Polytechnic Institute Of New York University

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Overview: – 

Polytechnic Institute Of New York University is often referred to as Polytechnic Institute of NYU, NYU Polytechnic or NYU school of Engineering and Technology. It was established in 1854. It is a Private University. The Total Students studying in NYU Polytechnic is approximately 4500. It is located in Brooklyn New York, united States.

Graduate MS Programs for Engineering Students Offered: –

  • Bioinformatics.
  • Bio-medical Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Civil Engineering.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Cyber security.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Industrial Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • System Engineering.
  • Urban Systems Engineering and Management.
For Other Graduates Programs: – Click Here.

Acceptance Rate: –  60%

Ranking: – 139th National University.

GRE, AWA and TOEFL Score Accepted: – 

There is no minimum GRE and AWA score that is required to apply to NYU Polytechnic. The TOEFL Score required to apply for NYU Polytechnic is 78.

Indian Students in NYU Polytechnic Survey : – 

You can contact the Indian Students those who are currently studying in NYU Polytechnic by going to there Page. You can see the Official Page of Graduate Indian Students Association, NYU Polytechnic: – Click Here.

Expenses for Attending NYU Polytechnic: – 

The Expenses are slightly on the higher side for this University. The Expenses that you will incur if you are going to NYU Polytechnic have been given in the link. Kindly check it.    Click Here.

Financial Assistance: –

Financial Assistance are been provided by the University. This will depend on your Academic Achievements. Check the complete details about the Financial Assistance: – Click Here.

Application Deadlines: – 

Check the Application Deadlines for NYU Polytechnic. Apply immediately when the Application process starts for the University. The Application Deadlines can be checked for the NYU Polytechnic University: – Click Here.

Apply for NYU Polytechnic: – 

If you have Decided to Apply for NYU Polytechnic, you can check the steps that you need to carry out for applying to NYU Polytechnic: – Click Here.

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118 thoughts on “Polytechnic Institute Of New York University

  1. Hi
    i am an indian student..and i would like to get some info in regards to “ms industrial engineering”, i am not able to decide upon nyu poly is because i dint find any research activities in the stream of operations research or any industrial engineering concentration related. it might have been possible that i did not check the right links on the website. IS NYUPoly good for industrial engineering

  2. Hey hi,
    This is Abhishek from Pune..
    I have got admit from nyu poly for IE.
    Actually i wanted to ask u a couple of things.
    I am a bit confused to choose betn texas arlington and nyu. I am more inclined towards nyu but the expenses are quite high so m not able to decide.
    What would u suggest in terms of jobs and internship scenarios in ny for an IE. And other factors which would affect after graduating i.e on campus jobs, funding available.
    Also the course work is not really specified properly.
    Reply whenever u get time..thnks..

    • NYU is really a good choice when compared to UTA… NYU is: –
      Good University.
      Good Place.
      Lots of Job Opportunities since in NY
      Good Financial Aid.
      Good Ranked.

      I would say even though the university is expensive, go for it as it is much better than UTA.

  3. NYU-Poly is good university and it has excellent program in ECE. In order to get accepted in MS/Ph.D. of NYU-POLY a candidate should have good GRE and TOEFL score…A TOEFL Score of 78 is just like to prey on dupes. Don’t go on its LOW TOEFL score. This university sometimes offer sufficient financial aid in terms of TA/RA…

  4. Hello,I am undergraduate in mechanical engineering with an aggregate of 70% GRE:296,awa 2 ,IELTS:6.5 is there any chance of getting admission into ms.

      • Hey,

        Please tell me which is better in terms of career prospects btw NYU poly M.S in MOT program and M.S in Engineering Management from California state University, Northridge (CSUN).

        One is california, one is new york.please evaluate this case, which univ to choose for better options in jobs.Would be quite helpful.Thank u !

  5. Hi

    I am doing my under graduation in mechanical engineering (final year).
    My GRE score is 295 (quant – 151 and verbal – 144).
    TOEFL – 80 (10, 20, 24, 26 in reading, listening, speaking, writing)
    Aggregate in UG is 68% with no backlogs (most likely to increase by 2% in final semester).
    Two internships in my field, one project as of now (one more in final semester).
    80% in 10th and 73% in 12th
    Apart from this, have good knowledge and skills in mechanical softwares, extra curricular activities.

    Can I get admitted to NYU Poly for Fall 2014?

  6. hey i am currently studying information technology in the final year oif BE
    planning for fall 14 in cs
    i scored 295 in gre
    quants 154
    vebal 141
    toefl 90
    BE agg till now 71%
    cgpa approx 3.5/4
    i completed my diploma in the same field with 85%
    have alot of extra cirrcular activites
    and 2 project presentation in the same field ////does project presentation count?????
    Did 2 project on the same field intended to study
    do i have any chance in nyu poly??

