Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) Process in India: – Part 2

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Hello Everyone,

In the last post, I discussed on how to make an appointment with the PSK (Passport Seva Kendra). If you have not read the previous post, I suggest you to click this link to go back to the previous post which focuses on getting an Appointment with PSK. Passport Seva Kendra Process: – Part 1.

In this post I will focus on the process that you have to go through when you arrive at PSK. PSK has divided the entire process into 5 Steps. The 5 steps are: General Check, A, B, C, and Exit. I will be explaining what each of this mean in this post.

General Check

This is the first step when you arrive at PSK. You can arrive before your appointment time. You will be sent in. You can arrive half an hour before your appointment time. If you are late then you won’t be allowed to enter PSK. So make sure you arrive in time.

When you arrive at PSK, the guards outside will check your appointment letter and you need to show some identity proof. After which you will be allowed to enter and they will specify which counter you should go to. If you are a Tatkal then you will have a separate counter. In the counter, you need to show your documents and passport. If all the documents are satisfied, you will be given a token number.  You need to wait until your token number is called to go to the next step.

Step: – A  

In step A, you will be given a counter number, where you need to proceed to. In that counter, they will let you see all the details and confirm that all the details are correct. After that a photo will be taken for the passport. No need to carry any photos from home. After they take your photo, fingerprint scan takes place. All your documents are scanned and you need to pay the required amount there itself. A Fee receipt will be given to you immediately. After completing this step you are allowed to go towards the next step which is Step B.

Step: – B

After completing Step A, you need to wait till your token number is called to proceed for Step B. In Step B you will face Government Official who will again verify all your documents. If he/she has some query with respect to any document, he/she will ask you to clarify that, otherwise they won’t ask you anything in Step B. After going through all your Documents you will proceed towards the next step which is Step C.

Step C: –

After completing Step B, you need to wait till your token number is called to proceed for Step C. In Step C you will again face a Government Official. The Official will ask you some basic questions like ‘Why are you applying for your passport?’, ‘Is there any immediate travel that you are planning?’ etc. After that the official will again check the documents and may ask to provide the originals just for verifying. After checking everything, you are done and you can move towards the next step, which is Exit.


After you finish Step C, you will approach towards the Exit. You will be given a Sheet which will contain all your details like Application Number, Your Personal Details etc. You will be asked to fill a feedback form and then you can move out of the PSK Premises.

This is the entire process that is followed is PSK. May sure you take all the documents photocopy and the originals too. Documents Photocopy can be taken within the PSK Premises also.

I Hope this post was useful.

163 thoughts on “Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) Process in India: – Part 2

  1. hi,
    my passport file is on hold as they have asked me to get a new verification certificate (as its in tatkal). Do you know for how long is my file kept on hold for me to get the required document?

    • Kindly contact ur education board about possibility of changing Date of birth n mark sheets. React what you have to do accordingly.

  2. I am sathish missing my birth certificate so, can i bring the 10th certificate is to proof of birth certificate please tell me urgently need in you help

    • No, u cannot put 10th Certificate as date of birth. Only “Birth Certificate” issued by municipal office or your MRO office will be accepted for Birth proof. They are not asking “Date of Birth” proof. They are asking “Birth proof” (About your birth details such as where u have born, what is your date of birth both.

  3. On 24-02-2015 , I have completed with the entire process of PSK Process in India:Part 2 ,my current status in my passport profile is “Pending for physical police verification at your respective Thana under Commissioner Of Police, District Thane City”.
    Do I need to do anything more on this?
    Please do guide me on this.

  4. I applied for passport but as there was mistake in my fathers name in birthcertificate
    They kept my file on hold and askd me to submit the required documents of same fathers name.

    But now i got married and now i want to apply on my husbands name. What to do of the previous file. ?

  5. Sir,
    I’m a student staying away from parents permanent address. I’ve furnished my permanent address in the online form. But for present address I specified same as permanent. Though it is not. Will I be asked questions about that. Will my application be cancelled????

