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Hello Everyone,

As I was just surfing through the net this morning regarding TOEFL tests. I saw many websites that provide lots of sample questions for Listening, Reading and Writing. But for the Speaking section, there were only sample questions with Answers pre-recorded. So I thought of starting to help students improve their Speaking Section.

So here are the steps you need to follow to Evaluate your Speaking Section.

  • I will be posting a question everyday, the Number of questions per day will increase depending on the Number of Students who are interested in evaluating their Speaking Section.
  • You can find the Questions on the right hand side of US Graduates Blog, below the Subscribe Section.
  • So after you read your Question there is an option called as “Send Voice-mail” on the right hand side of US Graduates Blog. Click on that.
  • After that a pop up will open up and click on Start Recording. Before that make sure you have your Microphone Ready.
  • After Clicking on Start Recording, There will be a small message stating to allow Camera/Microphone access. Click on Allow.
  • Then start speaking your Answer. I haven’t yet programmed to stop recording after 45 sec. So just make sure you complete your Answer within 45 sec. After completing your Answer, click on Stop.
  • After that Enter your Name and Email Address and click on Send. I will receive your Answer and provide you with the Analysis of the Answer shortly.

So I hope I will be able to help you all with the Speaking Section of the TOEFL.

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