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Hello Everyone,

This post was suggested by one of the followers of this blog, Kuldeep. So this post will contain all the information regarding Masters in Management Information Systems. Students have lots of queries regarding this field and sometimes they get confused whether to take it or choose another field. So I will try to answer some of the common queries related to Management Information Systems or also known as MIS.

What is MS in Management Information Systems (MIS)?

This is one of the unique courses where you will see a blend of Management and Technical field all in one course. This course will contain technical subjects and also subjects related to management. Normally there is a heavy technical component in the coursework, but the program also provides students with the broad perspective needed to advance in their managerial careers. So to make it simple its a combination of Management and Technical courses.

What is the Curriculum Of MIS? 

The Curriculum of MIS may vary from one University to another, but following curriculum is followed in most of the Universities: –

  • System Analysis and Design.
  • Database Management.
  • Business Intelligence Applications.
  •  E-Commerce and Internet based Applications.
  • Enterprise Information Systems.
  • Management Of IS Function.
  • Data Warehousing.
  • Business Process Design.
  • Information Security And Compliance.
  • Managing Distributed Architectures.
  • Information Systems Strategy and Governance.
  • Project Management.
  • Project Development Seminars.

So as you can see from the Curriculum, there is a blend of Technical and Management Subjects.

Do I require Experience to join MS in MIS?

Some Universities suggest that students should have some amount of experience before applying for this program. But Experience is not compulsory. If you do not have an experience you will be told to do certain extra courses apart from the Curriculum. So you can apply to this program even though you don’t have an experience.

Do I need to be from an IT Background to join this Course?

Most of the Universities just require the student to have completed their Under Graduation from a University. Which means you can apply for this course no matter which Field you are from. There might be some extra courses that you may have to complete once you join the University.

What are the Career Opportunities/ Career Paths for MS in MIS?

In recent years MS in MIS course has had a real boom in the IT Industry. Students not only have technical knowledge but has managerial skills too. The Career Paths for MS in MIS are as follows: –

  • Project Manager.
  •  E-Commerce Developer.
  • System Analyst and Designer.
  • Network and Security Administrator.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst.
  • IT Manager.
  • CIO.
  • Database Architect.

Universities that Offer MS in MIS?

You can see the list of Universities that offer MS in MIS and also the Rankings of these Universities: – Click Here.

Finally, I would say that MS in MIS is one of the good Fields that you can choose if you have an interest in both Technical and Management Fields. The Job Opportunities are also good for this Course in the US. If you have any other questions related to this Topic please feel free to mention it in the Comment Box.

150 thoughts on “MS in Management Information Systems

  1. Dude thanks for writing down the wonderful article related to MIS….i have a question that whether all universities have MS in MIS for two years or its kinda one year course and what would be the minimum gre to get into these mentioned universities of MIS by you….? in all thanks for post would like to get more details where i can find them?

    • Hello,
      Firstly, The Entire Course Duration may vary from One to another University. Some universities its for 1 year while some other extend it till 2 years.
      Secondly, you have to get at least a score in between 300 to 310. Plus if you have experience, it can also play a major role in getting into good University.
      Finally to get more info regarding MIS, you need to search the University websites that provide MS in MIS.. You will find lots of details.

      • Hi,
        Thanks for your information provided. It was really helpful. I got admits from uhcl and central Michigan University till now for mis course. I’m from electronic background. Which one is better for me. I’m also expecting admits from uta and niu. Please reply ASAP.

          • Hey Srinivas
            I am planning to apply for the MIS course for fall 2016.
            I have almost 2 years of work experience and have about 70% aggregate in my engineering.
            My GRE score is 315 ( 160 quant and 155 verbal). Can i get into TAMU, Kelly or Eller? Are they ambitious colleges for me? If so then please suggest some good colleges i will surely get into?

        • Hi i have 95 percent and 97 percent respectively in my 10th and 12th .I did my BE in Electrical Engg(86%) and have one and a half years of IT experience. My GRE score is 312 (Q:162 v:150), Can you suggest universities based on my profile for a masters in MIS? Please help !

  2. Would it be wise to apply only for MIS or a mix of courses . Like I am interested in MIS but I am fine with InfoSec as well so would it be a problem in terms of managing my application resources?

  3. Is OPT period less for MIS course when compared to CS?Have heard that it is not possible to extend the OPT period in the case of MIS.It is true?

