No Surname In Passport Can Cause Problems

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Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to discuss about some issues that could arise if your passport has a blank First Name or a Blank Last Name (Surname). This can sound as a small problem but it can cause a lot of Problems when you go to the US. Let’s take an example and discuss this problem.

First Name : – Shrinivas Ragav.        Surname: – 

If in this case if you receive your visa for going to USA, then the problem would be that your  your Entire Name will be printed out in the Surname Field. So to be general, if you don’t have a First or a Last Name in your passport then your entire name will be printed in the Surname field of your Visa.

So in the example above the Visa will be approved and the Name printed will be: –

First Name: – FNU (First Name Unknown)         Surname: – Shrinivas Ragav.

How will this affect you? 

When you reach USA, your first priority is to obtain your Social Security Number (SSN) and your Driving License. You will be facing problems when you are obtaining these two important things. So when you approach the SSN office or for your Driving License, the official over there might not be aware of what to do in case of an FNU in the First Name which could cause some problems for you, as SSN is the most important thing to get after arriving to USA. You may have to produce some papers regarding the FNU details while going to the SSN office or for your Driving License.

How to Deal with this?

The Best way to deal with this problem is to correct your name in your passport before going for your Visa Interview. This is the best way to tackle this situation as you don’t want to be in some kind of a problem when you are in USA. You will be stressed a lot as you are in a Foreign Country and you are not able to get the most important thing in USA that is the Social Security Number. So my advice to all of you is if you have a Blank First or a Last Name, make the changes in the passport before your Visa Interview.

What If I don’t have a Surname?

Even if you don’t have a Surname, then too add a Surname (Last Name or a Family Name). The Surname can also be your Dad’s Name, but most have a Common Family Name. It doesn’t matter if that surname is not in the Mark-sheets or any Certificates. You can add a Surname in your Passport to prevent any problems after landing in USA.

Can I take GRE and TOEFL if there is a problem with the Name in Passport?

Yes you can appear for the exams even though you have a blank First Name or Surname. The problem you will encounter will be in USA when you will face problems for obtaining your SSN and Driving License.

So to Conclude, You can go to USA even though your passport has a Blank First Name or a Surname. But you will face a problems after you enter USA. So it’s better to make the changes before the Visa Interview.

All The Best.

135 thoughts on “No Surname In Passport Can Cause Problems

  1. Hi,
    I have the same problem as mentioned above. My only concern is that I realized this only after writing my gre and as of now i have submitted my gre scores to my desired universities. The passport number ( the one without my surname) is different from the new one, and unfortunately it is my old passport that has been registered in my gre and Toefl score reports. Now upon receipt of my new passport with all the necessary amendments, do i need to resend my scores to the desired universities all over again? and if so do i need to repay the entire amount for re-sending both my scores(GRE and TOEFL). What should be the next step in such a case? Please enlighten. Thank you.

    • my name is gurpreet singh gill. i have to apply for a fresh passport. but i do not want to add my surname ie. gill. so without suname my name would be gurpreet singh. now can i write singh in place of surname and gurpreet in place of first name?

        • Hey Shrinivas,

          Can you pls tell me why Singh cannot be used as a surname.

          My Actual Name:- Jasdeep Singh Walia
          My given name as per passport is :- Jasdeep Singh
          Surname:- Blank

          I am not using my Surname in any of my legal documents(DL,voter card,etc).

          Now I am planning to visit U.S.Can’t I bifurcate my given name in my passport….as this will be a minor change and can be done easily.

          Please reply asap.


        • In my d.o.b certificate surname is not written but in my passport and school certificates surname is written. I want to apply study visa in Canada can I apply or not

    • Hi,

      I have discovered this issue with my daughter’s passport recently after her one attempt in SAT , we got to know that there can be any discrepancies as she doesn’t have surname in passport & her name registered in SAT is with surname. now going forward, if we add her surname in passport, The collegeboard has her previous passport as a proof & would it lead to changing all her previous documents like birth certificate, adhar card, grade 10 certificate as they all don’t have surname. Would really appreciate reply.