  7. Hi,
    I am applying for NYU POLY MS in Management Of Technology for Fall 2014. Request you to evaluate my profile.
    GRE: 311(Q-160 V-151)
    CGPA: 8.75/10 (from Madras Institute Of Technology, Anna University)
    Have nearly 3 years of work experience as an Instrumentation Engineer at KBR with 6 months on-site experience in Houston, USA.

  8. hi,
    my gre score is 298 verbal-145 quant-153 and AWA-2
    my under graduate%=65.62% upto 3-2 sem (2 backlogs cleared)
    ielts is taking soon and is their any requirements for each module and what is overall requirement of ielts?
    if i get 6.5 overall (listening-7,reading-6,writing-6,speaking-6) may i have any chance to get intlo nyu-poly 2 months back i have already sent my online application to university and 1month back i have sent my packeting only with gre.May i have any chance to get into nyu-poly? regarding ielts and gre and % deadline date? plz reply

    • Hi
      My Gre 300(verbal 142, Quant 158. IELTS score is 6.5(L: 7, R :6.5,W: 6.5 ,S: 6 ).Please inform me if I have any chance to get admitted in NYU polytecniq? Have any chance to manage funding.Please reply.I am eagerly waiting foe reply

  9. hey hi
    I am viplav from maharashtra
    I have completed my BE
    My GRE score is (Q – 155 , V – 141)
    TOEFL score is 84
    My BE aggre is 65.66 %
    i have done 2 projects (one i internationally published )
    Does i have any chance of getting admission in NYU in EE.
    please rply ASAP
    Thank u in advance….!!!

  10. hi Shrinivas,
    i am currently pursuing final year B-Tech in computer science stream.I am planning to apply for MS in Computer Science for Fall-2014 and this is my profile
    TOEFL-93(Reading-20,Listening-22,Speaking-23,Writing-28)& planning to retake toefl
    Cgpa-6.3(till 3-2)
    2 internships,3 mini projects,1 main project(starts from december)
    community service
    some extra cirriculars
    might have 2 papers published by February
    Do i have any chance in NYU Poly??
    i would like to know about part time jobs,financial aid,assistantships also

    Thanks in advance

  11. hello, my GRE-296(q 152, v 144)
    Undergraduate 69.2%
    looking for ms in mechanical in NYU-Poly…
    will I get with scholarship..?
    waiting for the reply

  12. I am in a dilemma to join poly NYU.
    someone please clear my some doubts
    – No. of Indian students getting placed?
    – company’s visiting campus?
    – Average package offered to Indian students

    I know it depends on lots of factors but than too kindly reply…

    Thanks a lot in advance!!!

  13. hi Shrinivas,
    i am currently pursuing final year B-Tech in computer science stream.I am planning to apply for MS in Computer Science for Fall-2014 and this is my profile
    TOEFL-93(Reading-20,Listening-22,Speaking-23,Writing-28)& planning to retake toefl
    Cgpa-6.3(till 3-2)
    1 internship,3 mini projects,1 main project(starts from december)
    1 paper selected for international Journal
    Do i have any chance in NYU Poly??
    i would like to know about part time jobs,financial aid,assistantships also

    Thanks in advance

  14. i would like to know if my profile is good enough to get into nyu poly for env engg
    gre 286
    ielts 7
    graduation %75( biotechnology)
    and a one year project in env engg field

  15. Hi
    I am expecting my BE Civil engineering degree to be completed by June 2014
    Here are a few details of my scores:
    CGPA: 3.19/4.00 (CGPA of 6 semesters)
    One internship experience from a foreign country
    IELTS: 7.0 band
    GRE: Verbal= 140/170 Quantitative= 160/170 Analytical essay: 3.0/6.0
    I’m looking ahead to apply for MSc Civil engineering (Structual engg in depth)
    Please tell me about my standing in chances of securing admission

  16. Hi
    My gre score is 305.
    IELTS 7.0

    B.Tech ECE With 75%.

    Do I have a chance to get into nyu poly ms in management of technology?

  17. What are my chances in NYU MS Financial Engineering?

    Im an international student
    GRE 302 (Q-155 V147 AWA 3)
    TOEFL 105
    CGPA 2.5 (equivalent to 3.0/B)
    2 years of experience


  18. Hi,

    I am currently planning to take up MS in Management of Technology,in NYU poly.
    I have nearly 3 years work experience, and yet to take up GRE/GMAT.
    However, i wanted to know what is the difference b/w eMOT and MOT?
    Are regular classes offered for MOT programs, and what are the chances of getting an job
    once the course is completed.