  6. Today is my passport slot at 11 AM I have forgotten my 10th memo is there will b any problem please answer as soon as possible

  7. I have applied online and my appointment is at Thane PSK 2 on 13/6/2015. I am a Student and a fresh applicant and do not belong to non-ecr category. As per the document advisor on the passport government website I have kept the following documents ready-
    1)Address Proof – last and current year electricity bills and also ration card as a backup incase they ask for extra address proof
    2)Birth proof – Municipality registered birth certificate
    3)One of the 16 standard documents- PAN Card, Aadhar card.
    Are the above documents enough or something more will be required ???

  8. hi
    i have got appointment on 09/06/2014 and i have got verified in center a and when went for B center verification they asked my bonafide cum custodian certificate as i have submitted only my bonafide and they kept my passport file on hold and given a date to me to attend again with my certificate and i have failed to attend there at that given date and now i need a passport…….as now should i apply freshly or should i again ask the passport office officials to relocate my file…………as i have the application number i just tracked my application status…its till in hold………will d officials re locate my old file or shall i apply newly for a passport………….answers please

      • i have got
        verified in center a and when
        went for B center verification
        they asked my mom s changed name s id proof which i have not till then they put my file is on hold can i cancel my case

  9. I applied for re-issue of Passport (my passport expired in year 2010) and my appointment was on 29th June 2015. After Process B completed they asked to me submit the file at Exit counter and leave. They did not forward me to C counter. Do you have any idea why this happened?

      • There are many cases when i was at PSK AMBALA where
        in lunch time there was no officer present at counter C
        All applicants attended by a officer at counter B are told to submit the file at exit and collect acknowledgement.
        my wife also got acknolegement with ON HOLD status. now after 10 days there is no progress. what to do.

    • Exact same thing happened with me today. Intact the status shows as “On Hold”, whereas the office at Counter B told me that everything is fine and complete, just deposit at Exit counter and leave. The online status however shows “Passport application has been submitted along with applicable fees and supporting documents”

      Curious to know if all worked out fine for you. Please share and appreciate it.

      • Just to clarify, the On Hold was on the Acknowledge Receipt I got at the Exit Gate. Online status shows Application submitted as mentioned earlier

        • Similar situation happened with me when I applied for a fresh passprt for my wife n father in law on 23rd oct 2015. My wife’s application status till today shows the same status however my father in law’s passport already arrived yesterday. I did visited the PSK & they said your application is complete but the status will change in 30 – 35 days. This is really annoying

        • same thing happened to me today? for reissue of passport because of exhaution of pages. i am really worried have to travel within 20 days from now

        • The same thing happened to me

          Have you all recieved your passpprts or had to vist psk for verification again

  10. Hi,

    I have applied for fresh passport and went through A step and in B process they put my case on Hold and given a new appointment schedule but didn’t gave any hold certificate but when i again went on scheduled date they asked for hold certificate.

    Please suggest me what to do as i do not have any hold certificate

    • The best way would be contacting the helpline number (1800-258-1800) and stating your case as to what happened. I guess you must be having an ID that was used when you went through A and B Process. use that ID and specific the details of your case.

  11. Hi,

    I need help.

    I am applying for passport for my mom and brother in tatkal next week. Need to travel in 15 days.
    mom- 1.she doesnt hav birth certificate as she is born 1965.2. She only has bank statement with photo and that also has our address. Will this be enough for address proof and id proof. I hav adhar card also but that has old address. She has only these docs. Pls advice.
    for brother- there is a slight change in surname. Birth certificate, 10th memo has verma. Whereas driving license , pan cardand adhar card have varma. Will this be a problem.. will they reject the passport becuase of this slight error . Pls advice. Need urgent help

  12. Hi,
    I had applied for fresh passport last year.My first round of verification was done on 30th july 2014.After that I got msg for police verification twice,but both time I couldn’t go there due to some problem.So what should I do now?Should I apply for fresh passport again or visit PSK to ask what to do next?Plz do reply as I need it urgently.

  13. Hi,
    I have applied for passport at PSK Gurgaon under TATKAL scheme. Due to lack of document my file has been put on hold. I have got the required document now. Do I need to take a fresh appointment or walk in on any day with the documents?

  14. Hi,
    I had a quick question
    I went for a passport renewal and I missed out on bringing my marriage certificate. I had to write a decleration and went through counter A successfully. On reaching counter B the lady asked me to bring the document along and the process was kept on hold. I submitted all my documents at the exit counter and got an acknowledgment. I wasn’t given any appointment.
    I have the document ready now. How do i proceed? The guy at the office said i can go to the exit counter directly at 9 AM, retrieve the docs and start from counter B again. Is this true or is there anything else?


