On-Campus Jobs in USA and Regulations on Off-Campus Jobs

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Students, who have not been successful in receiving Scholarships and Financial Aid, tend to find part-time jobs as a mode of supporting themselves. All Students try not to ask parents for money required for expenses and other activities. Rather students tend to work part-time to manage the expenses. Here I will be discussing two things.

First will be On-Campus Jobs and how much you get paid. Second will be Regulations with respect to off-campus jobs.

On-Campus Jobs

On-Campus simply means that you will be working within the University on a part-time basis. The Number of hours an International Student is allowed to work is 20 hrs./week. It is a standard rule that is issued by the Government and all the Universities follow this rule. In the Summer, when you are not taking any classes, you may be permitted to work for 40 hrs./week. This totally depends on the University, but Universities generally allow it if Student is not attending any classes in the summer.

 Now, what kind of jobs you might get in On-Campus? There are several part time jobs that will be available in a University. Jobs can range from working in a Library, Working in Cafeteria, Receptionist in an office, working in International Students Office etc. These are just few jobs that I have mentioned here. There are lots of other part-time jobs available in the University.

Next Question will be How to find the Part-Time Jobs in University? Generally University will publish the list of jobs available in the University Website. You need to keep on searching it. You can also take help from the seniors with respect to finding more information on the part-time jobs available in the University. Depending on Number of International Students in a University, the competition for part-time jobs will vary. If there are more International Students, there will be lots of competition in getting a part-time job.

Next Question will be How much do I get paid for these Jobs? You get paid anywhere between 6$ to 10$ per hour. It may vary depending on which State your University is located in. So you can make a minimum of 6$ per hour and you work for 20 hrs./week then in a month you can make up to 20*6*4= 480$.

Regulations on Off-Campus Jobs

There is a strict Regulation on Off-Campus Jobs for International Students. The Rule states that International Students are not permitted to work off-campus in the first year. Off-Campus simply refers to jobs that are not within the University. In the Second year you may try for Off-Campus Jobs provided you are authorized by the DSO. The Authorization comes from the USCIS after the DSO’s request for your case. They may allow if you are facing some major financial crisis and working becomes really important to meet your expenses.  Otherwise you are simply not allowed to work off-campus.

Next Question will be What if I work Off-Campus? There are students who work off-campus Illegally in McDonalds, Gas Stations, and Motels etc. But if a Student gets caught in a raid done by the officials then you may face direct Deportation from the US since you have broken the law or you could face serious problems in your future immigration processes like H1B, Green card etc. Check the official website to know these rules by clicking this link. Official Website That Explains The Rules And Regulations On Part-Time Jobs in USA.

To Conclude: –

So I sincerely advise students not to break the law and not to work Off-Campus provided you have been authorized to work. Students have to understand that they are in a foreign country and they have to abide all the laws that the Country states or else face serious consequences which might ruin the Students career.

I hope this Information was useful.

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