  2. If i add some surname/family name in my passport which is not present in any of my college/school records or any government ID card, will that be a problem later?
    Please do reply to my mail id.

    • I don’t know why you want to do that. Because while submitting details for your passport, your names will be checked and it has to match to the name in your school/university records, electricity bills etc. If you wish to add some surname which is not present in any of the records then you need to see the details in the main website

  3. Hi I have the same issue of shifting my surname from my given name col. in old passport but i want to register for toefl test so is it possible to register wih old passport no. and carry both the passports during the test???///

  4. Hi,

    My name is passport is as follows:
    Given Name: Rakshith Ravishankar

    I registered for GRE with the below format”
    First Name: Rakshith
    Middle Initial:
    Last Name: Ravishankar

    I will get the name in my passport fixed so the surname will include Ravishankar. Will it be an issue for my GRE? I have it next week. I could cancel or reschedule it. Looking forward for your reply.


  5. Sir I have a problem with my passport
    My surname is blank and I have registered for IELTS with the same passport as a proof and I want to register for GRE but the application is not taking the space provided between the name ex: Mohammed Mubeen Raoof .sir raoof is my father name could it be a surname. Reply soon I am in a big trouble because I have booked the slot for IELTS with same passport.

    • GRE Registration doesn’t allow spaces in your first name. You just need to write our entire first name without spaces. That’s the official answer given by ETS. I will share this question and the official answer given by ETS today in a post.

  6. I hear about such an issue all the time, I wonder why is there a provision to leave the Surname field blank in the 1st place. CSEs at PSKs should fill Singh/Kaur/Kumar in the last name. I asked them to fill it like that in my spouse’s passport but they said in that way surnames within the same family will be different(Singh for all males and Kaur for all females)

  7. Sir, I will be applying for Canada PR. I am having one doubt that in my passport Surname filed is blank and in given name “Ashwani Kumar” is mentioned. Will there be any problems in getting PR or after landing in Canada. Should I get this change to Kumar as last name and Ashwani as Given Name?
    Any help would be highly appreciable .
    Many Thanks in Advance !
    Best Regards,
    Ashwani Kumar

  8. Hi,
    I am facing a similar issue. In my passport and my documents , the given name is only Ayu. There is no mention of my surname anywhere. Now if I were to get a new passport with the surname included, my name would differ from my other documents,i.e.,
    Passport: First-name: Ayu Last name: Khurana
    Other Documents: First-name: Ayu Last-name:*Blank*

    Could this cause any issues as well? During University or VISA application maybe?
    Thanks in advance!

    Ayu Khurana

  9. My old passport which expired few years back has only my first name. Now i want to add my surname. What is the procedure

  10. Shrinivas,

    My ‘given name’ is Mustafa Abbas Bhotvawala, and the surname field is blank. How do I register my name for GRE and TOEFL?

  11. Hi,
    My name is Kumar Gaurav and in my passport there is no surname and in given its written Kumar Gaurav and I want to apply for US visa so I want to split my name as surname Kumar and given name Gaurav.
    But I have heard that in USA given name is written first and surname as last so my new name will Gaurav Kumar in USA and in india Kumar Gaurav, is there any problem with this name.
    Or what should I do then regarding the name issue.

    • So in short, if you want to split your name, go ahead and do it. Don’t worry as to how the name is placed in USA. All that matters is whether in your passport your last name: Kumar and given name: gaurav

  12. Hii
    My name is mohommed salim
    My surname is mohommed and given name salim
    In my passport i filled the details properly surname mohommed and given name salim
    But due to this my ful name on passport appears salim mohommed as they treat surname as last name
    I want to know will i face any issues regarding getting visas for abroad as my name on other documents is mohommed salim.

