Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) for US Visa

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Most of the Students might be knowing that from last week of September there were some changes made in the Visa Processing in India. Check Changes In Visa Processing in India. I am going to discuss in detail regarding the Offsite Facilitation Service or OFC that has been introduced in the New Visa Processing System by the Indian Government.

What is Offsite Facilitation Center?

As you know the New Visa Processing will consist of two steps: – One will be the OFC while the other will be your Visa Interview. The main purpose of OFC is where the Visa Applicants need to submit there Biometric Information which includes your Fingerprints and your Digital Photographs. This was basically introduced to fasten the Visa Processing.

Where are the Offsite Facilitation Centers Located?

One OFC is located in each city where the Embassy or the Consulate is located. Listed below are the Place and the Address of the Offsite Facilitation Centers.

Place Address
Chennai 3 Cenotaph Road , Sadasivam Street,                               Teynampet
Chennai – 600018
Hyderabad Begumpet, Secundarabad
Hyderabad – 500013
Kolkata Jamine Tower, First Floor
31 Shakespeare, Sarani
Kolkata – 700 017
Mumbai Trade Center, Ground Floor, G. Block
Bandra Kurla Complex
Bandra East
Mumbai – 400041
New Delhi S-1 American Plaza,                                                     International Trade Center
Nehru Place,                                                                             New Delhi – 110019

What are the Working Hours of OFC?

The Working hours for OFC are as follows: –

Monday – Friday: – 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Sunday: – 1.00 PM to 6.00 PM and Saturday is a holiday.

Schedule an Appointment: – 

To Schedule the appointment for your Visa Processing kindly check this link of the Official Visa Appointment Scheduling Website: – Click Here.

What Procedure Follows in the OFC?

Following the Procedure that is followed by the OFC when you reach there: –

  • DS 160 form, Appointment Letter and your Passport will be checked.
  • Photograph will be taken.
  • Your Name and Date Of Birth Verification will be done.
  • Your Fingerprints will be scanned.
  • Sometimes they also check Visa Fee Receipt. Bring that too.

That’s it. It will take you less than an hour to complete this process and go home. The procedure may very from one to another center but this is a general procedure they will follow.

What to do if I forget one of the Documents?

If you forget one of the documents, then too go to the center and report that you have forgotten the documents. They will give you a time up to 5.00 PM to bring those documents. Do not be late for your Appointment even though you don’t have the Document. report to them and they will give you some time to bring the documents. But the Documents have to brought on that day itself.

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23 thoughts on “Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC) for US Visa

    • Hello Thrinath,
      Yes you can go for OFC in one city and Interview appointment in another city. You have to specify the locations when booking appointments.

        • Obtain a digital photograph that meets the requirements as mentioned on us department of states site, just google it up if you don’t find not an issue, you can fill up without providing photograph but at the time of OFC and interview bring your photograph (not digital one) with you

          • Thanks. Just wanted to confirm whether digital photo has to be carried or not? Are pendrives allowed to be carried ?We will definately carry hard copies of photographs with us.

          • Carrying a photograph is no longer required. According to the new procedures, the photo is captured at the OFC along with fingerprints.

  1. I just now got a mail from Embassy my visa has been sent to OFC. As I am travelling – when can i come & collect Or can I send my authorised representative along with all id proof to collect

  2. I had interview at OFC on 19th aug, dashboard status is Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate . interview with US consulate is on 2nd sep. my passport with me . I want to know what is dashboard status meaning – Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate . if my interview with US consulate is not yet done

  3. Hi, I gave my ofc at 2.30 but they asked me to come again at evening. They said that your fingerprints were not transferred so you need to give again. When I am argu with the official he said that it’s my fault you have any questions you just complaint to the consulate . so now how should I complained on them. Because I was faced struggle to come to ofc center again.

  4. I previously had a F1 visa issued from August, 2008 until August, 2013 in by New Delhi, India Consulate for my Master Degree study in USA however I returned to India after completing this degree in June, 2010, and now I am applying for another F1 visa for USA to complete a Doctoral Degree in another school in USA . Do I qualify for Interview Waiver Program and Drop Box as well.

  5. My dependents passport is available to pick up at OFC, Teynmapet, Chennai Center., Can my Spouse come and collect on this Sunday afternoon., (If OFC works even on Sunday)?

  6. i have scheduled an ofc appointment on 3rd dec 2015 and visa interview on 11th dec 2015. but y i20 is yet to be issued as i got some problem in surname. i will get my i20 on 7th dec. so can i attend ofc on 3rd. will they ask me for my i20??

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