  4. my gre score is 300 and my academis are also average, so according to you which universites should I go for? and can you suggest some relevant fields for internships which will help me to boost my profile and help me in geting into a good university for MIS ???

  5. Hi , First of all Great work with blogging. I have aquery. I have 2.5 years IT work ex in US MNC. Recently gave my G<AT and scored 600(46,26) and TOEFL (104) . Can you please suggest some univ for MIS.

    Is UTD , University of Florida worth after 3 years work ex or should I retake gmat and aim for better ones?

    Thanks in advance .. :)

  6. which is better?i m in big confusion to choose between masters in information security and masters in information systems and management? and what is required to get a seat in MISM ??i mean what i hav to write either gre or gmat????

  7. Hey shrinivas,
    I did my in EEE…..and this is my profile
    GRE-301(Math 160& verbal 141)
    I am in state of confusion whether to chose VLSI or MIS…..please suggest me ASAP….i can’t decide myself

  8. Hi , First of all Great work with ur blogging. I have a query pls give reply

    my profile
    gre 297(v-144.q-153,awa-3)
    cgpa-7.31 from VIT univ,vellore
    10th-82.5 12th-81.2
    decent lors and sop and IAM joining accenture now as S/w engineer
    im gonna apply for Ms in MIS for spring 2015 ….i’get some 10 months experience in accenture

    pls pls suggest me univs which are good and also with very low tuition fee pls i cant afford more tuition fee pls reply me

  9. Hi,
    It feels really good to see this blog in here with great information. I have few questions .
    I have 3.5 years of work experience in software programming in US top MNC. I’m planning to go for MS in ManagementInformationSystems course. I have scored GRE- 295 and IELTS – 6.0.I know my scores are not good enough but I don’t have enough time to retake them. I have observed that for MIS course experience is considered to be the main criteria in application process and scores are not the major preferences though minimum eligible scores are actually required based on the Universities requirements. Is this applicable most of the times? I’m planning for fall 2014. Can I apply to decent Universities with this scores and experience or is it mandatory to retake my exams?? I’m in a big confused state. Please let me know your suggestions regarding this.
    Thanks in Advance.

  10. I’m from ECE background and I want to apply for MIS.
    My gre score : 302
    awa: 4
    IELTS: 7

    Can you please tell me some universities to apply to with the chances of getting a financial aid?
    Also, I really wanted to know if MIS is available in RIT like in the list you mentioned above, because I couldn’t find it when I looked it up in the university’s website.

  11. my GRE score is 284,ielts(6 expecting),acads 65%(ece)
    I would like to do ms in MIS in usa can you suggest some colleges with stem extension OPT

  12. Hello, i have completed MBA in India and having 2 years of Exp. In Documentation in Pharma (adding computer skills)….
    I Am Interested for MS In MIS in USA…
    Can U Tell Me which College offers This And Also Offers Best Placements ??
    And What Could Be Starting Salary ??

    And If Any Others Best Course Than MIS Than Pls suggest Which Give full JOB opportunity ???

  13. Hi,
    I know this is not a profile evaluation page.
    I am not sure which universities are ambitious for my profile and which are safe to apply. I want to go for MS in Business Analytics , or MIS with specialization in BA.
    GRE-321 (Q-161,V-160, AWA-4.5),
    TOEFL- 110
    UG- BE. Electronics n Telecomm (62%)
    I have about 2.5 yrs ofwork ex in two good companies. I am a Quality Analyst with exp of testing in MIS applications/ CRM Analytics Product.
    Now Tennessee and Cincinnati , LSU are the best in this field, but i want to know my chances of getting admission in the likes of UC Berkeley, UT Austin and MIT? is it too ambitious and hopeless for me to apply there? My graduation scores arent much impressive.

  14. hello,

    my gre score is 289 and i’ll be writing my toefl on nov 8th,2014.
    is it possible to get gud university??? if yes ,can i get the list of those universities.
    my aggr is 64% ,vtu and currently i m working.. will all these help?

  15. Hi,
    My score is 297 and i hv 3 years of experience in telecom IT.Can ypu suggest the universities which i can get into with this score for one year of course.

  16. My GRE score is 304(Q:158,V:146), TOEFL 91(23,21,22,25).
    More than 1 year experience in IT, done BE(E&TC).
    10th 84%, 12th 80%
    I want to do MS in MIS.

    Shrinivas, can you pls suggest me some universities for MIS that fits my profile….
    Thanks in Advance!!!