  15. Hi,

    I have applied passport last week they put me on hold after counter A because lack of present address proof doc.
    So, I don’t have any present address proof doc. I need to change the present address same as like permanent address in application. Tell me possible ways to solve this problem.

  16. Sir i applied for passport 15days back asusual on my cousin brothers address because our all proofs are on that address only due to not sufficient house we have shifted on other house at the time of police verification i was not available on address when i contact the police officer regarding that he told me to apply for re police verification on present address but dont have any proof nw on that address should i change my address on addhar card and all and apply for it tell me suggestion plz

  17. My passport is on hold for birth certificate…..if i want to submit it then there is any need of token again and what will be the timing for submission..??

  18. Hi,
    My son application is on hold, as they need an additional addresss proof. as his old passport was issued as a minor passport.

    The advise is to furnish a bonafide certificate stating the address from the College in which he is studying.

    No specific date is mentioned but can submit within a year. There is a seal stating that Re-submission with required documents from 9:15 to 11:00

    Now, the question is should we take a fresh appointment or not ?


  19. Hi Srinivas,

    I applied for fresh passport and had appoint on 7th Oct 2015. I went there and done with Counter A & Counter B. Counter Official told me to submit file on Exit and Leave. I thought that would be enough but one of my frnd told me I must have gone for Counter C also. Receipt says Application Status On hold whereas on website it says your application and documents are submitted.

    Kindly assist what to do. Do I call 18002581800 and check with them. How to move forward.

  20. i had applied for re-issue of passport on 15th of Oct
    on counter-B they said that everything is fine now submit your form at exit counter.
    my acknowledgement letter say application ‘on hold’
    when i ask there, he said that it will be kept on hold as it is a case of re-issue. it will automatically will corrected in a week . on-line status saying ‘form with required documents and fee submitted’. call centre is giving same information.
    status has not changed for last 15 days what should i do now.
    should i wait or should i take fresh appointment at psk, or just do a walk-in enquiry.

  21. When your application put on hold and there is no date dor next appointment then it is ok if counter b said that submit your file and exit so it is automatically granted after some days. If its take time more than one week then visit your psk again and confirm. By the way we should go to counter c also. My problam is same

    • Hi Adil….did your status changed ? The same thing happened with me and its on hold for past 1 week now. My parents submitted the application with me and now their passports are ready to be dispatched.

      • I am in the same situation where I was asked to submit my life by the Counter-B officer. What’s the update on your statuses please?

  22. Hi i applied for passport and cleared step a, b as well as c but it was written nagaland born on my file and was forwarded to another person who just wrote policy on my file and asked me to submit it. What does it mean , kindly help.

  23. can i get d ful procedure of geeting fresh i.e. new passport……

    as i m residing in thane…..
    where i have to go first???

    what is the document required?

    i have my
    pan card
    adhar card
    diving licence
    + ssc leaving certificate..
    bt my l.c submitted in college?

    is there is enough.????


    i have bank account bt i never had bank statement on that……

    so pls tell me…..

    my emaild is

  24. I had applied for a passport last oct. there was double writing in my birth certificate due to which my passport was on hold. AFter that after few days time i went to the regional passport office for further verification they told me to come few days later . I had also done my police verification . After going to the regional passport office they told me the date of birth on my birth certificate is different as the per the hospital records. Some mistake made by the hospital. Triued convincing the passport official some mistake by the hospital didnt work out. Anyhow they told we will make the passport but u will have to pay fine later if caught. So didnt apply.
    I cleared my problem with the hospital and got a new updated birth certificate. Now my problem is when i check my status on my passport id it says under review. I have again applied for a fresh passport not taken an appointment yet but is it possible to get a new appointment without closing the previous one. and if not then how to close the previous application. really confused. can u tell me in details because from what i have heard if the application gets rejected in 2nd counter the application is valid only till 6 months . its more than a year now.

