to USA. But don’  t meet them shakily, nervously and loose the chance of education in USA. Don’  t try to take any chance with visa. Be focused on your goals and prepare well to reach them confidently.

5. Behave like a True professional when meeting USA officials for interview.

6. Some questions were given at the end of this mail for your information.

7. Prepare answers to most commonly asked questions. Make sure your answers are focusing on  your  achievements,  skills,  you  being a sincere student, proof of having sufficient funds and your  intentions of coming back to India after completion of your graduate and/or Research programs.

8. Rehearse the answers to common and specific questions either by taping your answers or by attending a mock interview with your friends and have their opinions and reviews and if you feel you are lacking at  some points, try to improve them till you become perfect.

9. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and then try to overcome them in interviews by good preparation and practice beforehand. Practice makes perfect.

10. Practice to speak clearly and slowly, naturally (as you speak always), so that interviewer can understand what you are saying. Your answers should reflect clarity of thought and clarity of your intentions. Don’  t talk too fast sacrificing clarity; Don’  t be dragging either. Avoid mannerisms such as “you see”, “I mean”, “Sort of” “Ya Ya”. When you want to differ with VO or want to present a different view to VO, use phrases such as “Let us look at this from a different angle” and present your views.

11. Read your financial documents thoroughly and ask yourself possible questions from them.  You  should  be able to  defend  and  support  your documents  be it  Academics, qualifying exams scores and financial documents in all ways possible.

12. Carry all documents in an order in a folder with multiple pouches (Like harmonium folder).  So  that  you  can  put  different  set  of documents  into  different  pouches  (like University documents set, Scores set, Marks sheets set, financial documents set, property documents set etc) it will be very easy for you to remove and present them to VO without any time waste, whenever asked for. The speed at which you  are able to show the relevant document whenever asked for also counts a lot.

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