  17. Hi,

    My GRE score is 291(Q:149,V:142), TOEFL -yet to give.
    Currently working in MNC, domain BI, and has experience of more than 2 years.
    2012-BE graduate in IT with 65% from Mumbai University and my 10th and 12th marks are 82%, and 72% respectively.
    I want to do MS in MIS and want to apply for Spring-2016.

    Can you please suggest me some of the good universities for MIS that would consider my profile for the spring….
    Thanks in Advance :-)

  18. Is it difficult to get good placements if we go with less work experience? Once we are looking for jobs after MIS will the recruiters prefer candidates with more prior work experience? Also, I am planning to go with one year of work experience. Will my profile improve significantly if I work for 2 years?( I want to get into CMU, Kelly or Tamu)My GRE score is 327 and CGPA of 8.8/10

  19. I have 4 yrs experience in IT as a quality analyst in a reputed MNC. Is my work experience too much for pursuing MS in MIS or shall I go for MBA? I am confused as to give GRE or GMAT?Please give some suggestions. And what’s the scope of MIS? Will I get a job easily after that?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Are you planning to stay in IT field or completely switch to Management. Because MIS will make you stay in IT field but the role will be Analyst etc. There is a good amount of opportunity here and with your experience you can easily get a job

  20. Hi my profile is as follows-
    class 10- 93℅
    Class 12- 97%
    B.E(electrical engineering)CGPA 8.55
    1.2 years IT experience
    GRE- 324(V: 156 Q: 168)
    Please suggest some good universities to pursue my masters in MIS.

  21. I have competed my B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation. What additional courses are required to complete MIS. And how much I need to score in GRE and IELTS to join in top colleges for this course.

      • Hey,

        My profile is something like..
        GRE 308 (quant-163, verbal-145)
        IELTS 7.0
        I just have 1 year of work experience as Business technology Analyst.

        Is USF a better option for me? Or is it ambitious? I have heard that it requires a minimum experience of 2 years.
        Donno wat to do… Can you suggest me some universities ASAP?

        Thanks in advance!

  22. Hey i am an entrepreneur of an IT firm and also has an experience in governmental IT field..i am yet to give gre n toefl .so is it good profile for avg and good universities(no bother of fees) for mis??and what is difference between management of technology and MIS?

    Thanks in advance

  23. Hi,

    I found your blog to be quite helpful.Could you please help me on my choosing universities?
    I have scored 309 Q-162 V-147.
    90% in 10,93 in 12th, 74 in UG anna university.
    workex-1.6 till date in IT.Apart from this,I’m a co-founder of a startup which has a market valuation of 1Million USD.

    I’m planning to apply for IUB kelly,ASU-eller,CMU,UIC,SUNY Buffalo,Syracuse,UTD,NEU.
    Are these universities gettable for my profile?
    Is anything apart from this which I can apply for?

  24. I am actually doing computer engineering and currently I am in the third year!

    I am really interested in the masters program offered by american universities. But, I’m still pretty uncertain about my field.

    Engineering was the first time I took up computers. I always avoided it in school and junior college. I ended up taking computer as I was getting the college I really really wanted. With no computer background I started my engineering and surprisingly I have done pretty decent. I have secured distinction in both years of engineering till now. But, still coding does not excite me. Considering, I knew nothing about programming to clearing hardcore coding subjects with good marks. I think I can code. But as a job of a developer? I’m not sure

    So I am interested in Databases. But people in India have told me MIS is not as esteemed as CS. This is confusing me even more. I intend to do an MBA degree too. BUT, in case, that does not happen I want my job to be good enough after masters. You would know best about the job scenarios there and what each CS or MIS graduate ends up doing for a living. I have been brainwashed by people saying MIS is taken up by people with lesser marks just for the sake of an ms degree, or MIS is like a compensation for people who can,t get into MBA. Please help me out.

    PS- I’m not planning to work after completing my engineering. I want to leave for masters immediately. So, no work experience.

      • Hello

        I an from electrical background and wanna pursue masters from US but really really confused between MS in EE ( embedded or VLSI) and MS in MIS. Which one will get me job quickly and pay more?? Really need ur help to sort it out. If MIS I choose then what to write in SOP that y m changing field??

  25. Hi,
    I’m in my final year of engineering and i wish to pursue my Masters after my UG.
    I get suggestions that it would be best to get some work experience after UG.
    May I ask the Exact reason for this?