  25. hii … i have applied for fresh passport and visited psk on 28/12/15 bt my passport was kept on hold due to bonafied certificate though i was having a bonafued that is issued by my college bt they were not satisfied with rhat and asked me to come again with new bonafied…. i have searched alpt in internet and again asked college to give bonafied certificate now o have booked appointment in psk on 30/12/15 …. whether this time i’ll be verified or not i m extremely worried

  26. I visit psk and submit all documents and sms charges. They called me on A6 for verification and for picture. Then they send me in b area there was A16 desk called me and verified documents and told me to go through exit . He said it is all done. Now police verification will be don in some days . Then i came to exit. But after 6 days i contacted regional passport office they said to me my file did not get grant yet. What is the solution for this? Please guide me

  27. i applied fro reissuance after b .i was asked to take acknowledgement alip with remarks on much time itr it take to reissue a passporta and can i convert now normal to tatkal.

  28. Hi,

    I have applied for a fresh passport ( Thane ) and its pending a police verification. The local police station requires 2 witness from the same society that I live to come along with me to the police station for verification. Is this mandatory ? I don”t understand the reason for this. What if no one in my neighbourhood has the time to take a day off from their work and come with me to the police station? Is there any other options?


  29. I have a doubt about is custodian is enough or require original certificate
    Some ppl told me it will be late to get passport with custodian
    Is it true

  30. i applied for a fresh passport and all of my documents was accepted successfully but by mistake i forgot to go on counter no- c . Now i have noticed that my passport is on hold.So what i have to do..!!

  31. Hi. I recently went to thane psk for my new passport. I had earlier applied in tatkal i changed that to normal quota due to some annexures.
    My question are.
    1 they didnt charge me the tatkall fees.they charged me for normal quota. Whereas on their site it said. That tatkaal quota fees would be charged if i convert it into normal quota.
    2 they didnt ask for application for or my photos.

  32. Hi
    I Applied for passport in November, My application passed from counter A and B but that day I was not carrying my 10th certificate so they put it on hold but I failed to resubmit it on the day given by them. Also if I am trying to take an appointment ,it is showing your attempts are over.
    I tried calling customer care, they said I can visit PSK before 9.30AM on any weekday.
    Will it work?
    Thanks In Advance.

  33. i went to the passport seva kendra today as i had an appointment for tatkaal passport. but the guy at the desk told me to bring a bonafide since i am a student and gave back my documents . they said i can only apply for normal passport since i already applied once for tatkaal. what should i do now for a normal appointment? is this bonafide required for the normal passport verification too? please reply…

  34. hii, am a Student n I had applied a passport fa me n to ma sisy.. we both have an appointment of PSK on 5th Feb, 2016. can yu please suggest me what r the documents to be taken thr?? but we don’t ve Pan card n Voters I’d but v have driving license, Ration card, birth certificate.

  35. Hi, i applied for a fresh passport and after verifying the documents the official asked me to go to the exit counter directly. He did not sent me to counter C. My acknowledgement letter says on-hold but additional docs required says “no”. Please advise what does ths means.
    Also polica verification says “NA”

  36. I applied passport. police verification is cleared. After completed verification police officer asking bonified certificate . offier is saying U didn’t give certificate Other vise I can stop urs passport. Passport was printed. but not dispatched. What’s do Now. im not student. i didnt have bonified certificate
    thanks u

  37. Good Afternoon Sir/Madam
    I went to passport office. From Counter A to C process completed. After that i went to Exit counter. They gave me the receipt at last. But the documents which i processed is with me only. Should i have to hand over the document to them or i have to keep.

  38. i had apply for fresh passport but at counter number B kept my file on HOLD telling that they required a court order of late registration of birth certificate, winch is i don’t have what to do in such case can i cancel my process & apply at my native place. tale me the cancel process .

  39. My birth is 15 March 1994 I had no birth certificate at the time of birth. But now I want to apply passport so recently I have register birth certificate from sdmc but they does nt mentioned present and permanent address in birth certificate because of rule n regulation .Due to this my passport is pending . Pak is not accepting this. What should I do ? Is I will no be able to apply for passport?

  40. Hi
    I went to psk, lalbagh today, I am done with verification at counter a and b, but the official at counter b said me to go to exit
    I am worried about my passport in acknowledgement letter there is ntg as on hold and when I check in passport website. There it says police verification has been initiated.
    So I want to know what exactly it means please help me…..
    Thanks u

  41. In my previous passport my DOB was 8/3/91(some human error, I was 3 years old at dat tym) . But in all my certificates (including birth) it’s 8/8/91.the official said get court order! But my documents are not conflicting and I have biggest proof dat is dob certificate. Plzz help I don’t want this court things.