  13. Hi Srinivas, my case : –

    Given name: Himanshu Gangal

    Visa ( USA )
    Given name:FNU
    Sirname: Himanshu Gangal

    Now if I register for either GRE/TOEFL in USA with first name “Himanshu” and sirname “Gangal”, would that cause any trouble at the test center? I will be applying for my passport correction asap… Thanks

  14. my given name in passport is THIRUMURUGAN C and surname column is blank. I got a australian visa and went a trip in last month. So please help me whether the existing passport (without surname) is fine or need to change the name(add surname)???

  15. Hi srinivas raghav It was really nice to know some body like you is constantly helping others.God bless you.My son has the same problem.His given name is (as per the passport)-Nikhil Anand Muruganandam.and surname is blank.Actually his given name is only nikhil anand and surname is Muruganandam.He has already finished his GRE and has got good scores.His tofel is going to be in oct.When we registered we were asked to fill the given name only in the surname field.After going through your messages and various blogs and US embassy FAQ section we have decided to apply for correction in the passport.Unfortunately the passport will have a new number and which is not the registered passport with ETS.The question if Ets will allow the scores to be resend to the universities with the new passport no even with payment.You know they will send to 4 universities free of charge.Please reply me.A worried father.

  16. Hi Raghav,

    My name is Dheeraj Narula…. My 10 th certificate has written Dheeraj on it… Apart from that every certificate has full name… But due to that 10 th certificate my passport has only Dheeraj.. Also my marriage certificate & spouse name in my wife’s passport is also Dheeraj… I am trying to apply PR for canada.. In profile they require last name ( as mentioned in passport)… If i leave it blank the profile doesnt accept… So what should i do.. Should i complete onlien profile and send passport to them… Shall they reject it ? Or will it be OK ?

  17. Hi
    My son is applying for his passport and in November he will be giving his SAT
    Problems. No surname
    His name is :Sridhar Raghavan
    Here Raghavan is his dad’s name.
    All his documents has the same name.
    I want to know can I add our surname iyengar In passport. But at the same time that is not there in any of his school college documents
    Is that would b a problem.
    Right now I don’t have the time to go legally n change his name
    Pls. Help

  18. Hi
    I have different surname in passport and educational certificates due to marriage. I have registered for GRE according to my passport name scores from exams will be on that name surname.but since my educational certificates have different surname ..what problems may arise while applying? Should I be sending marriage certificates as proof or should I go for surname change in passport and reschedule? Its urgent…please reply

  19. Hello… Actually I received my i20 from university! but the things s my surname s blank. I wanna change it! what are the documents that I need to carry for re-issue of passport? (my full name appeared in given name alonng with surname) saw somewhere that I need to put in newspaper and all? and will there be police verification again?

  20. Hello.
    My name is Saritha M. In my passport, the surname is just ‘M’. When I had to get a ticket booked with Air India, they asked me to have my initials expanded.So I visited the passport seva kendra and enquired about this. They replied that it’s not at all a problem and that I need not expand it as the name is exactly the same as given in my 10th class certificate. Please advise.

  21. hello sir
    in my case
    my name in all documents 10th,12th, betech degree etc:
    name : ajit
    fathers name : rampal singh
    mother name : birmati

    now i want to pursue MS from US and i was recommended to get my passport with surname so if i get my passport with following credentials:

    name : ajit nain (“ajit” as first name “nain” as last name)
    fathers name : rampal singh
    mother name : birmati

    my question is:
    1) will there be a problem while appearing for GRE,TOFEL.
    2) will there be a problem in visa appliation
    3) my mother name too donot have surname will it create problem.

    i am worried as there will be mismatch of name in BETECH degree and my passport.

  22. Hi,

    My passport doesn’t have a surname and given name in passport reflects as Asfiya Naaz. In my office while filing for the DS-160 they asked me to update my surname as asfiya naaz and given name as FNU.