  26. Hi sir,
    I have been follwing your blog from long time,ielts 6.5 band,i have complted 15 years of education(bcom) in india and applied for msit(information assurance)will it be problem getting admission into university?being non i.t back ground?i applied in wilmington university,i have send my transcrpts for evaluation to wes.

  27. Hi,

    Great work with the blog. I needed few details:

    I’m currently working in a company and have 1.3 years of experience. I’m planning to give GRE and IELTS as well and my interest is in pursuing MS in MIS.
    My profile is as below:

    10th: 92%
    12th: 70%
    Engineering: B.E passed with distinction
    Work experience: 1.3 years and counting.

    What would be the suitable score to join a good university in GRE and TOEFL?
    Also, how would giving IELTS help me? Where can I apply based on IELTS scores?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.



  28. Hey Srinivas,

    Thank you for providing all information related to MIS. It is very useful.
    I have one query. It would be great if you could help me with same.

    I have completed my B.E(EC)with distinction. then i have 2 years of work experience in HR field as Sr. HR Specialist (IT Specialization) i know it seems strange working in HR field after B.E. I am more interested in course majorly on Management part and less in Technical part where i can utilize my both technical and managerial skills. so MIS is good for me?
    I am not that much interested in coding and with programming language so do MIS consist much programming and coding?

    Thank you in advance:)

  29. Hi Shrinivas,

    I found your blog to be quite helpful.Could you please help me with shortlisting of universities?
    I have scored 309 in GRE Q-159 V-150.
    90% in 10,85% in 12th, 71% in UG from Mumbai University in Information Technology.
    I have a 2.5 years of work experience as an SAP Consultant in a reputed MNC.

    I wish to apply for MS in MIS and want to specialize in Analytics.

    Thanks in advance.

  30. Hi,

    I already have a masters in Microelectronics from IIT Roorkee, but I want to switch my field of work and interested in MIS.1 year of work experience in a top core company and gre score of 321, is it possible for me to get admission since I already have a masters degree.

  31. Hi, I got GRE- 322(Q: 169, V : 153). For now, I am confused between going for CS or MIS.
    But, I do have interest in MIS curriculum too. And, having a thought that if I go for MIS, I can get a better-ranked graduate college than I can get in CS.
    What’s your thoughts are?. And, which universities I can get in for MIS?

    Thanks in advance. Waiting to hear from you.

  32. Hi Shrinivas Raghav,
    Thanks a ton for this kind work, you are really helping millions out there.

    I am planning to go for MS in MIS in Fall 2016.

    By that time I will gain 2 years of work experience in IT, i am working as a Technical Consultant – SAP ERP in mnc in Mumbai.

    SSC – 70%
    HSC – 51%
    MCA – Distinction (Mum University)
    SAP ABAP Certified by SAP AG – Germany.
    2 Years of work ex in SAP (Techno-Functional)
    Planning for TOEFL and GRE now…

    Suppose I score 100+ in TOEFL and 310+ in GRE.

    My Doubts :
    1)After all this will I get admission there ??
    2)If yes, please suggest some universities where placement is High.
    3)Can you tell the Pay scale range after MS..?
    4)After MS in MIS, is there any scope in India ??


    Awaiting your reply…

  33. Hello ,
    Firstly, thanks for the information. Is programming( java, c, c++ etc) mandatory to get a degree in MIS or will there be any option of choosing other electives(management subjects)?

  34. Hello ,
    Firstly, thanks for the information. Is programming( java, c, c++ etc) mandatory to get a degree in MIS or will there be any option of choosing other electives(management subjects)?

  35. Hi,

    I have around 3.5 years of experience in IT. I want to join MIS course for 2016- Fall.

    GRE: 298 (Q: 157, V: 141)
    IELTS: 6.5

    I know my scores are not good. But I don’t have time to retake the exam.
    Can you please suggest some SAFE universities for this score?

    Thanks in Advance..!!

  36. Plzz..i need help…i have doubt that..MIS is a stem course?? i heard from many of my frnds that..MIS is not a stem course…plzz..reply me…

  37. Hi,
    Its great that you are helping people with their shortlist.
    Having said that I have common problem, I am confused with shortlisting universities.
    My profile
    GRE 319 (164q /155v/3.5awa)
    TOEFL results awaited ( but expecting above 105)
    10th 93%
    12th 89%
    BE 7.9cgpa (expected to graduate in april 2016)
    No work experience

    What universities can I consider as safe, given that I have no work experience?
    What are my chances at these universities? 1)UIC 2)ucinn 3)UIC 4)UTD 5)eller
    Any university suggestions for me?