  42. My appointment date was today. I went to the psk and after successfully completing process at counter A, I have been sent to counter C and after that at APO. And after talking with APO, i was sent to exit counter where I received acknowledgement receipt with application status as “on hold”.
    In a meetin with APO, he replied that all documents are submitted but RPO will verify.
    Please help what I need to do. Till how long I need to wait for the status change?

  43. Hii… I hav photo copy of my ration card but don’t havE the original card….will I face problem during verification…Pls help…

  44. Sir i have completed my check at counter B but in counter C they asked me to get a fresh birth certificate from the notified area commitee as the certificate was torn at a place.They havent specified any date of my next visit with the fresh document..Till when can I visit the psk and what should be my next step at the psk

  45. I have applied for the tatkal passport, in the document required section on passport official site it says that you have to bring ANNEXURE- F or 3 out of 16 document listed below, so I have the document other then ANNEXURE- F. May I go for the appointment or I have to arrange Annexure- f before my Appointment.

  46. My passport application is on hold as there is change in name of father…. but i am unable to make new birth certificate on given time..can we carry forward appoinment date further?
    Plz reply urgently…

  47. My passport kept on hold due to asking to provide additional certificate. They have provided appointment on 24th hMay however i could not able to make.

    In online, book appointment option is now greyed out for my request. Can anyone tell us how to reschedule the appointment now.

  48. I applied for re-issue of Passport and my appointment was on 25th May 2016 .After Process B completed they asked to me submit the file at Exit counter and leave. They did not forward me to C counter. On the receipt it’s showing the application status on hold and the online status however shows “Passport application has been submitted along with applicable fees and supporting documents”kindly help
    Is my passport is on hold??

  49. i have applied passport in Varansi PSK under tatkal .Since last 21 days i have this message “Passport application is under process at Regional Passport Office”.
    when i called CC they Told police has submitted report and pending for review under passport office.
    i am not sure what i have to do now?
    where it stuck not sure …
    will i have to file RTI ?


  50. my passport kept on hold and there is nothing written about re-verification and only written #SUBJECT_TO_POLICE_VERIFICATION..what is the problem of my passport

  51. I applied for my fresh passport went for police verification there he asked me for bonaffide as I give student in the form I was not having at the moment I received adverse report and then a letter from RPO office asking for reasons for not submitting the bonaffide. Now I am having bonaffide when meeting them what to be written in the request letter.

  52. Hi,

    My passport is on hold at counter C and they call me for next appointment. So do i need to go and pass through counter A and B or directly i can go for counter C ??

  53. hi , my problem i was after police verification . i was got the message from passport office they are mentioned that 1 is ur not in mentioned address 2 is ur not produce date of birth certificate . the thing is i want to close this slot in my regional passport office what is the process plz tell me after that i will apply for new one. the main reason is my submitted birth certificate is not registerd in my village record . so what should i do. at prasent i am applying new birth certificate .

  54. what should i tell at the time of closing my slot in the regional passport office. is there any questions asked me.

  55. Sir,

    I have also applied for fresh passport & i have attended my application date & submitted the all required documents. As PSK i have visited counter A & Counter B. At the time of visiting the counter B after all verification of my documents. The govt. official have directly sent me to Exit (Except Counter C). Now how would i know that my application status is in under process or not. in acknowledgement slip status showing On hold. But there is no any discrepancies at the time of documents verification. when i m checking the online status, then status showing ” The application has been submitted with applicable fees & required documents.

    • Same thing happened with my Mother’s application. They said everything is done after counter B and the receipt shows on Hold without any reason. The customer Care number is also out of order. I have lodged a written mail complaint but that hasnt been addressed so far. Please advise

    • I have submitted all documents and after the process of B counter they asked me to submit the documents on exit counter and put my application status onhold what it means and the further process for the application

  56. I have a query, so I submitted all my documents now through all the steps A, B and C at the passport seva kendra. What happens next?