    Assume i go ahead with my visa stamping, the visa will have surname as asfiyanaaz and given name as FNU. Is this correct? or it’ll be as Surname Blank and given name as asfiya naaz matching with the passport. not sure which one will be reflected.

    when i spoke to my office immigration team, they say that if i go ahead with the surname correction then, i have to file for an amendment for name correction which might take further 3 to 4 months.

    if i take a risk of going ahead with the stamping and get the visa stamped with surname as blank what is the major problems i’ll be facing while filing for SSN? I understand from the above information that is provided that getting SSN would be difficult and in foreign country i might have to run around to get things corrected.

    while filing for SSN i notice that there is only first name and last name available in the SSN form. so in that case can i give as FN: Asfiya and LN: Naaz? will this conflict with my visa and passport names?

    What are the documents that i need to get it corrected after going to US in case of blank surname? and under how many days i need to apply for SSN?

  23. My brother in canada n having problem in taking sin number ..the put their name 2 tyms like pankaj thr any problem to get work permit or pr to him

  24. Hi,
    My name first name is Mohammed Imran
    Surname is blank .
    How do I apply for ielts as surname is mandatory.
    Will there will be any problem applying for the visa .

  25. Hey my name in passport and in all certificate is nishkarsh without any surname, but my real name is nishkarsh Singh , and I want to study abroad, will it create problem to me not having a surname ? Should I apply for a correction ? If yes what’s the procedure.

  26. Hi Srinivas,

    Please help.. My name is John Lalpekzuala and I don’t have surname. John is my Christian name and Lalpekzuala is my name. But , In all my certificates I put my name as J. Lalpekzuala. So, will there be a problem if I put my surname as Lalpekzuala and given name as J.? I am planning to work in U.S and applying for Fresh Passport.

  27. Hi! My name is Sahil badhan and I am from Punjab. I want to ask that in my 10th and 12th class certificates my name is written without last name and in my DOB certificate the last name is written. I want to apply for Canada visa, So please tell me what I have to do. Is their last name is compulsory when we are applying for PR in Canada or it creates any problem in future. And what I have to write in passport (with surname or without surname)?

    • If in your DOB certificate a last name is there then make your passport with last name and first name. Generally there is no problem of no having a last name. What they do is they write your entire name as last name and first name as FNU. So if you don’t want that to happen then go ahead and make a passport accordingly

        • and if I make my passport with last name then in future if I am doing degree in university or I do anything in studies I write my name with last name or without last name (like 10th and 12th class certificates)?

      • Sir i also have similar issues …
        i used singh as surname in my passport , my birth certificate and passport have same names but in my school/college certificates my name is joyjeet singh naru … will be there any problem regarding visa in canada .

  28. if I make my passport with last name then in future if I am doing degree in university or I do anything in studies I write my name with last name or without last name (like 10th and 12th class certificates)?

  29. Hi Srinivas,
    I’ll be applying for student visa to US.
    The Given Name field in my passport is “Tom George” and the Surname field is left blank. I actually do not have a surname.
    George is my fathers name. I would like to change it so that the Given Name is Tom and Surname is George.

    Do you think this is possible. Do you think I would have to change other documents also like school certificates, etc.

  30. Hi,
    My passport name:
    Given name: XXX YYY

    My GRE:
    First Name: XXX
    Last Name: YYY

    Will it be a problem while applying..?? Please reply soon as I am very tensed.

  31. Hi,

    I have applied for my fresh passport but unfortunately when i checked it online,the passport office has concatenated both my name and last name together as first name even though in the application form i have mentioned it as given below.
    Name Kumar
    Last name Shreesh
    I have to apply for GMAT asap as i need to appear for exam by JAN.In the GMAT exam form they have made this last name field as mandatory.My query is that how can i fill in the form without last name/what to put in that field as last name as it is not there on passport.
    Also,after GMAT score by which name i should send that score in universities?