    Thank you

  38. Could you please help me with shortlisting of universities?
    I have scored 304 in GRE(Q-155.V-149) and 80 in TOEFL and also completed my B.E. 6.86(CGPA) in 2014 and have no work exp.

  39. Hi,

    Please help me out with the universities. I want to pursue MS in MIS (fall 2016)
    Engineering in ECE-61.6%
    52 months of IT experience with IBM & DELL.

    GRE-289 (V-139, Q-150, AWA: 3)

  40. Hi Srinivas,

    I have got 300(Q:154 ; V:146) in GRE 95 in my TOEFL and cgpa of 6.8 . Could u please help me clearing my doubt, I have done my BE in ECE and been working in an IT firm for more than a year now and I m confused whether to do my masters in telecomm or MIS?
    If I choose MIS wht universities can I try for ?
    Wht prerequisite do I have to do?

  41. Hi Srinivas,

    Please help me out with the universities. I want to pursue MS in MIS or SCM (fall 2016) and Prefer 1 year course

    Engineering in CS – 65%
    4 years & months of IT experience

    GRE-300 (V-145, Q-155, AWA: 3)

    Decide to retake GRE . What do you think abt the tofel score ?

  42. Gi Shrinivas,

    Great work on the blog. Its truly a TO-GO forum for all MS aspirants. My profile as follows:

    BE in Civin Engg from SSN college – CGPA 8.5
    Aspiring for MIS in USA.

    GRE – 312 (Quants – 167 and Verbal – 145)
    TOEFL – 110
    10th – 93%
    12th – 93%
    Work Exp – 1 year at MuSignma as Trainee Decision Scientist

    Could you suggest few safe, mod and ambitious universities?

    Thanks so much in advance,


  43. I am studying for Spring 2017 and want to pursue MIS from SUNY Buffalo.I have 84% aggregate in btech with major and minor projects. Do I need additional work experience for admission in SUNY?

  44. Hi Shrinivas,

    Great work on the blog :)
    Please let me know to which universities i should apply for MS in MIS?
    Below is my profile
    GRE – 294
    TOEFL – 85
    BE in IT with no backlogs and average percentage of 65%
    10th – 80%
    12th – 72%
    Work Experience – 1 year with promotion
    Applying for fall so by then will have 2 years of experience

    Please let me know to which Universities I can apply with this profile for MS in MIS.

  45. Hi Shrinivas,

    My profile as follows:

    BTech in ECE from Jaypee, Noida – CGPA 8.4
    Aspiring for MIS in USA.

    GRE – 316 (Quants – 163 and Verbal – 153)
    TOEFL – 102
    10th – 93%
    12th – 85%
    Work Exp – 1 year 4 months at as data analyst

    Could you suggest few safe, mod and ambitious universities?

    Thanks so much in advance,


  46. Hi,
    I have the following scores-
    GRE 315 ( quant 162: verbal 153)
    TOEFL 100
    GPA 6.84
    Around 6 months of experience in Telecom.
    I intend to apply for fall 2016.
    Which universities would be good for me ?

  47. Hello
    I did mechanical engineering from one of top colleges in India.Then I got a job in production which is a kind of management job.But I dont have interest in production or mechanical.And I am more inclined towards the IT industry.I have very few programming skills. So I was thinking of doing masters in information systems(MIS)
    Is it a good idea?Can I switch my major from mechanical to MIS.Are there good job prospects if I do so?

  48. Hai Shrinivas Raghav,

    My name is Raghava

    Your blog is really great and very useful information you posted.
    So I thought you could help me out
    I done my B.Tech from ECE as a may 2015 passed out from SRM University, Chennai and have a CGPA of 7.15 and right now working in IBM.
    I am planning or intake fall 2016 for MIS in USA.
    So I had my GRE and TOEFL with 301 and 87.
    Its been five months I joined IBM and so by the time I leave it will be 1 year.
    So can you suggest me whether I will be getting good Universities ?? and
    I wanted to know about this STEM extension program exactly because I got to know MIS is not provided with STEM. So I was confuse like in that case how good that will be to choose MIS because we will not be having enough time to get jobs only within a year.
    As I noticed your reply to a previous question you said MIS is a STEM course.
    So can you help me to know the universities that have MIS as a STEM course.
    Please help me let know.
    Thank You.

