MS in MIS: – Do I Need To Give GRE Or GMAT?

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Hello Everyone,

I received an Query in my mail from one of the Students Stating “I am planning to do MS in MIS. But I am confused whether I need to give GRE or GMAT. Which is better and which one is Considered by most of the Universities?” This is one of the Important Questions, so I have created this post to explain in detail regarding this Question.

MS in MIS, Whether GRE Scores are Accepted?

Yes, GRE Scores are Accepted nowadays for MS in MIS. Few years back Universities needed Students to give GMAT for applying for this Course. But in Recent Years they are accepting both GRE as well as GMAT.

Differences Between GRE and GMAT: – 

Before deciding which Exam to give, it is important to know the Differences between GRE and GMAT Exam first.

Sections GRE GMAT
Analytical Writing Section Two Tasks: – 30 Minutes Each. Issue Task and Argument Task Two Tasks: – 30 Minutes Each. Issue Task and Argument Task
Verbal Section • Sentence Equivalence.
• Text Completion.
• Reading Comprehension.
• Reading Comprehension.
• Critical Reasoning.
• Sentence Correction.
Quant Section General Quant Topics and Data Interpretation General Quant Topics, Data Sufficiency and Data Interpretation
Types Of Questions • Multiple Choices.
• Multiple Answers.
• Numeric Entry (Quant).
• Multiple Choices.
Calculators Allowed Not Allowed
Total Score 340 800
Answering Any Question First Possible Not Possible, You have to Answer The Question to move on to Next Question. It’s Follows Old GRE Style
Which Is Easier Easy Little Hard
Where Can You Use It • MS Courses.
• MS in MIS and  MEM.
• MS in MIS and MEM.
• MBA Courses.

GRE Or GMAT. Decision is up to You: –

As I have mentioned the Differences, its up to you to choose which Exam to give. GMAT can certainly be useful for getting into MBA Courses in US and other Countries while GRE can be useful for any MS Course in USA and around the World. If you are concentrating on just getting into MIS Course, then GRE would be ideal to give. As GRE is easier as compared to GMAT.

Is there any Preference For GRE or GMAT Candidate for MS in MIS: –

No, there is no preference for Admission based on which Exam you have given (GRE or GMAT). Both are considered the same and the Candidates are evaluated on the same grounds. So any Exam (GRE/GMAT) you give it will not provide you any added advantage for the Admission.

Do All Universities for MS in MIS Accept Either GRE or GMAT Scores?

Yes, all the Universities in USA that offer MS in MIS accept either of the Scores. There is no University for MS in MIS that accepts only GRE Scores or only GMAT Scores. So no need to worry about that.

I suppose I have cleared the doubt regarding this Question. If you have any queries please feel free to mention your Query in the Comment Box Below.

All The Best.

6 thoughts on “MS in MIS: – Do I Need To Give GRE Or GMAT?

  1. i am in TE. i look forward to doing a double masters in MIS and CS. can u please give me some more info regarding this? will i hv to study all the subjects of both courses? how does double masters even work?

    • Firstly, please search for the University which provides you double masters in this courses. From my view, I suppose there are no Universities that give double degree in MIS and CS. If you know about a University that gives it, then the double degree will combine the subjects of these two courses.

  2. Hi,
    I have a 3 year degree from india and have a total work experience of 6 years in Information Technology in one of the Top IT MNC in india.I am looking for details on my admission selection criteria as i have a 3 year degree from india.please advise on this ASAP.

  3. Awesome !! clear explanation..NOt just this, every post on Magoosh aptly clarifies our doubts…Magoosh helped me a lot during my gmat preparation..

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