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This post was suggested by one of the followers of this blog, Sayed. So this post will contain all the information regarding Masters in Engineering Management. Students have queries regarding this field. So I answer some of the common queries related to Engineering Management.


What is MS in Engineering Management?

The Master of Science in Engineering Management degree, often abbreviated MSEM or MEM, similar to Master of Science in Technology Management, can be either an academic or professional degree that bridges the gap between the field of Technology and the field of business by equipping students with the technical expertise and leadership skills they need to advance their career in the fast-paced world of technology. A variation is the Master of Science in Engineering *and* Management. Known as “the Engineer’s MBA”, the degree is generally pursued by engineers and scientists interested in widening their breadth of knowledge beyond their specific technical field into management and business. The MSEM degree incorporates business knowledge and communication skills and adds technical knowledge necessary to lead engineering teams and execute complex solutions. Program offers early-career engineers a tech-savvy alternative to an MBA.

What is the Curriculum of Engineering Management?

The Curriculum of Engineering Management may vary from one University to another, but following curriculum is followed in most of the Universities: –

  • Accounting for Management Decision Making
  • Engineering Economy
  • Introductory Statistics and Probability for Science and Engineering.
  • Product-Process Design.
  • Systems Simulation.
  • Design and Management of Human Work Systems.
  • Project Management.
  • Applied Quality Assurance.
  • Research Methods in Engineering Management.
  • Capstone Project.
  • Graduate Introductions to Financial Decisions.
  • Enterprise Planning and Control.

Apart from this there will be Electives too.

Do I require Experience to join Engineering Management?

No, There is no compulsion regarding Experience for MS in Engineering Management. But if you have an Experience, it will be considered as a real plus.

Do I need to be from an Management Field to pursue MS in Engineering Management?

Most of the Universities just require the student to have completed their Under Graduation from a University. Which means you can apply for this course no matter which Field you are from. There might be some extra courses that you may have to take. You can find this Information about the Extra Courses in the University Website Itself.

What are the Career Opportunities/ Career Paths for MS in Engineering Management?

Graduates can use their combined skills of Engineering and Management on work in any number of settings. Some may end up consulting, others may help engineering plants become properly optimized. In whatever case, such a degree is centered on applying proper management techniques to the engineering industry, rather than hands-on engineering development work.

What is the Salary of a Student who has completed MS in Engineering Management?

While many engineers obtain an advanced degree specializing in the their preferred area of practice or field, those interested in helping properly optimize engineering operations and becoming managers in their current engineering field may benefit directly from obtaining such a degree. Projected employment for engineering managers is on the rise, expecting to grow 10 percent by the end of decade, while the median annual wage of engineering managers is currently about $115,000.

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    Thank you for the informative post. Since this was posted around 2012, what is the current situation for prospective students wishing to pursue MS in Engg Management? Also, in selecting the subjects, can we prefer our core subjects? Can you plz provide top-rated universities for Engg management? It will be very helpful.


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