  49. Hey Srinivas
    I am planning to apply for the MIS course for fall 2016.
    please suggest me some safe and dream universities for my profile.
    GRE 303 Toef 96
    BE COMP- 56%(pune university)
    Very good extra curricular and social work.
    2 months internship.
    Thanks in advance.:p

  50. Hi Raghav, thanks for your guidance. Only few ppl will have passion to guide others. I really appreciate your efforts.

    I hope you find time to suggest me as well.

    I have 8+ yrs of exp in MNC and gave GMAT recently. Got Q47 V24 (580) in GMAT. Scheduled TOEFL soon and expecting between 80-90 in it as well. Can you suggest me some univ for doing MS (MIS) in US?

    Does my exp really count in getting me an admit in good univ. Am not ambitious to get in best univ but i hope i have to get an admit in atleast mid range univ. Please guide.

  51. Hi,
    Thanks for blog.
    I am having 10+ years of exp. As software developer in India. Now I want to move in little bit management side with touch of technical side. With addition of degree.
    1. Is MIS is good option ?
    2. I have 7 band in IELTS. is it good as not appeared for GRE ?
    3. Any idea difference between MIS VS business analytics VS Business Intelligence.
    4. Which course has better job prospect in USA after 10/years of Software dev. Exp ? Looking just your thoughts.

  52. GRE 307, Toefl – 101 , BE- 59% (Pune university)
    No work ex

    i have applied to NIU,SDSU,UTAr,UOI springfield, UNCC .
    Should i apply to IIT, UOI-chicago , USF ?
    which frm the above 3 would b safe ?

  53. hello
    I want to apply for MIS program for fall 2016
    my GRE score id 292(Q-152;V-140)
    At present I’m pursuing Engineering in Electronics and instrumentation with 7.47 (till date)
    Intermediate percentage-92.1%
    10 th -85.2%
    can you suggest me some universities that match my profile and my major doubt that whether MIS program comes in STEM program or not? Or it depends on university ?

  54. Hi,

    My GRE score is 313 and I have applied for MS in MIS in neu but due to some problem I have submitted four LOR which includes 2 professional and 2 academic..

    Can i now remove one of my LOR after submitting my application.
    Status is under review from the past one month.

    Can you please help me?

  55. I am bit confused with pursuing MBA in INDIA or doing MS or MIS in USA. I have near about 5 yrs of exp. I worked in product based company for 3 years and then in FOREX domain for 2 years. I am also an owner of ecom startup. I think I am good at management side all my friends say the same. But I am also good at coding stuff. So please suggest what should I do?

  56. Hi,

    I am applying for Masters in MIS Fall 2016. Aiming for Feb- 15, 2016 deadline.

    Here are my profile details:
    – GMAT- 670 (Q- 48, V-32, AWA- 5.5)
    – TOEFL – 109 (27,27,27,28)
    – BTech (GGSIPU, Delhi)- EEE- 73.62%
    – Internships- DRDO, NIC
    – 2 years work ex with a startup – Job Profile- Team Lead- Product (Product Management)

    Universities I’m applying to-
    – University of Maryland – Robert H. Smith School of Business
    – SUNY- Buffalo
    – UIC

    Can you please evaluate my profile and let me know which out of three can I get a call from? Also, I’m more interested in knowing about my chances in Maryland.


  57. Hi I have applied at RIT for MS in IST(Information Science and Technology) , how is RIT for an IST Program Please Suggest.

    My Gre is 294
    Tofel 88
    Work Exp:2.7 years

  58. Hi Shrinivas,
    I am looking for MIS courses in US. I have 315 GRE Score and 7+ years work experience. Can you please suggest some good colleges with affordable fee.


  59. wilmington university at delaware has offered MIS program but I have a doubt regarding it whether it comes under STEM program or not.How to know it?kindly please clarify my doubt

  60. Hi ,

    My profile is as below:
    2+ plus years work exp

    I would like to presue MS in MIS,is it too late to apply for FALL 2016.
    if not what universities should i consider as ambitious and ideal?
    i want an university where i can expect am on-campus job.
    please address my query on priority, as i dont have enough time to apply.

    Thanks in advance:)

  61. Sir,
    MS in information systems from Florida international university does not come under STEM.
    so is it a correct choice to choose that university? or better to go for another?

