MS In Telecommunications University Rankings

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These are the Rankings of the Universities in USA for MS in Telecommunications. The Rankings have been taken from US University Rankings 2012 and also from other websites. The Rankings for this field is based on the number of students that apply and got selected in the Universities. Here is the list.

No University
1 Arizona State University
2 University of Minnesota
3 Boston University
4 University of Pittsburgh
5 University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
6 Northeastern University
7 DePaul University
8 University of Pennsylvania
9 University of Nebraska
10 Oklahoma State University
11 Weber State University
12 Ohio University
13 St. John’s University – New York
14 Johns Hopkins University
15 Syracuse University
16 Western Illinois University
17 Pace University
18 University of Denver
19 New Jersey Institute of Technology
20 Stevens Institute of Technology
21 Vanderbilt university
22 Rochester Institute of Technology
23 Ball State University
24 The University of Toledo

In the Year 2011 and 2012 the Best University to Pursue your MS in Telecommunications was awarded to: –

  • University Of Maryland.
  • University Of Pittsburgh.

17 thoughts on “MS In Telecommunications University Rankings

  1. Hello Savio, I am preparing an Entire list of Universities which I will be displaying shortly…. This is just the Top Universities for MS in Telecommunications.

  2. hi shrinivas

    has this list been updated.. could we please see the updated list . I too wanted to apply for the fall 2016 semister.


  3. GRE 302, TOEFL 97, CGPA 7.9
    Applied for UTD,UTA,PACE U.,Stevens Institute of Technology for communications.
    can u give brief review on each of them?
    Which are the other universities i should try for with this profile?
    I would be thankful if u help me in this as soon as possible because are deadlines are too close..

    • Hi ..I also wish to aply for MS Telcom let me know where u r doing MS.

      My GRE score is 311 and Toefl 107 , CGPA 7.6…selecting university now pl guide me.

  4. Hi shrinivas,
    I have got my admit from University of Texas,Arlington & SJSU for telecommunications & networking. Which one is better as I need to decide fast?

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