  57. I had gone in passport office and in stepB they said that on my birth certificate my name is with blue gel pen and every other thing with blue ball pen. And rejected my birth certificate. What should now i do. My name was kept after 3-4 months of birth and registration was done in 2 weeks of my birth. I think in registrar office also my name is not registered as i had written it after 3-4 months and not gone there in registrar office

  58. Hi my passport is on hold due to bank details, that is not the problem while exit from psk I have not submitted my xerox document and also not taken my next appointment token. Now what I do, please replay me.

  59. Hi. Today only I had appointment with PSk Thane for my parents. They are more than 60yrs. As they don’t have birth certificate or school leaving certificate so I showed their education as less than 5th std and gave annx A . But they rejected the same stating that as they can sign properly u need to give us school leaving or birth certificate .
    As parents have done their 9th from native place at Karnataka…if I get the leaving certificates from their can the qualification mentioned on the hold applications be modified.

  60. I went to the psk and submitted all my documents n everything but status is on hold in my acknowledgement slip . When I checked it online it shows all necessary documents n fees shifted successfully. Can you please tell me what does that on hold mean them.

  61. Sir I applied on 22-07-2016 for re issue of my passport when I visited psk gurgaon ,there on counter B they verified my documents and cancelled my old passport and mark a tick on exit and he wrote H on the paper.When I went on exit counter they gave me acknowledgement letter and on that in application status written ON HOLD and in PV mode NA, in documents re submission NO and in the bottom side printed with “bring all original documents on your next visit”. And on exit counter they told me that H written on the paper is our internal code.Sir ,I want to know that is there any problem with my documents .When I checked on line status then there shows “application has submitted with fees and documents”. Sir plz help me to solve this problem.Thanks in advance.

  62. Sir,
    I have applied for fresh passport in non ecr category. They have kept my file on hold and asked about a late entry copy of SDM order but I have lost the page given by them but I remember my file no.
    Could you help me out .What should I do know .

  63. I have been kept on hold for sdm order at the time of documents how can get the same and frim where..

  64. my 10th std marks card has got my father’s and my mother’s name wrong, however i have got an affidavit for it is there going to be any problem??

  65. On 10-08-2016, I applied for passport re-issue- normal category at Ghaziabad PSK. My address has also remained unchanged. I competed station A and station B. While I wa waiting for station C there was an announcement that people after a certain token number should deposit their files at exit counter and leave. Maybe that was a mistake! Anyway I did that, my receipt shows ‘on hold’.

    Web status check says’ application under review’

    I am a doctor and I need my passport to attend a conference in October and I had thought that my passport would be available soon.

      • My appointment was on 20th June, the same thing happened with me(After counter B, they told me to the exit counter). After 8 days i got a text message from PSk stating “Application has been submitted along with applicable fees and supporting documents”.

        Please let me know how much time does it takes after that ?

        Thanks and regards

  66. my application was put on hold due to address proof. The original NOC and the affidavit was taken at the exit counter and i was given a receipt telling that address proof is required. Do i need to take a new NOC and affidavit for my second visit??

  67. Hi, I am trying to pay the passport fees but somehow the sbi gateway page is not loading & my status in “track payment ” is showing Pending. This status does not change for entire working & i have wasted 3 days on the same issue.
    Kindly suggest me a alternative, I am using SSBJ debit card to make the payment.
    thanks in advance

  68. i have a query. my passport was on hold due to birth certificate. now i have rescheduled it. do i have to bring all others documents which were successfully verified? as i dont have identity certificate to submit again, have already submitted in first visit.

  69. Hi Srinivas,

    My daughter applied for fresh passport and had appointment on 20th Sep., 2016. She went there and done with Counter ‘A’ & Counter ‘B’. Counter Official told her to submit file on Exit and Leave. She thought that would be enough but one of my friends told me she must have gone for Counter ‘C’ also. Receipt says ‘Application Status On hold’ whereas on website it says your ‘application and documents are submitted.’

    Kindly assist what to do. How to move forward.

  70. I lost the acknowledgement receipt given at the exit, when my passport application was kept on hold due to some problem in documents. They are asking for the acknowledgement receipt, how to proceed?

  71. Hi please help me i have been to counter b and he asked me for local address proof where am not a localite of bangalore and i recently joined a company and changed my pg. I want to cancel my passport form, is there any way to do so and reapply. Please help me its a kind of urgent.

