Planning the Application Process

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Hello Everyone,

Ideally there should be a strategy while you are planning to go to MS for further Studies. I have created a table which will guide you how to plan your MS right from your studies to your Application Submission to the Universities.

This is the best structure that you need to follow, to pursue your dream to study for MS. All the months mentioned are with respect to the year before you are planning to go for MS and this table is only for Fall Semesters.

GRE and TOEFL Studies March to June. You may start early.
GRE and TOEFL Exams In Between July and August
Selecting The Universities for MS In Between September and Early October.
Applying Online to the Universities October First and Second week
Statement Of Purpose and Scholarship Essays In October Itself.
LOR and Transcripts. In Between September and  November
Bank Statement for showing Funds, Preparation. In Between August and October
Preparing your Final Draft November First week
Posting your Application In Between November Last Week and December First Week

So To Conclude I would say Planning Ahead always helps you to get into a Good University and also relieves a lot of pressure since you have applied well before time.

All the Best.

23 thoughts on “Planning the Application Process

  1. hi can u please provide the info abt the transcripts for admission process. I’ve completed my from jntu anantapur. to the admission we have to submit set of transcripts with the registrars sign , set must include [Mark memos+ PC+ CMM ]all in one envelope or [PC+CMM]-[MARK MEMOS] (or) [PC]-[CMM]-[Mark memos].

    • Generally all the transcripts are send in one envelope only. But you need to check the specific University that you may be applying too regarding the way in which they want you to send the transcripts

  2. Hi I wanted to know more on co-op programs and good universities providing these co-op programs.
    Secondly i wanted to know if a course similar in kind exists in cs and ece both – for eg: comp architecture then what should I prefer
    Also I am from electronics i.e. electrical background so is it possible to get into unis for ms in cs esp in co-op programs
    also i m planning to go there after a work-exp of 1 n half yr is it necessary to do a job in d same field and get preference or taking a job in any other field but doing a course or internship in india over here and then applying?
    Would the latter one have less chances for getting into good universities
    I am asking this coz there would be a gap of 2 yrs
    Pls reply…
    Thanking ypu in anticipation

  3. Hii,

    I have written my GRE twice and got same score both the times.While filling out the application, I gave the latest score date. But while sending the score through ETS, I’ve selected old date instead of new one by mistake. The ETS score sending status shows that it is pending. Please help me, I am very much worried.

  4. Hello,
    I am planning to send paper LOR. Should I sent first and then other documents later on?
    OR Can I send all the documents along with the LOR? Also, do I need to send my financial statement right now with the application package?

  5. HI,
    I’m currently in my 2nd year of B.M.S. i’m planning to apply to US universities for ms for 2015 fall semester,
    so i’ll be giving my Gre exam this year in july and i’ll be in my third year of graduation when i send out the applications and i want to try to go with 15 years of education, so my question here is, can i apply for the universities while i’m in third year or do i have to wait to complete my graduation and then follow this process ?

    kindly revert back,
    thank u.

  6. Hello,
    Which could be the best either spring or fall
    and tell me i have to start preparing gre and applying to universities for both spring and fall

  7. hello, i am starting to prepare from now and planning to take gre in 1st week of October. is this it good or a little late, since scholarship/TA/RA scenario will also be important.

  8. I am planning to take gre in november, when can I apply for scholarships and when will I choose colleges for M.S..

  9. hello sir ,i completed bsc engg
    (civil).my cgpa (3.16), i have no publication.I want to know, is it possible for funding? i am planning to give gre in the month of february 2016.i want to know when can i apply for scholarship and when will i choose university for msc. so plz tell me scholarship procedure in detail by mail id (

  10. hi sir,
    i am suneel i’m planning to ms in spring…but i’m taking IELTS in dec is it late can i try for spring n can u suggest me that can i take GRE&IELTS coaching in dec ….

  11. I am interested in pursuing my MS in regulatory affairs from Boston. Hence, i wish to know that if is there any type of scholarship is available for me. They required IELTS Score.

  12. Hey, I read that we have to give the name of universities at the instant moment we finish the GRE Exam. Is it true?

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