  19. I am graduate of Electrical Engineering with good GPA.I have six years working experience in Telecommunication infrastructure.My GRE result is 287 (Verbal-139,Maths-148) ,do I have a chance of getting admitted in MS Electrical Engineering program in NYU.
    Please reply.

  20. Hi,
    What is the current GRE cuttoff of NYU-Poly??
    Since it merged with NewYork university this year will the gre cutoff scores be higher??
    I have a GRE score of 315 ….i wish to pursue M.S in Electrical nd Computer Engg…
    Is NYU-poly a good choice depending on the Job Opportunities after graduation??
    Please Reply…..

  21. hey can how is the placement in nyu for construction project management ?are they see back locks ? if see then till how many backlogs they aprrove ?
    i have cgpa 6.32 , gre 296 and have done 4 projects . ielts 6.5 what is the my chance for this spring ? hope u repl faster ….

  22. I wanted to know the job scenario of NYU Poly MOT. I have got an admit from NYU poly. But confused because of high expenses. Is it worth investing so much in NYU Poly.
    I am a fresher and have heard that people with work ex get an edge over others in placements. What do you suggest? I am placed in TCS. So should I work or pursue for MS in NYU Poly?

  23. How often do MS students of Computer Science receive financial supports (waiver/TA/RA) from NYU poly during admission?

  24. Hi ..

    I am applying for Spring 2015..
    GRE = 306
    TOEFL = 97
    BE = 54%(Pune University)
    I am interested in MOT course..
    I already have admit from GSU Robinsons college..
    COuld you please help me in choosing between the two? I am confused because of Job opportunities in NYC.

    Thanks for ur help!!

  25. hi , my gre is 277
    IELTS is 6
    B.E – 70% ( done 2 projects)
    10th – 85% , 12th- 70%
    I like to pursue for MS in CS . Is there any chance for spring intake 2015 in NYU polytechnic ??
    plz reply.


  26. Hi,
    My profile: BE-Comp Engg (MU aggr-71%), GRE-313, AWA-4, Toefl yet to take. 3 yrs work exp in Accenture in BI/DWH domain.
    Planning to apply for NYU Poly-MoT -Fall 15.
    What are my chances of getting an admit?
    I20 amt of this course?
    Job profiles of graduates after completing MS-MoT?

  27. hello sir,
    Ive scored 295 in GRE(quant-154,verbal-141)
    my qualification is Bachelors of Dental Surgery..i would like to pursue health care management..kindly let me know if i have any chance of fall session

  28. Hi,
    My GRE score 292(156Q+136V)
    Ug percentage:8.37/10
    I like to pursue MS in mechanical engineering.
    Is there any chance for me to get into NYU-poly for fall 2015???

  29. hello..I have got acceptance from georgetown university and NYU for masters in biotechnology…am very confused which one to opt for.wanted your suggestion on it.Thanks in advance:)

  30. Hey,

    Please tell me what are my chances of getting in NYU POLY with my profile–

    Gre- 295
    one paper published
    working in an IT firm (6 months wrk ex)
    done 2 internships
    many academics and on-job projects
    Expecting a positive and quick reply.


  31. i want 2 study in study in newyork in some other university is it possible with my scores and my b.tech cgpa is 6.1

  32. my gre score is 300 (143 v and 157 q)
    b.tech 63% (CSE)
    toefl: awaiting for result
    will i get in NYU?
    please suggest me some state universities near NEW YORK, PENNSYLVENIA, CHICAGO.

  33. My ielts score is 7.0/9
    L: 7.5

    My gre score is 304
    My cgpa according to 4* scale is 3.44/4
    My only concern is about my low score in the speaking part in ielts. Is it possible for me to get into universities like NYU, University of Arizona, Clemson University, University of Texas Dallas?
    Or am i supposed to retake my ielts exam for improving my score in speaking part?

  34. I have two admits- UMCP MIM and NYU Poly MOT
    I am badly confused between you. Should I go for UMCP brand name or NYU Location advantage. Please help!

  35. Hi!
    Following is my Profile:-
    GRE- 306
    TOEFL – 105
    Agg – 56.22
    Work Ex -working since Oct 2014 as an Assistant Project Manager in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Vertical.
    How good of a chance do I have in NYU Poly for MOT if I apply in spring 16?

  36. my gre is 292 awa -3 Ielts – 6.5 ( quant -153 verbal -139 )
    10-86%, Inter 91.5%
    under graduation -78.95%,Electrical Engineering 3-4 ppt’s, 3 years of work experience in related field i am confused between CSU N and NYU POLY ….. placement after masters , part time jobs aid etc…. can i give a try for nyu poly or it a waste….??