  62. Sir,
    MS in Information Systems from Florida international university does not come under STEM.
    so do i get only 12 months of OPT? so is it better to choose another university?

  63. I have a GRE score of 301 (Verbal – 147, Quant- 154), AWA – 3.5, TOEFL – 89 and, 2.5 yrs of work experience. i have cgpa of 6.3 in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering. 10th-82%, 12th-57%. I want to apply for ms in mis for fall 2016. I know its pretty late but, can u pls suggest me some good universities?
    Thanks in advance. :)

    Reply ↓

  64. I have a GRE score of 301 (Verbal – 147, Quant- 154), AWA – 3.5, TOEFL – 89 and, 2.5 yrs of work experience. I have cgpa of 6.3 in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering. 10th-82%, 12th-57%.
    Can I go for UTD fall 2016 admissions?

  65. Sir i am from indore
    My profile is
    10th 58%
    12th 70%

    From commerce background
    Presntally i am pursuing in BBA 2nd year
    I have intrested in ms in mis
    So is it perfect field for me or not??
    Plzz rply me sir

  66. Hi, I have 17 years of education ie; I have a 3 year bachelors degree and a 2 year MBA. I am interested in pursuing MS in concern is should I hide my 2 year mba degree as I heard some body say that MIS is also a management course and questions would be raised on why another MBA. I also have a two year work experience with Amazon.could you please provide me with a clarification on this if my MBA needs to be hidden. I am planning on applying for spring 2016. I have a TOEFL score of 97 and GRE expected is 300+. Kindly suggest.

  67. HI
    I am Ravi Kotla and i did my MBA and have 5 Years of Experience in Hospitality & tourism,
    i am planing to do MIS in USA, as much intrested in IT side.
    my GRE score — 290
    MBS -60%
    Graduation — 65%
    IELTS — 6

    do i get the admission and do i face any VISA problem, please clarify?

  68. Hii.. I am preparing GRE for study in USA. my interested field is MIS. My academic qualification is : Class 10th:- 68%, My 12th score was 48%, Graduation score was 49% and my MBA score was 70%. work experience :4yrs

    do i get the admission and do i face any VISA problem, please clarify?
    please inform me ASAP.

  69. Hi,
    I’m preparing for GRE and Toefl.
    I’m interested in the MIS course. I have more than 2 years of experience in the IT sector as a Software Analyst (developer). But more interested in the management field. I’m not much fond of coding and development.
    I had a query, does the MIS course include any kind of coding in its assignments or projects? If yes can you please guide me on it or elaborate it.
    Thank you.

  70. hi,
    my profile is as follows;
    gre 290
    toefl 84
    avg. 55%
    18 months and above work experience
    cgpa 3 out of 4
    please no re-take gre options
    please suggest me universities for ms in mis (USA)
    thank you so much…!!! it wud be really helpful m planning for SPRING 2017

  71. Hey Srinivas
    At the time of application I will have 4 years of experience in IT as a developer (Financial Domain). I am working on one of the best Invsetment broker solution designed for US industry. I am having good knowledge about finance and industry.
    I am planning to do my MIS. I am appreaing to GMAT next month. I am expecting above 640 (as per current progress).
    My profile
    10th :90%
    12th :91%
    U.G. : 65%(Pune Univ.)
    Current exper. :3 years(will be 4 at the time of application)
    What are my chances getting admitted into a good school.

  72. Hey Shrinivas
    My profile
    BE (E & TC): 65(Uni. pune)
    Job profile :
    At the time of application I will be completing 4 years of experience.
    Also I am working in IT (Financial domain).
    Basically worked on all project related to US based investment banking domain. So good idea about the finance and industry.
    I am planning to give my GMAT next month.
    Expected score is 640

    What are the chances of getting into top schools?


  73. Hi Srinivas,
    I have more than 75% score in my academics.I’m preparing for GRE & IELTS and am interested in MIS course. I have one year of experience in the IT sector as a system engineer. But more interested in the management field. I’m not good and much fond of coding.
    I have few questions below:

    1.Which country has better job oppurtunities for this course?
    2.Does the MIS course include any kind of coding in its projects?.
    3.If not US,which country do you suggest?

    Thank you.