    Kumar Shreesh

  32. hello
    my name every where is just Surabhi including all my documents and certificates.i want to appy for a passport and so do not have a last name.will it cause any problem if i dnt have a last name and i just want them to issue the passport with my first name.

  33. hi,
    my name is MALGA RAVI KUMAR surname is malga middle name is ravi and last name is kumar
    but in all my educational certificates my name is M.RAVI KUMAR without surname expansion
    now i want to apply for passport,with MALGA RAVI KUMAR which is different from my educational certificates will it be a problem in my gre ,ielts ?
    how i need to fill my university MS applications as M.RAVI KUMAR or MALGA RAVI KUMAR(if i gat pass poert as MALGA RAVI KUMAR)?
    (in my voter id and addhar card i have my name as MALGA RAVI KUMAR)

  34. Hi,

    My name is passport is as follows:
    Given Name: Ramneet Kaur

    I registered for GRE with the below format”
    First Name: Ramneet
    Middle Initial:
    Last Name: Kaur

    I will get the name in my passport fixed so the surname will include Kaur. Will it be an issue for my GRE? I have it next 2nd week. I could cancel or reschedule it. Looking forward for your reply asap.


  35. Hi srinivas raghav It was really nice to know some body like you is constantly helping others.God bless you.I have the same problem.My given name is (as per the passport)-Ramneet Kaur.and surname is blank.Actually his given name is only Ramneet and surname is Kaur.I have already finished my TOEFL and has got good scores. My GRE is going to be in Jan.When I registered I was asked to fill the given name only in the First name field.After going through your messages and various blogs and US embassy FAQ section I have decided to apply for correction in the passport.Unfortunately the passport will have a new number and which is not the registered passport with ETS.The question if EtS will allow the scores to be resend to the universities with the new passport no even with payment.You know they will send to 4 universities free of charge.Please reply me ASAP.

  36. Hello Shrinivas,

    I have applied for US(H1) Visa and it has been approved but the thing is I have

    Given Name – Pranav Sunil Patil
    Surname – Blank

    IN US Visa
    Given Name – FNU
    Surname – Pranav Sunil Patil

    The Visa is already approved what I do now.

    Appreciate your help!

  37. hii
    I have Aman as my name in all my documents. Now i want to apply for a fresh passport.
    I have plans of studying abroad maybe in US or Canada . My dad wants me add my surname in my name so as my name looks
    first name :Aman
    last name :Verma
    I am confused in between of 3 things
    1. shall i get advertisement in newspaper and get my full name (Aman Verma) only in passport and no changes in other documents(like 10th,12th mark-sheet )
    2. otherwise getting name changed to Aman Verma from Aman in all documents than applying for fresh passport so as full name (Aman Verma) appears in passport
    3. or getting passport with just Aman as my name
    as your post says its better to have both first name and surname so 3rd one is ruled out
    I am willing to go with 1st option as it will be easy and relaxing but i don’t want any problem later on in future
    So please tell me if i go with 1st option will it be fine or any other suggestion ..

      • I have no idea what how name changing procedure goes . Also it looks very hectic to get name changed in all documents 10th,12th certificate , aadhar card ,licence etc
        Shall i go with 3rd option only or should i add my dad’s first name in my name so as i get last name
        if i go with 3rd option how should my name look like
        first name -aman
        last name-
        first name –
        last name -aman

  38. Hi ,this is Sreekar varma .i applied for GRE and I have not provided my surname for them and given only first name and last name ,and last name was provided in the space given to provide surname .
    My ful name in passport is addepalli Sreekar varma and i have given only Sreekar varma. Will it make a problem to me and will they allow me to write exam ? Pls do suggest me

  39. Hello,
    My name in passport is as follows
    First Name: RITU

    I registered in GRE as follows
    FirstName: RITU
    Surname: Sharma

    i have next week this exam. will it be a issue for my exam. IN all my documents i have Passport name only. I have to cancel my exam or reschedule. looking forward for your reply.