  37. GRE SCORE 294(Q- 158 V 136)
    TOEFL 90
    BE IT aggregate :- 7.6/10
    10th :- 88%
    12th:- 80%

    Can I get MS in CS in NYU in SPRING 2016
    plz reply asap

  38. Hi

    I completed my BE in ECE and have work experience of 3 years in IT.
    Scores are as below
    GRE – 313
    TOEFL – 114
    CGPA – 7.35

    I would like to know if NYU Poly is a good choice for MoT for my profile and my chances of getting in.
    Also are there better universities which offer the same course?

  39. Gre score – 300 (V- 145, Q-155)
    Tofel – 82
    BE mech aggregate -67%
    10th – 90%
    12th – 82%
    Work experience – 2.5 years(Related field)
    Paper presentation – International level
    Is there any chance of getting NYUpoly in industrial engineering for spring 2016

  40. can i get nyu poly in industrial engg.
    160q 143 v-303
    toefl -90
    cg-8.04 fron nit surat
    2 industrial intern
    1 social intern
    decent lor and sop..plz reply

  41. heya Shrinivas

    could you please elaborate my profile for good universties.
    GRE 310
    TOEFL 89
    BE 74.24%
    12th 84.4%
    10th 82%
    Work Ex – 5yrs( Core R&D )

  42. Hi I have a gre score of 310 (158 Verbal, 152 Quant) TOEFL Score of 114, I have a B Tech in Mechanical , MBA in Technology Mangement, (3.75 GPA) with one year work experience, how good is the MOT program and should I opt for Enfineering Management in other schools or MOT Program in poly, how good are the placements ?

  43. gre 325
    toefl yet to give but confident of a 100
    did internship for 2 months
    3 projects
    good sop
    lors from the company i did the internship
    my only problem is my academics i have a 6.1/10 cgpa mumbai university with 14 backlogs (many of them are internal backlogs ) i got my grades up in the 6th and 7th semester i have a 9.2/10 and 9.34/10 in the 6th and 7th semesters respectively what are my chances of getting into nyu for MOT or financial engineering

  44. HI
    I got 306 in gre (quants-158,verbal-148 AWA-3.0 ,B.tech- Till now 69% , )
    CAn i Get INto NYU GSAS for MIS??? . I want to get there .
    And Wat IS difference BETween MOT and MIS ,AS NYU poly Offers MOT.

  45. My gre was 294 and ielts 6
    Undergraduate percentage was 83.46 (3-2) no backlogs
    1 internship
    5-6 projects
    intrested in financial engineering

    is there any chance of getting Nyu Poly

  46. Hi
    My Gre score is 294, Toefl is 85 with 20 and above in all. I have applied for cyber security at nyu poly. I have 3 years of work ex in a leading MNC in the same field which i have applied. I have also 3 leading certifications in the same field.
    What are the chances for admission in NYU poly.
    Thanks in advance

  47. Hey! I would like to have your opinion of my application for a PhD in Computer Science in NYU Poly. I have the following profile:

    – TOELF: 103
    – GRE: 289
    – B.Sc.: 7.1/10
    – M.Sc.: Distinction
    – 2 Papers Published in an International Journal.
    – 4 Years of work experience as a Software Developer.
    – Several research projects related to my intented research areas.

    According to your experience, do you think I could have a chance to get in?

    Thanks in advance!

  48. Hi! I would like to know my chances to get into the Master´s of management of technology. My GRE score is 303 (Q-158) and my TOEFL score is 82. I have 5 years old of experience working in startups. Do you think I have good chances to get into the program?

  49. How is Poly NYU for MS CS? And what is the average living expense? Is poly NYU only famous for financial kind of jobs or for is it reputed for CS also…. I have got admit for MS CS from poly NYU. Should I go for it?

  50. Hi, I have applied to Nyu-Poly for MS in Industrial engineering in this fall term and my profile is :-

    Gre: 300
    Toefl : 84
    Cgpa : 7.0
    1 internship,1 major project,decent sop and lor.
    What are my chances to get in to the program ?

  51. Hello, I have a GRE of 313(161Q, 152V), yet to give TOEFL.Acads is 77.5, 2 papers accepted for publication, working on 2 more and got good projects. Can I expect an admit in NYU Tandon for MSCS?

  52. Hi, I would like to know my chances to get into NYU poly for fall 2017 For Ms in Computer Science
    GRE Q:158 V:143
    I had my undergrad degree in US so I guess I dont need TOEFL
    GPA 3.2/4.0 ( It was 3.4 something before the last semester, I overloaded 2 courses and had a family emergency, so I merely got 2.34 for the last semester)
    Internship at Amazon.com at Seattle and State Street Bank(second largest asset management bank in US) at Boston

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