  74. My Gre score is 309 ( quant 160 and verbal 149)
    10th standard – 93%
    12th standard – 83%
    Cgpi – 8.2/10
    Suggest me some universities to apply for MIS

  75. Thanks a lot for this useful post.
    I have few doubts.
    I’m not interested in coding.
    And I have heard from seniors that if i do not have work experience and opt MIS, I will land up in programming jobs. Is that true ?
    My Profile:
    B.E percentage- 58%
    No work experience
    Please suggest me if i can take up MIS without interest in coding and no work exp.
    And few universities which i can apply to.

  76. Hi Raghav,
    I read your blog. It is very good and also you are doing a great job helping us.
    I had some queries regarding MIS course.
    My GRE score is 311 (166-Q 145-V) and I am interested in coding but not too much and also I have a B.E in EEE. So I wanted to ask if MIS will be the perfect fit for me. Since I don’t have any professional coding experience however I have done coding in VBA in my organisation. Presently I am working in a MNC as a system analyst and have a workex of 1+ year.
    If yes, then can you suggest me some universities which I can apply too.
    Also how much minimum score I need to get in TOEFL..

    • Also I have done my engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and my 10th and 12th marks are 92.8 and 93.4% respectively.
      I would appreciate any kind of help.

  77. Hi Srinivas ,
    I read your blogs daily just wanted to know, which would be safe universities for me with my score of 295 and B.E Instrumentation percent of 59% and i have 1 year of experience in a startup related to electronics but i wish to pursue my Masters in MIS/ MSBA. And i wish to apply soon for spring admissions 2016.

    Thanks in advance

  78. My GRE is 301 ( Q-162, V-139) AWA 3 toefl 85
    ive done electronics and telecom engg BE (cgpi is 7.55/10)
    no experience
    i dnt have much interest in technical things..
    so is MIS a good option for me? or else shoild i go for EM(Engineering Management)
    Any chanses of admit in
    univ of houston
    univ oh houston,clear lake
    univ of texas,dallas
    unv of texas,austin

    please suggest me asap

  79. Fantastic ideas – Speaking of which , if someone has been searching for a CA QR7 , my friend filled out a blank form here

  80. Hi Sir ,
    Your blog has help me understand MIS a lot more, so thank you for that. I am T.YBCA student with 60% aggregate and I got a 306 in my GRE with 8.0 in IELTS. Which universities should I apply to??

  81. Hi, the information provided by you is of great help.
    I have question. I am a Bcom graduate from Punjab University with 70 %. At present I am pursuing PG Diploma in Personnel Management and Labor Welfare from Punjab University . Its a one year diploma, doing this in order to complete my 16 years of education . My GRE scores are 300 Toefl 94. Suggest me whether I should opt for MIS course in USA or not as I don’t have any work experience plus I am from management background. I want to do MIS because it has great job opportunities in US as compared to other MS programs in management and commerce field. So, kindly suggest me whether i should go for it or stick to management related masters program only?

  82. Hi sir. Your blog is so informative. I have done master’s in VLSI- 79% and done 6months internship,, now I am interested to do ms in us.
    1) can I do ms in VLSI?
    2) if not in VLSI, then can I switch to mis ? Will there be problem in switching to other branch?
    3) I am planing for fall 2017, but I am thinking to take exam in january 2017, I know it’s late but will there be any chances to get in the universities?

    Please suggest me soon

  83. Hi Sri,

    Excellent work mate.

    Could you please check below brief and suggest some universities (Ambitious, Moderate and Safe).
    MIS with STEM enabled.

    GRE: 300 (V:142 Q: 158)
    TOEFL: 95
    Work Ex- 6 years TCS
    BTECH :- 75% honors no backlog

  84. hi,
    I am krishna.I got 294 in my GRE.And yet to give my TOEFL.I have 90% in my UG.I will be passing out at 2017.suggest me few universities for MIS..

  85. Please help for my below profile.

    MIS with STEM enabled Safe ambitious please

    GRE: 300 (V:142 Q: 158)
    TOEFL: 95
    Work Ex- 6 years in IT
    BTECH :- 75% honors no backlog

  86. HI,

    I would like to join in Fall 2017 for MIS. Please suggest some good and safe colleges.
    Planning to take IELTS. What should be a good IELTS score to get into good colleges?
    Should I repeat GRE?What are the international deadlines for good Universities?

    Work Exp-3.5 years as Test Engineer in Infosys

  87. What are some courses I can do that may boost my profile! Plz help me! I’m currently doing my final year in CSE.

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