    • Hi Sneha, I am also facing the similar issue @ Gurgaon PSK. Officers are not accepting my local present address proof. Were you able to cancel your existing application and reapply the new application?

  72. Hi

    The same thing has happened to my father as well, he was told to go to exit after B counter
    Now his application status is “On Hold” and website status says all documents submitted successfully
    I see on this Web page that many people have faced this same problem, but I have yet to see a post which describes successful resolution to the issue

    Any guidance in this matter shall be appreciated


    • Same thing happened to me today. After Counter B they told me to go to Exit directly. They kept my documents with them at Exit and issued acknowledgement receipt with Status “On Hold”.
      Police Verification : “NA” .
      Documents required “NA”
      No next date or appointment was given.
      Online status “Passport application has been submitted along with applicable fees and supporting documents.”

      Any explanation? Mine was reissue of Passport.

      • did you get your passport on time? they didnt send me to counter C and then police verification mode says NA but “passport has been sent for further processing” mine was reissue please help!

  73. can we get annexure D (meant for change of name of lady applicant from maiden name to name after marriage ) notarised in City bangalore but appear in Passport seva kendra at gurgaon ?

  74. I have submitted all documents and after the process of B counter they asked me to submit the documents on exit counter and put my application status onhold what it means and the further process for the application

    • My appointment was on 20th June, the same thing happened with me(After counter B, they told me to the exit counter). After 8 days i got a text message from PSk stating “Application has been submitted along with applicable fees and supporting documents”.

      Please let me know how much time does it takes after that ?

      Thanks and regards

  75. Applied for reissue. No change of details. Gave aadhar as proof of address. They didnt send me to counter C and and old passport was not cancelled.on the receipt app status says – sent to passport office for further processing. Most other categories say NA. Additional docs required NO. Documents verified with originals however confirmation from issuing authority is required.

    Do i have to go again? Will they let me know and how many weeks? Why?

  76. Hii I want to know that I have applied for passport but it was on hold for custodian certificate I took the certificate from my collage on 6th February but I am going after 10months for the passport will the certificate be valid I am still studying in the same collage

  77. i have booked the slot and went to the office there initially before giving the token.they asked me to bring the marriage certificate along with because it is my passport renewal,they did not gave me any slip of next appointment date,now can i visit office directly with out appointment or else i have to pay another 1500 and book the slot

  78. Tomorrow i visited passport seva kendra i complete A and B level but on C level they take files around 80 people including me and said your C level will be verified soon you can see it onlne but still my file on hold ! they told us you’ll get a sms after completion you have no need to reschedule your appointment.

  79. i visited PSK last month on 24th. all my documents were fine and they proceeded the case. at last they gave me the acknowledgement letter and told to go home and that i would be kept updated with sms services. welcome to portal.. sms arrived but no update was given later. when i check my status online site shows that all my documents are submitted with application fees. but there are no updates given, no police verification arrived, and the acknowledgement letter shows on hold…..they also never pick up my call and PSK is far from my home to visit….what to do?

  80. I had applied for passport but i have one problem with my education. I had studied in Nepal but my home town is India. And got each and every proof such as address proof, identity proof, so i have a question that PSK will accept my qualifaction.

  81. Hi,
    I went to passport office. From Counter A to B and then they called me to counter APO1 and there APO officer said to visit Exit counter. After that i went to Exit counter. They gave me the receipt at last. But the documents which i processed is with me only. Should i have to hand over the document to them or i have to keep. Status in my recepit is showing “Pending for physical police verification at Koramangala Police Station, Bengaluru.” What I should do next. Kindly assist me.

  82. Please tell me. At counter B they find my mistake that in my 10th marksheet my father name is not written with his sir name but in my adhar card father name is wrtten with sir name and i corrected it but its under process. I am getting tensed bcz tommorrow is my appointment what can i do


  84. Sir, I took custodian certificate from my college on September 2016, can u tell weather it is useful now or not

  85. I m a student nd i hv applied fr passport and i got appointment on 20/06/2017 and i have custodian certificate nd adhaar card nd voter card my all the certificates as 10th marks memo and all are in college so is it necessary to carry out all my documents or custodian certificate and aadhar nd voter card is enough

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