  40. Please reply me I have all certificates with my name Vikas and also in passport .so should I change my name in passport from Vikas to Vikas Sharma? And there would be any problem my all certificates I have written only Vikas? Also tell me Id proofs is require while applying for study abroad?

  41. Hi,
    I want to apply for Canada PR ,my degree certificate have father’s name …..ashokarao
    But other than degree certificate all other certificate s have ‘ashokrao’.
    Even on passport also it is ashokrao.
    Does it creates any problem in PR process document verification?
    What is best I can do ?
    Thank you

  42. sir i m going to apply study visa for all the leagal documents like addhar or driving license my and my father’s surname is same bt in passport my surname is gaur and my father’s surname is singh. will it cause any problem to me if i apply for study visa or i will get any problem if in future i apply for pr in canada …

  43. Haii…My name in passport “Reju Abraham Mathews” .but in all certificate my name is “Reju A Mathews”. Can I change passport name same like certificates. ?

  44. Dear My name is Ganesh Sharma , and the same name mentioned on Passport , i want to know that ” Sharma ” is my surname , Because on of my friend having name Malkit Singh , He added the Surname (Gotra ) taggar , Now his name is Malkit Singh Taggar , Is that necessary to changes in my passport , because my Gotra is Upadhaya ,

    Or please suggest that , in which requires surname kumar/singh/kaur

  45. hi sir,
    I have to apply fresh passport for my wife, but the issue is that I am having passport without surname only with MANOJ KUMAR and even my all documents are same as in passport. But my surname is TIWARI. now I am trying to make my wife’s new documents (adhaar card ,marriage certi. , pan card, ration card) like documents including my surname as XYZ TIWARI she was earlier PANDEY , if I attach my passport copy without sir name does it affect to issue the passport with new surname.
    kindly enlighten me from this problem

  46. Hi Shrinivas,

    My son’s Given name in passport is Shrikar Sooraj and the surname field is empty.
    Now I want to change his name as Given name : Shrikar and Surname as Sooraj.
    Is it possible to make necessary changes and if yes, how is it possible.

  47. hi,

    My father don’t write surname .He use first name for all documents.While i use to write his complete name (along with surname) on my all documents.Does it is a matter of concern for US F1 visa ? If yes than what i need to do?

  48. Hi,

    On my passport first name is “Rajatha” and surname is *blank*. During GRE TOEFL and university application, as surname was mandatory i gave my name as “Rajatha Rajatha”. Now i got an admit from university in the name of “Rajatha Rajatha”. how will my I20 be issued? “Rajatha Rajatha” or “Rajatha”? If is it issued as “Rajatha Rajatha” will it be a problem during Visa?.

    Now if I add surname in passport, do i need to ask university to send I20 again? And do i need to change my name in all degree certificates and other govt docs?

    Please help me out!

    Thanks in advance!

  49. Hi Raghv,
    My passport have only GIVEN name and surname is BLANK ,
    Problem is My UK visa has rejected due to surname is missing in my passport,
    and My all legal doc. are W/o surname so I can’t able to add surname is my passport and other doc.
    I have discussed with Consulate general,He Has agree to issue me latter there he can mention surname is missing in passport.,
    pls can you suggest me what should he can write on latter who will be help me to get visa done.
    Kindly advise asap, I need you valuable suggest.

  50. hi sir, my name is shubham and it is mentioned everywhere in all the indian id proofs such as passport,aadhar card and pan etc,moreover in the 10th&12th marksheets as well as pass out certificates also will it cause any problem at any international airports and in getting a visa of any other country.?
    problem-no surname

  51. hello sir,

    my name is lokesh kumar. My name is same to same written on all govt. documents without surname. Is the surname could create issue in the SAUDI ARABIA COUNTRY or UAE. PLEASE REPLY MUST.

  52. Sir,
    In my university certificates:
    My first name is Zara
    My surname is CM
    But in my IELTS certificate and passport:
    My first name is Zara
    My surname is Chennan Kunnan Mohammed Basheer (the expanded version of CM).
    Will this be an issue when getting visa? If so, how can I rectify the problem? Will a certificate from my university stating I am one and the same person help?
    And going forward, while applying for job interviews and the like abroad, should I use Zara C M as in my university certificates or the expanded version as in my passport, visa and IELTS? Please let me know. Thank you!

  53. hi my name is Suraj R.
    no family name .
    What will my last name be or who will it be in the passport and will it be a problem in the US.
    i will be going to the US in a few months and have not yet applied for my passport .
    In my adhar card the name is R Suraj and in all other documents its Suraj R.
    will that cause any problems during the passport application time?

  54. Hlo shriniwas
    I too have same problem.On my passport my name is
    Given name -Arpita
    SURNAME -Blank
    Now while applying to different universities, what should i fill in column for First name.Should i fill Arpita as first name and last name as lnu or Arpita as last name and first name as fnu

  55. Hi There,

    In all of my document (education/ Address proof) only my First name ‘Abhishek’ is updated and the same is updated in my passport as well. So, please suggest whether should i apply for adding surname in all document or is it ok to work abroad with no surname is passport ?


  56. I have no surname in all my documents..x,xii, graduation, birth certificate.. and no surname in my father’s name but include surname in my name and father’s name in passport. will it affect my visa in Canada or australia

  57. Hi.. My name on all educational certificate is ‘vishal singh’ (given name). But due to unawareness my passport made with first name as vishal and last name as singh.
    My other docs like pan..aadhar…bank account all are with surname vishal singh sachan. Sachan is my sir name. Now can u tell me what I need to change to ensure no hurdle in us visa processing.

  58. I have taken my gre and toefl exams using my passport which hashould only first name and no last name. But, now I am planning to go for name bifurcation before applying to universities as the universities ask us to enter the name as per passport. But, i was worried because when the ets would mail the scores to the universities, I would not have a name bifurcation as I took those exams using my old passport and I would have used myour new passport while filling up university applications and in turn for the visa process later.

    Please clarify this for me.

  59. Hi.. My name is Vineet. And my name in all my documents is Vineet. I dont have a surname in my dovuments even in my passport. And I am in merchant navy. So i want to ask u that is there gonna be any problems to go onboard without surname.. and when i will try to add my surname then i have to do that for all my existing documents like10th,12th and graduation certificates . So just tell me bro what should i do ??

  60. Hi..My name is Shubham i.e. only shubham. Can i register my name by adding surname SINGH for applying any id proof as for voter id, passport and if not, then please help me on this issue.

  61. Hi Raghav.
    My name is ankit sharma.
    In passport given name :ankit sharma
    Surname blank.

    Is that any problem in getting visa. And what should i write my name in ticket and visa. Is name on passport and visa should be same. If yes then i have to leave balnk in surname field and given name as ankit sharma.
    Please reply asap

  62. Hi..this is shubhangi
    My problem is that I didn’t added any kind of surname or first name…so what I have is given name …in all my school certificates to college degrees ….
    Now I want to apply for passport ….should I change my before doing that..?

  63. Case – In my all documents (10th 12th .., Voter ID, Aadhaar, pan, etc.. I doesn’t have my father’s surname mentioned but in his all the documents he has. Therefore first time I had applied the passport and printed without my father’s surname as per my 10th certificates. Now after 10 years I am going to renew it again and I did not put his SURNAME in passport.

    So will it cause the police verification this time if they asks to show parent id proof? Please reply..

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  66. Hello,

    I already went to the visa and noticed the FNU and my name. What should I do? Should I change my Indian passport before I go to USA or do it when i come to USA? And if i change before I go, do I need to go through visa interview again?

  67. I did not have surname in any of my educational and aadhar could be any problem for applying passport .I have c Sai Charan Reddy in my certificates

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